Creating A Computer Technician Resume (Template And Skills)

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Updated 20 November 2022

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Computer technicians service hardware, software and networks from their installation to troubleshooting. An effective resume for a computer technician demonstrates their relevant skills and expertise. Using a resume template and example can help you in creating your resume for a computer technician job. In this article, we describe how to write a computer technician resume, offer a template and example for your reference and share some useful resume writing tips and relevant computer technician skills.

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What Is A Computer Technician Resume?

A computer technician resume is a professional document that lists personal details, skills, experience and educational qualifications. The resume showcases whether you are an entry-level computer technician or have prior experience in a similar role. Creating an engaging resume is critical as it can help you make a favourable impression on potential employers and establish you as a qualified candidate.

How To Write An Effective Computer Technician Resume?

Following are some steps you can follow to write a resume for a computer technician role:

1. Start with personal details

The first section of a resume includes your personal information, such as your name and address. This helps hiring managers quickly identify you and learn about your location. Including your email address and contact number allows potential employers to easily contact you for additional information or to schedule an interview.

2. Write a summary of qualifications

A summary of qualifications is a one-paragraph statement that explains your experience, skills and career objectives. For a computer professional, this can be an excellent opportunity to discuss the related positions you held in the past and your technical talents. When creating a summary of qualifications, keep it between two and three sentences in length to ensure that hiring managers can quickly read it.

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3. Mention your work experience

After you have completed your summary, include a section highlighting your work experience. This is very important for computer technicians, who can use this section of their resume to demonstrate their experience with a variety of professional situations, programs and systems. When adding work experience to your resume, select two or three positions that have prepared you for work as a computer specialist, such as other technical or customer service positions. Then, include information about your job title, employer name, work duration and key responsibilities.

4. Add your skills

Relevant skills are critical for a computer technician resume, as they are often responsible for tasks that require specialised technical abilities such as the ability to use specific programs and install software on computers. It is useful to include a section highlighting your technical skills. When determining which skills to add to your resume, you can review the job description for the position for which you are applying and find any skills listed by the employer that you also possess. Mentioning a skill set related to the job description in your resume can increase the chances of your resume being shortlisted.

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5. List your certifications

Computer technicians often get certificates in specific programs or fields of information technology, such as systems administration or software development. It is helpful to include relevant certifications on your resume as they demonstrate to employers that you are better suited for specific positions and that you have invested additional time and effort to enhance your knowledge. When listing your certifications, create a new line for each credential with a bulleted entry.

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6. Provide your educational background

The educational background is the final part to provide on your resume. As many employers prefer candidates with a degree in computer science or a related field, it is helpful to mention this on your resume to demonstrate your qualifications for the role. Many computer technicians choose to pursue additional degrees, which can help them stand out from other candidates. This can be an excellent section to showcase your advanced credentials. List the degree you hold, the college you attended and your graduation year to each entry in the education section.

Resume Template For A Computer Technician Job

Here is a template you can use to format your own resume for the computer technician job:

[Full name]
[City, State]
[Contact number]
[Email address]

Qualification summary

[Two three sentences that highlight your professional achievements and skills relevant to the computer technician role.]

Work experience

[Job title]
[Name of organisation]
[Duration of employment]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

[Job title]
[Name of organisation]
[Duration of employment]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]


  • [Skills with proficiency level]

  • [Skills with proficiency level]

  • [Skills with proficiency level]

  • [Skills with proficiency level]


  • [Certification name and details]

  • [Certification name and details]


[Name of degree]
[Name of college or university] [City, State]
[Years of attendance]

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Resume Example For A Computer Technician Job

You can consider the following example resume for the computer technician job:

Abhishek Singh
Patel Nagar, New Delhi
+91 99888 99777

Qualification summary

Computer technician with six years of experience in troubleshooting software, handling hardware upgrades, advanced programming and system administrations. Seeking a position that allows me to progress in my career and contribute to the development of new software systems.

Work experience

Computer technician DBCD Electronics Ltd. March 2019–Present

  • Educated consumers on how to utilise specific products

  • Helped consumers to install various programs on their personal devices

  • Leveraged remote access tools to assist staff in all office locations with troubleshooting.

  • Enhanced the performance and speed of the company's computer systems

  • Taught employees how to use new inventory management software

  • Assisted employees with computer-related queries and concerns

Assistant computer technician TWC Technology Pvt. Ltd. July 2016–March 2019

  • Carried out troubleshooting for in-office computers and programs

  • Regularly installed updates on all office computers

  • Planned and executed upgrades for office hardware

  • Answered queries about the program's features and applications


  • Technical support

  • Software installation

  • Communication skills

  • Collaboration skills

  • Systems administration


  • Cisco Certified Technician (CCT), 2020


Bachelor of Technology in computer science engineering
DBDC Technical University, Rohtak, Haryana
July 2012–May 2016

Important Skills To List On A Resume For A Computer Technician

Following are some key skills to list on your resume for this role:

Customer service skills

Patience, attentiveness, enthusiasm and time management are all characteristics of good customer service. Computer technicians can be patient and optimistic to assist customers in a timely manner and with a favourable resolution. A good customer service experience leads to a delightful experience for customers and increases brand loyalty. Listing these skills on your resume can help you show employers that you possess the ability to satisfy customers.

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Communication skills

You can also list your ability to communicate effectively on your resume. This encompasses spoken and written communication and active listening. Computer technicians may listen to team members or customers describe their issues with software or hardware. They also may ask relevant questions to determine the root cause of issues. They also can communicate a solution in a way that a non-technical person can comprehend and apply. Writing skills are also advantageous for composing email or chat responses and documenting instructions.

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills refer to the capacity to collect, evaluate and process relevant information to arrive at an effective resolution of a problem. Computer technicians commonly use their problem-solving skills while troubleshooting computer issues for clients or employees. Listing these skills in the skills section of your resume can help you demonstrate your qualifications.

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Equipment repairs and troubleshooting

Computer technicians have the responsibility for the installation and maintenance of computers and related equipment. This requires staying up-to-date with the latest repair and troubleshooting guidelines. You can include these skills on your resume to demonstrate your proficiency with repairing and installing hardware and software.

Tips For Writing A Resume For A Computer Technical Role

Follow these tips to make your resume as effective as possible:

  • Review samples of the industry-specific resumes. Look at resumes for computer technicians to find what abilities and qualifications professionals in that sector are utilising to land computer technician positions and accordingly update your resume to include those components.

  • Customise your resume. Rather than applying to each organisation with the same resume, tailor your resume to each organisation. This enables you to incorporate precise keywords and emphasise the talents that are most important to the hiring manager for a particular job.

  • Keep it clear and concise. Hiring managers often receive hundreds of resumes for each position and may not spend much time reviewing your complete resume. A good resume is well-structured, succinct and quickly scannable.

  • Highlight key achievements. Pick some of your most noteworthy accomplishments from each of your previous positions and emphasise them by placing them first. You can quantify your achievements with relevant statistics and it helps them look accurate and trustworthy.

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