How To Write A Construction Management Resume Objective

Updated 19 September 2023

A resume is often the first step of the hiring process. When applying for the position of construction manager, highlighting your relevant skills and experience using a resume objective statement can help in differentiating your profile from other candidates. A powerful resume objective can help hiring managers better understand your professional goals, abilities and other skills relevant to the position. In this article, we explain what a construction management resume objective is, share tips on writing an impressive resume objective and also provide a template and examples that you can use to write your objective.

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What Is A Construction Management Resume Objective?

A construction management resume objective, also known as an objective statement or career objective, is a short introductory paragraph on your resume. Construction managers can use this section to describe their career mission to the recruiter and convince potential employers of their eligibility for the role. It is a summary of your skills, qualifications and career goals. You can also include your previous work experience and other training and certifications relevant to the role for which you are applying. It is usually the first paragraph on your resume and comes right below the contact details in the header.

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How To Write An Objective For A Construction Manager Resume?

You can consider the following steps to help you write an impressive objective while applying for the role of a construction manager:

1. Review the job description carefully

Before you begin writing the objective, make sure to review the job title, requirements and other information in the job listing. Look for similarities between your previous work experiences and the skills listed in the job description. You can then highlight these experiences in the objective. Drafting the objective specific to the construction manager position you are applying for can help the recruiting manager quickly determine if you are the right candidate for the role, helping you advance to the next level of the selection process.

2. Mention your career goal and how you add value to the company

The primary aim of an objective is to highlight your professional goals to the recruiter. You can begin the objective by mentioning your career aspirations and how you can help the company achieve its goals. While mentioning the career goals, make sure that they are relevant to the role and the company. For example, you can mention your career goal as Seeking the position of senior construction manager at Modern Builders and looking to apply my seven years of experience in project management to help the company increase project volumes and revenues.

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3. Include your years of experience in the field

Recruiters often look for candidates with a specific length of experience. By mentioning your years of experience in numbers, you can highlight your professional experience and your commitment to the field. This might help the recruiter notice your resume among dozens of others, helping you secure an interview with a potential employer. If you are a fresher, you can skip this section and focus more on your educational qualifications, career goals and other professional experiences like an internship.

4. Highlight relevant skills and experiences

You can mention relevant skills and experiences like the previous projects you have worked on, the tools you use to manage and track construction projects and any other relevant knowledge about construction. You can also include other relevant skills like interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills and other skills that you have gained from previous jobs. While mentioning the skills and experiences, make sure that they are relevant to the role.

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5. Add certifications, training or additional qualifications

You can highlight any additional education or certifications that are relevant to the role. For example, if the job description mentions site safety as one of the key responsibilities of the role, you can mention the workshop you attended in construction health and safety training, to show that you have the expertise and the knowledge that the position requires. Adding extra qualifications and skills can help in differentiating your profile from other candidates.

Sample Template For The Objective Of A Construction Manager Resume

Here is a sample template that you can customise while writing your resume:

[Adjectives describing your professional qualities] [Educational qualifications] graduate with proven [skills relevant to the role] and previous work experience as [previous job title] for [number of years.] Seeking a position as [job title you are applying for] at [company you are applying for] to help [responsibilities/how you add value to the company].

Here is an example of a sample objective using this template:
Dedicated civil engineer with proven project planning and organisational skills and previous work experience as a junior construction supervisor for five years. Seeking a position as senior construction manager at Zubily Inc. to help the company increase revenues and exceed customer satisfaction.

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Examples Of Objectives For A Construction Management Resume

Here are some examples of objective statements that you can use as inspiration while writing your resume for the role of a construction manager:

  1. Motivated civil engineering graduate seeks employment with New Age Builders. Experience planning and coordinating construction projects at private construction sites in Chennai. Expert in problem-solving, budgeting, communicating and organising.

  2. Enthusiastic civil engineer with 8 years of experience managing construction projects of varying budgets. I have prior experience working on industrial, retail and residential construction projects. Ready to tackle new challenges and help my employers achieve their business objectives.

  3. Civil engineering graduate with distinction and university rank, seeking to apply my skills in managing construction projects. Looking for a construction manager position that offers ample opportunities to tackle new challenges and acquire new skills.

  4. Dedicated construction manager with seven years of experience seeking a position at Future Realty Inc. Looking for an opportunity where I can use my exemplary leadership skills and construction knowledge to add value to my employers.

  5. Results-driven construction manager with five years of extensive experience in supervising residential and commercial projects within budgetary and time constraints. Adept at leveraging negotiation skills in building profitable partnerships and mediating supplier contracts.

  6. Committed construction manager with six years' experience. Expert in supervising, coordinating and planning the work for contractors in on-site construction environments. Experienced in using digital project management tools.

  7. A dedicated and organised construction manager looking for an opportunity where I can showcase my work ethic and help clients complete construction activities on time.

  8. Self-motivated construction project manager with three years of construction experience for private and corporate clients. Applying for the role of senior construction manager at Future Realty Inc. Proven track record in meeting project deadlines and client budgetary requirements.

  9. Highly motivated team player, looking to leverage nine years of experience as a construction supervisor. Looking for a role where I can use my architectural skills and knowledge to supervise construction projects and exceed client expectations.

  10. Construction site manager with two years of experience in managing large residential community building projects. Certified LEED Green Associate, seeking the role of construction manager with BARC Group to lead the company's upcoming construction projects in Chennai.

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Tips To Help You Write A Successful Resume Objective

Please note that none of the companies, institutions or organisations mentioned in this article are associated with Indeed.

Here are a few tips that can help you create an impressive resume objective:

  • Tailor the resume objective to match the specific position and the company to which you are applying. It is a good practice to create a customised resume for each role.

  • Highlight how your skills, knowledge and previous work experience help the company achieve its goals. This can help the recruiter quickly identify your future contribution to the company and decide whether you are the right fit for the role.

  • Use facts and numbers to quantify your experience and skills. For example, you can say, Experienced civil engineer with five years of experience managing a team of twenty sub-contractors.

  • Use simple and powerful verbs and adjectives to highlight your skills and experiences.

  • Include keywords. For example, if a company is looking for a construction manager with experience in SiteMax and GanttPro, you can mention these keywords in your objective.

  • Highlight your technology skills as some companies look for construction managers with advanced technological skills.

  • Keep the objective brief and concise, preferably within two to four sentences.

  • Ensure that you edit, revise and proofread the objective to avoid spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors. You can get the help of a friend or colleague to help you identify errors.

  • Read the objective out loud to ensure that each sentence sounds the way you like.


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