Writing A Content Writer Resume (With Template And Example)

Updated 24 February 2023

A resume is a document that introduces a candidate looking for a job to a recruiter and, through them, to an organisation. A content writer can convey their skills and qualifications to a recruiter effectively by preparing a resume. Apart from showcasing writing skills, this resume can reflect content writing experience and also share a diverse portfolio of writing samples. In this article, we examine why a content writer resume is important, how to write one and some templates, and samples for the same.

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Why Is A Content Writer Resume Important?

Being a good writer alone may not be enough for a content writer position, as recruiters may look for additional skills and industry-specific knowledge. A recruiter can look for details including the writer's qualifications, experience, domain, editing capabilities, computer literacy and familiarity with content writing tools and software. A well-written content writer resume can enable recruiters to generate a comprehensive understanding of a writer's skills. It can increase the chances of an application being noticed and, consequently, the chances of employment for a candidate.

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How To Write A Content Writer Resume?

Though a writer can create resumes in many creative ways, maintaining a structure can be beneficial. You can create sections for each crucial element of the resume: summary, key skills, work experience and qualifications. You can highlight or bold the strongest points in your profile that match the description of the job you want. Follow these steps to write a content writer resume:

1. Create a header

A header usually contains personal information like communication address, phone number and email address. You can include links to your professional blog, website or portfolio in the header. It is good practice to refrain from giving details of any personal social media accounts in this section.

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2. Start with a summary

After the header of the resume, start the body of the resume with a summary. If you are an experienced content writer, start with an objective that talks about your career goals and how they align with this job opportunity. If you are a fresher, you can mention your expectations and your attitude towards the job. The objective is typically short, within one or two sentences. For example, An accomplished content writer with seven years of experience creating material for blogs, websites and social media for leading companies.

3. Add work experience

A content writer's resume can highlight some important things, like the range of their work and their expertise in creating a particular type of content. Before you start writing a resume, assemble relevant information regarding your experience and body of work. You can include writing samples from freelance projects, internships and previous jobs or the content you create for friends and family. You can start with your current work experience and go in reverse order to end with your earliest writing experiences.

4. Specify relevant technical skills

Writers may require a variety of skills to create engaging content online. Create a list of your technical skills. This can include editing skills, attention to detail, research skills and a working knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) practices. Knowledge of word-processing software, analytical tools, Adobe InDesign and MadCap Flare are some other qualities that potential employers may look for. You can also indicate if you are skilled in HTML and CSS. You can also indicate your level of proficiency in each skill or tool mentioned.

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5. Include soft skills

You can include skills like project management, organisation, communication and problem-solving. If you are applying for a specific position, it is beneficial to review the job description to identify its requirements and how your skills correspond. Tailor your resume according to the job description to improve your chances of getting noticed.

6. Add additional accomplishments

If you have accumulated content writing expertise in a particular field like pharma, IT or academia, you can mention them as accomplishments. It can add value if you are applying for a role in one of those fields. You can list any certification courses you have completed or your involvement in a relevant writer's network or group you have been part of as a writer.

7. Add details and links to professional portfolio

If you have a body of work stored on an online platform, you can add a few sentences about the work and share links in your resume. If you have more than one link, share relevant details of the work and link individually in a numbered list. If your work has been published online or has received favourable mentions in other publications, you can add links to those too.

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8. Add references and recommendations

Content writing is a niche skill, and you can find people who are willing to refer and recommend you within their professional network. If you have received such testimonials, you can add links to these in your resume. Remember to inform the person who has recommended or given a testimonial before using it in your resume.

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9. Format the resume

As a content writer, you may be familiar with the optimum length of sentences, the ideal size of paragraphs, the appropriate font sizes and formatting preferences. Use formal fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Cambria or Garamond in your resume. The ideal font size for a header is 16-18, and for the body text, you can use font size 11 or 12. Use plain white stationery for a professional resume.

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10. Proofread your resume

Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in a content writer's resume look out of place and may create an unfavourable impression. Proofread your resume so that you can identify and eliminate errors. You can use online grammar assistants and spell checking tools to make your resume free of errors.

Content Writer Resume Template

Here is a content writer resume template on which you can build your own:

[Phone number]
[Email address]


[A summary of your work experience and achievements]

Professional experience

[Job title 1]
[Employer name], [Employer location], [Duration of employment with start and end date]
[A bulleted list of responsibilities using keywords from the job description]

[Job title 2]
[Employer name], [Employer location], [Duration of employment with start and end date]
[A bulleted list of responsibilities using keywords from the job description]

Education and professional training

[College or programme name], [Location], [Duration of programme with start and end date]
[Degree received]

[College or programme name], [Location], [Duration of programme with start and end date]
[Degree received]


[A bulleted list of certifications, certifying authority and date of completion of course]


[Name of article, publication name and print date]

Relevant skills

[Bulleted list of hard and soft skills]

Content Writer Resume Example

Here is an example of a content writer resume:

Asha Mathew
Kochi, India
+91 76382 96538


An established writer with 10+ years of experience looking for a position in the publishing industry to utilise and develop creative writing and publication design skills.

Professional experience

Contributing writer
Daylight Publishing, Kochi, June 2018 - Present

  • Participated meetings to identify trending topics that may appeal to consumers.

  • Created content for bi-monthly publications to address planned topics.

  • Edited content for grammar and clarity.

  • Planned the incorporation of images and graphics to enhance content and user readability.

    Junior writer
    Deccan Publication House, Chennai, July 2013 - June 2018

  • Attended staff meetings and contributed ideas to meet company goals.

  • Assisted senior writers in identifying trending topics.

  • Submitted project briefs to update publishers on project content timelines.

  • Wrote snippets to inform readers of article contents.


Madras College, September 2009 - May 2012
Bachelor of Arts in Literature

Professional memberships

Member, Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group
Member, Novelists Inc.


Student Success Tips in 2018, Student Writers Publication, April 2018
Top Educational Books to Make You Think, On-Campus Writing, September 2019


  • Creative writing

  • Editing

  • Digital publication

  • Publication design

  • Bookmaking

  • Graphic design

  • Presentation

  • Teamwork

  • Creativity

Tips For Building A Content Writer Resume

A content writer may have the necessary skills to create documents that can capture a reader's attention at a glance. They can put these skills to use to create an engaging resume. Follow these tips to make your resume more effective:

  • Demonstrate your writing skills. A writer's resume is a perfect place to demonstrate your specific writing skills. You can indicate creativity and clarity in your writing.

  • Edit your resume. Proofreading is an important step in creating a resume for a writing position. Part of your value as a writer is accuracy in research and expression, along with an advanced command over the language in which you write.

  • Discuss experience in publishing projects. Experience working on large projects can help demonstrate your ability to work with teams as a writer. Such experiences indicate that in addition to excellent writing skills, you can plan, execute and complete assignments on time.

  • Include links to published work. If you are emailing your resume, include links to some of your published work. If you are mailing your resume or delivering it in person, provide a reference where the hiring manager can find your work.

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