6-Step Guide To Write A Copywriter Resume (With Example)

Updated 25 November 2022

A copywriter is a professional who uses their creative abilities to craft content for brands and businesses. They understand the brand, its requirements and the target audience to create content that helps businesses drive sales, generate leads and increase awareness. Learning how to draft a copywriter's resume may help you advance your career as a professional or even initiate it. In this article, we discuss the role of a copywriter, how to write a copywriter resume and share additional tips, resume template and sample for your reference.

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter often works in an advertising or marketing agency to write concise content for brands. They focus on writing content that targets a particular audience and aims to encourage them to take action. Some companies may hire copywriters to complete their day-to-day marketing requirements. A copywriter maintains the brand language in all copies, including content for social media, brochures, pamphlets, push notifications and advertisements. Other responsibilities of a copywriter are:

  • extensive research to understand the brand, product and target audience

  • understand brand goals, requirements, voice and reflect it in the copy

  • proofread content before sharing it

  • manage several brands at once and adhere to timelines

  • coordinate with design and marketing teams to meet goals

How to write a copywriter resume

Here are the steps that you may follow to write your copywriter resume:

1. Select a layout

There are several ways to structure your resume, depending on the features, credentials and background you wish to highlight. Showcasing your experience and education may require a chronological format, while a functional layout helps focus on skills. Restrict your resume to a page and add details that improve your chances of getting shortlisted.

2. Add your contact details

Add your name, contact number and email address at the start of your resume. Use a legible font and size to ensure the recruiter can easily distinguish each letter and number. Placing these details at the top of the resume makes it easier to locate them if the recruiter wishes to contact you for further communication. You may also include a link to your portfolio or even a scannable QR code to showcase your work samples.

3. Write a resume summary

The resume summary or a professional statement is a brief introduction that helps the recruiter understand your background, capability and goals. Focus on highlighting the skills mentioned in the job description to showcase your job suitability. The resume summary is about two to three sentences. You may also mention the name of the company and the job role you apply for to showcase your attention to detail in customising the summary to the job role.

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4. Showcase your experience

Dedicate a section of the resume to highlight your work experience. Mention the company, work tenure, city and position you held there. In three to five bullet points, describe your work at the firm and the accomplishments or recognitions you received. Elaborate on your work using specific data and accurate results generated for the company.

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5. Highlight your skills

It is crucial to highlight industry-specific skills and knowledge that you possess. Mention your hard skills and soft skills as bullet points. It makes it easier for the recruiter to skim through them. Review the job description and the skills highlighted there. If you possess those skills, it may be a good practice to list them first, followed by your other skills. Some essential skills to highlight in your resume are:

  • strong communication skills

  • creative thinking

  • problem-solving

  • using content management systems

  • search engine optimisation

  • research skills

  • attention to detail

  • storytelling

  • organisational skills

  • time-management skills

  • teamwork

  • content writing

6. Add your education

In the final section of your resume, add your educational qualifications. Add the institution name, degree, and the month and year of graduation. You may also include relevant certifications and licenses that help enhance your resume and add more credibility.

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Tips to remember while writing a resume

Here are some quick tips to remember while writing a copywriter resume:

Keep it brief

Keep all information on your resume short and to the point. Ensure you use relevant keywords depending on the job description to meet recruiter demands. It is a good practice to restrict the resume to a page.


As a copywriter, your resume will reflect your writing and proofreading skills. Read through it to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. You may also read aloud your resume to check the flow of the sentences and check if you may have missed any details, spelling or words.

Tailor your resume for the job

Ensure you customise your resume summary and skills depending on the job description and company. Doing so showcases your interest in the job role and the company. Reorder the sections or adopt a new resume format depending on the job role.

Get a third perspective

Once you complete your resume, it may be a good practice to get an opinion from a trusted colleague, friend or family member. They may provide you with advice to enhance your resume. If you have a connection in the industry, you may consult them to improve your resume before sending it to companies.

Choose a professional layout

It is essential to use minimal design and simple layouts while designing your resume. Use neutral and professional colours. Avoid bright colours as they may make your resume look jarring. Use professional fonts that are easy to read and have appropriate kerning. Create a hierarchy in your resume by highlighting the heading in bold font and using a simpler one for the rest of the resume. Restrict to using no more than two fonts.

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The average salary of a copywriter

The average base salary of a copywriter is ₹21,920 per month. The salary varies depending on the geographical location of the company and the skills of the copywriter. It also depends on the copywriter's expertise and industry experience. A copywriter in Bengaluru may receive an average base salary of ₹28,666 per month, while one in Chennai may receive an average base salary of ₹24,448 per month.

Copywriter resume template

Here is a resume template that you may follow while drafting your own:

[City, State]
[Phone number]
[Email address]
[Portfolio link]

Professional statement

[Two to three sentences describing your accomplishments, past duties, expertise and value you may add to the organisation. You may also specify the role you seek in the firm.]

Work experience

[Job title]
[Company name]
[City, State], [Start date–end date]

  • [Responsibility or achievement while in the position]

  • [Responsibility or achievement while in the position]

  • [Responsibility or achievement while in the position]

[Job title]
[Company name]
[City, State], [Start date–end date]

  • [Responsibility or achievement while in the position]

  • [Responsibility or achievement while in the position]

  • [Responsibility or achievement while in the position]


  • [Industry-specific skill or soft skill]

  • [Industry-specific skill or soft skill]

  • [Industry-specific skill or soft skill]


[Institution Name]
[Month and year of graduation]
[A brief on the course and accomplishments]

[Institution Name]
[Month and year of graduation]
[A brief on the course and accomplishments]

Copywriter resume example

Here is an example of a copywriter resume that you may refer to impress recruiters:

Sandhya Menon Chennai, Tamil Nadu
+91 9876543210

Professional statement

A creative storyteller with five years of experience as a copywriter, seeking the position of a Senior Copywriter at Red Communications. Experience writing for several brands in food and beverage, real estate, home decor, construction and luxury brands. A marketing expert in writing captivating and entertaining copy to communicate a brand's story.

Work experience

Associate Copywriter
Rage Marketing Solutions
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, May 2018 - Present

  • Craft content for social media, brochures, pamphlets and e-books

  • Write two real-estate blogs and three food blogs a week

  • Research target audience and create a buyer persona

  • Create branding copies for new and upcoming brands

Elemental Marketing
Mumbai, Maharashtra, June 2016 - April 2018

  • Research target audience and keywords

  • Write content for social media, websites and advertisements

  • Work with social media managers and account managers to brainstorm content calendars for brands


  • Attention to detail

  • Storytelling and creative abilities

  • Time-management

  • Organisation skills

Symphony University
Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Communications
May 2016 Learnt the basics of marketing, branding and writing for brands

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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