How To Write A Cover Letter For Graphic Designers (With Tips)

Updated 18 March 2023

A graphic designer plays a crucial role in creating print and digital assets for brands including, logo, packaging design, posters, brochures, pamphlets, websites and digital marketing. They often work in advertisement agencies, design studios, production houses or marketing firms. When applying for graphic designing jobs, a well-written cover letter, along with your resume and portfolio, can increase your chances of success. In this article, we discuss the purpose of a cover letter for graphic designers, explain the steps to write a cover letter and share a few tips, templates and examples to help you write your own.

What Is A Cover Letter For Graphic Designers?

A cover letter for graphic designers is an essential part of the job application process. While applying for a job, a cover letter is usually the first way that a recruiter views your application. The cover letter can serve as a motivation for the recruiter to further review your resume and application. The cover letter usually provides a brief introduction to your qualifications, skills and experience in design. The goal of a cover letter is to convince the employer of your technical capability, creativity and knowledge.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Cover Letter For Graphic Designers?

The cover letter helps showcase your skills, achievements and personality and initiates a dialogue with the recruiter or your potential employer. It is your chance to highlight the experience and value you can offer the employer. The cover letter helps you explain your passion, interest in a particular role or even explain the reason for a gap year or even a career switch. It can serve as a tool to convince the employer to shortlist you for an interview.

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How To Write A Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Here are the steps you may follow in drafting a cover letter:

1. Start with your contact information, date and the recipient's contact information

A cover letter follows the format of any formal or professional letter. Initiate the letter by sharing your name, address and contact details. Mentioning your city and state is usually enough. Follow this by the date and details of the recipient including, their name, company and address. You may choose to skip this if you email the cover letter to the recruiter.

Start the email with, Hello, followed by the recipient's name. It makes the mail look personalised for the particular job. It also showcases the research you did before sending the resume. In case you do not know the name of the recipient, you can use an appropriate salutation.

2. Introduce yourself and your intent to apply

Write a bit about your background and experience. Share your motivation to apply and your intention to contribute to the company. Share why you chose the particular company and show why you are excited about the job opportunity.

3. Share your skills and qualification

Use this section of the cover letter to share your skills, knowledge and qualifications. Briefly share your achievement and specialities. Elaborate on one or two of your skills or interests and how you created an impact using them.

4. State why your application is unique

The last paragraph illustrates how you can be an excellent fit for the role and what makes you different from the rest of the candidates. You may highlight an additional skill or experience to substantiate this point. It is also essential to keep this brief, show gratitude towards the recruiter and showcase your enthusiasm for hearing from the company.

5. End with your signature

Your signature includes your name and contact information that the recruiter may use to reach out to you. Your signature may also include any additional design portfolio links you wish to share with the recruiter. Ensure to check the accuracy of the attachments and the contact details before you send the cover letter.

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Tips For Writing An Impressive Cover Letter

To create an impressive cover letter, follow the proper format and hierarchy of information. It usually consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when you write a cover letter while applying for graphic designing jobs:

Customise the cover letter for every job application

When writing a cover letter for any job, add relevant details about the company and the position. Personalising the cover letter for every job application requires effort but can create a great first impression on recruiters. You can create one master template and customise it as per individual job applications by changing the details of the company and role.

Use an appropriate greeting

It is essential to address the recruiter or hiring manager professionally in your cover letter. Use words like Hello or Dear followed by the name of the recipient. It is essential to avoid using words like Hey, Hi, or Hey there as these may seem casual and insincere. While addressing the recipient, you may write their full name or include an honorific such as Mr or Ms and their last name if you know their preferred gender pronoun.

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Be specific and concise

Recognise that recruiters do not have the time to go through each cover letter and are more likely to glance at the document briefly to look for keywords or phrases. Ensure you focus on one or two qualifications and experiences that add value to your resume and showcase them using appropriate keywords, like specifying the tools used and the impact created. Avoid giving unnecessary details or information, particularly when already present on the resume.

Proofread before submitting

Before submitting your cover letter and resume, be sure to read and edit them. Look out for minor grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or confusing sentence structures. Reading the cover letter aloud makes it easier to identify errors and rectify them. You can also ask a friend or someone you trust to share their feedback on your cover letter. If you are applying for a job via email, verify that all links or file attachments are correct before sending the letter.

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Graphic Design Skills To Highlight In Your Cover Letter

A cover letter highlights your key skills and experiences that help strengthen your application. It is essential to pick only your core strengths for the cover letter and detail all other skills in your resume. Here are some skills you may include in your resume:

  • Experience in Adobe's Creative Suite (tools like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects and Dreamweaver)

  • Experience in CorelDRAW

  • Typography

  • Branding

  • HTML coding

  • Print design

  • Photography

  • Presentation design

  • Packaging design

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Example Of Cover Letter For Graphic Designers

Here is an example of a cover letter for the position of a graphic designer that you may use as a reference:

Reema Sharma
Mumbai, Maharashtra


Raghav Desai
Wavewood Ad Agency
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Hello Mr Desai,

I am Reema Sharma, a graphic designer with more than seven years of experience in visual branding and illustration. I am writing to express my interest in the position of senior graphic designer at your agency.

I am a design graduate from NMN College of Arts, Pune. Over the past few years, I have mastered branding and social media design. I have worked on marketing several campaigns for 70 brands, including many industry leaders. My work also received the Best Design Award at the Best Advertising Awards in 2019. I believe my expertise in using the Adobe Creative Cloud, coding and conceptualising design make me an excellent fit for the position of senior graphic designer at your firm. The job aligns with my goal of creating interactive print and digital design strategies for brands.

The work culture and diversity of projects at Wavewood Ad Agency is the most appealing to me. I enjoy working with clients and colleagues to create engaging designs. I look forward to being a part of the brilliant team at Wavewood Ad Agency and collaborating with like-minded individuals. I have also attached my portfolio and resume for your perusal.

I will be happy to share any other information about my work and secure references if required.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Yours sincerely,
Reema Sharma

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