How To Write A Cover Letter For A Teacher (With Examples)

Updated 19 April 2023

When applying for a job, a great cover letter can help teachers distinguish their applications from other candidates. A cover letter may highlight your achievements and experience as a teacher to help recruiters understand why you are the best fit for the job. Looking at a step-by-step guide to writing a cover letter can help you create one that is precise and effectively showcases your qualifications. In this article, we discuss the steps of writing a cover letter for teachers, explore two examples and discuss the best way to send a cover letter.

How To Write A Cover Letter For A Teacher

A well-written cover letter for a teacher can be an excellent addition to your resume to tell the principal of the institution or the hiring manager more about yourself. Taking a structured approach can help you write a cover letter that increases the chances of your job application getting noticed. Here are some steps that you can follow:

1. Research the school

Like any other profession, learning about the school or organisation that you are applying to is important. It helps you learn about the objectives of the school, identify the key decision-makers, learn about the school's culture and determine if it is the organisation where you want to work. Through this process, you can identify the qualities that the school is looking for in their prospective teachers. You can then add relevant keywords to your cover letter to highlight that you have those skills and fit into the school's culture.

2. List your skills

Communication, leadership and computer skills can be essential to be successful as a teacher. In your cover letter, make sure you highlight all your skills relevant to the job role. Include a list of hard skills and soft skills that can make you an excellent teacher. You can even list specific instances when having these skills helped you in your role as a teacher.

3. List your certifications

Depending on the type of teacher's role you are applying for, highlight all your relevant qualifications and certifications. For example, if you want to become a sports teacher, you can highlight your diploma in physical education to show that you have the formal training to do well at the job. You can also mention any relevant teacher's training that you may have undergone in the pursuit of becoming a teacher.

4. Describe and quantify your achievements

While you highlight your achievements, you may quantify them wherever possible as it gives the recruiter a better understanding of what you can achieve and what your skills are. Consider listing your achievements in bullet points and using specific numbers. If you received an award as a teacher, you can even mention the same in your cover letter. Some examples of your quantifiable achievements can be:

  • Taught a class of 200 students where 90% were able to get jobs after the training.

  • Taught a class of 30 students to speak English in three months.

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5. Customise your cover letter for the job

Consider customising your cover letter for the specific organisation and the specific role. Schools and educational institutions are likely to spot candidates who use the same generic cover letter to apply to multiple jobs. If you want to show that you are genuinely interested in the position and have spent time researching their culture and goals, ensure that the letter is sufficiently unique. You may pick relevant keywords from the job description and use them in your cover letter so that it passes the applicant tracking systems that most organisations use these days.

7. Personalise it

Instead of using broad introductions, you can address the cover letter using the hiring manager's name or the principal's name. If you do not know the name of the hiring manager from the job description, researching the organisation can help you find it. You may be able to find all the necessary information on their website. While you write your cover letter, make sure it sounds formal and natural. Find a balance between professional and casual so that it feels like you are having a formal conversation with the reader.

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Effective way to send a cover letter

Once you have written your cover letter, it is important to ensure that it reaches the right person so that they can evaluate your candidacy. While you can courier your cover letter or deliver it in person, these days it is more likely that the application process may be entirely digital. Thus, make sure you have the correct email address of the recipient. Also, ensure to attach your resume and relevant documents with the email and provide correct contact details where recruiters can reach you to schedule interviews or request additional information.

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Examples Of Cover Letters For Teachers

Depending on whether you have previous experience or are an entry-level candidate, your cover letter could look different. Here are some examples of cover letters for teachers:

Sample cover letter for a teacher with experience

Here is an example of a cover letter for educators with experience:

Dear Principal Agarwal,

Greetings of the day. I found a job posting through which I learned that the position of an English teacher has opened up at your esteemed institution, ABC. Based on the job description, I believe my skill set and experience could be an asset to your institution and your students.

I have completed my master's degree in English and Bachelor of Education from XYZ college and have a total experience of more than eight years. Here are some of my professional accomplishments, the details of which are also in the attached resume:

  • Worked for several top educational institutes

  • Taught more than 4000 students

  • Participated in several workshops, training and national seminars

  • Achieved a success rate of more than 90% in all my classes

My teaching methods are extremely interactive. I pay attention to each child individually and often use plays, storytelling and friendly contests to facilitate effective learning. I also believe that as a teacher, constant upskilling is a part of my job role, for which I regularly take certification courses that can help me improve as an educator. I am attaching all my relevant certifications to this letter for your reference.

Some skills that help me do excellent at my job are my patience, determination, ability to communicate well with people of all age groups, a passion for the language and my interest in teaching. It can be a great honour for me to be associated with your esteemed institute. I appreciate any queries for additional information regarding my experience and skills.

I have also attached my resume for your perusal. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.


Lalitha Patil

(Contact details)

Sample cover letter for a teacher with no experience

Here is an example of a cover letter for educators with no experience:

Dear Principal Singh,

I am writing to you in response to the job application posted on the XYZ job board for the position of nursery teacher. I am interested in this position and believe that I have the skill set required to do well at this job.

I have recently completed my Bachelor of Elementary Education and I am currently working at an NGO that educates young children and offers skill training. Here are some highlights of my professional skills and achievements:

  • Worked as an instructor volunteer with several reputed NGOs working to educate children for over three years

  • Taught a variety of elementary subjects to more than 200 students of different age groups

  • Organised summer camps, several creative activities and sporting events for children and their parents

These experiences have taught me invaluable lessons about interacting with young children and managing their activities. I am also currently pursuing a training certification for Montessori teachers which I will complete by the end of next month. Some skills that I have been able to develop through my experience and this course are patience, organisational skills, the ability to communicate well and understand children and leadership skills.

I believe my qualifications and background as a teacher and volunteer can be assets to your school. I have also attached my resume with this letter for your reference. Please, reach out to me at the given contact details for any further information. Hoping to hear from you.

Thank you.


Lalitha Patil


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