How To Write A Customer Service Manager Resume Objective

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Published 1 July 2022

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The purpose of your resume is to convince hiring managers to consider you for a job. By writing a strong resume objective, you can show them you have what it takes to be a customer service manager. Learning how to craft an objective statement can help you differentiate yourself from other candidates. In this article, we define a customer service manager resume objective, discuss how to write one and share some examples of resume objectives and an example resume to help you craft your own.

What Is A Customer Service Manager Resume Objective?

A customer service manager resume objective is a short paragraph that summarises why you are qualified for your desired job. Resume objectives often include two to three sentences, and they appear at the top of your resume beneath your name and contact information. Hiring managers read your objective statement to create the first impression about you as a job candidate. Writing an engaging statement can capture the attention of the employer and convince them to read the rest of your resume more closely.

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What Does A Customer Service Manager Do?

A customer service manager is a professional who supervises employees working in customer service roles, such as call center representatives and retail associates. Customer service managers maintain productivity in the workplace by setting expectations for their staff and evaluating their performance. They also implement training procedures to teach employees how to meet the needs of customers and boost client satisfaction ratings. If you are seeking a customer service manager position, it might be helpful to communicate your commitment to leadership and positive customer experiences on your resume.

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How To Write A Customer Service Manager Resume objective

These are a few steps you can take to make a unique customer service manager resume objective:

1. Talk about what makes you unique

When you write your resume objective, discuss what makes you unique as a candidate. Your resume objective is a part of your application that you can make unique to yourself and your experiences. If you want to keep your hiring manager's interest, consider using some keywords or phrases from the application page. For example, if the application page is looking for a manager who is a self-starter, calling yourself a self-starter may interest the person reading your resume.

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2. Mention your experience

During your introductory sentence, you can mention your experience briefly so that your hiring manager can know that information immediately. You can do this by stating the number of years you have been in the industry, or how long you worked in your previous position. While your work experience section can help detail both your experience and how long you worked in each position, presenting this information as soon as possible can help present this information to your hiring manager if they do not reach that part of your resume.

Sometimes, because hiring managers may have many resumes to read, they may not read your entire resume when you apply for a position. Emphasising these points at the very beginning of your resume can help distinguish yourself from other candidates.

3. Write down personal accomplishments

Because your resume objective can only be two or three sentences long, consider using your second sentence to emphasise what you have accomplished as a professional. If your hiring manager immediately sees what you have accomplished and how you have contributed to the company you were a part of beforehand, they may be more interested in hiring you. You can name any awards you received or any concrete differences you made in a company's profit or statistics. When talking about your accomplishments, use universal wording that everyone can understand so that they can properly measure what you have done.

4. Show your aspirations

In the second half of your second sentence, consider talking about your aspirations as a professional. Showing your hiring manager that you have sure goals within your own industry can show them that you are not only motivated to improve your career, but motivated to improve the company you want to work for as well. When listing this detail, list specific metrics. For example, you could say you want to improve customer retention by 10% by the time you have worked for one quarter at this company.

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5. List your unique skills

Listing your skills as soon as you can on your resume helps ensure that your hiring manager sees them. While you have a dedicated skills section, the hiring manager may not read your resume up to that point. Take your resume objective as an opportunity to list some of your most notable skills in customer service management, such as communication and reporting.

6. Discuss the company

Including the name of your employer or company during your resume objective can help improve your application overall. Mentioning the name of the company you are applying to and how you want to help improve it shows your hiring manager that you are enthusiastic about this position and genuinely want to help the business improve. It may be helpful to include these details in the first sentence of your statement, that way your intentions are apparent from the very beginning of your resume.

7. Revise your draft

When revising your resume objective after a few drafts, consider reading it aloud or showing it to a friend before you make your final draft. You can also improve your summary by checking for grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Consider making multiple drafts and comparing them to see which one fits your application best.

Example Customer Service Manager Resume Objectives

Here are several examples of resume objectives that may help you write your own:

  • Organised and committed professional with five years of customer service experience. Training protocols boosted customer satisfaction ratings by 12% in six months. Seeking a customer service manager position at Anant's Corporation to apply leadership and conflict resolution skills.

  • Dedicated leader with six years of relevant experience seeking a customer service supervisor role at Swastika's Corporation to train representatives to address customer concerns. Offering excellent public speaking and conflict resolution abilities.

  • Seeking to obtain a position at All-New Agency as a customer service manager. Worked in leadership roles for the past 10 years. Proficient in customer retention and problem-solving.

  • Detailed-oriented and reliable professional desiring a customer service manager position at Zoom Mobile. Eager to implement problem-solving techniques to strengthen the relationship between the company and clients.

  • Results-driven professional with three years of experience in customer service leadership. Looking to obtain a customer service manager role at Ronald's Department Store to improve client satisfaction and retention rates.

Example Customer Service Manager Resume

Here is a sample customer service manager resume you can use to format and showcase your qualifications:

Anita Biswas
940-251-6113 || Kolkata. West Bengal

Objective Statement

Responsible and experienced professional with seven years of experience in customer service for the airline industry. Contributions led to receiving the Customer Service Manager of the Year Award in 2017. Seeking a manager position at New Airlines to apply analytical thinking and customer support skills.

Work Experience

Customer service manager, December 2016–Current
Quick Airlines, Kolkata, West Bengal

  • Spearhead the onboarding and training process for new customer service representatives

  • Implement procedures to appease passengers after flight delays and cancelations

  • Serve as a point of contact for complicated situations with passengers

  • Evaluate the responses from customer service surveys

  • Address passenger questions and concerns as they waited to board their flight

Customer service representative, June 2014–December 2016
Fast Airlines, Durgapur, West Bengal

  • Processed customer refunds and flight changes

  • Adhered to conflict resolution protocols during changes in flight schedules

  • Aimed to decrease customer handling time by 10 minutes


Bachelor of Science in business administration
Vivekananda University, Kolkata


Customer service, Problem-solving, Communication, Time management, Scheduling software, Leadership, Emotional intelligence

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