How To Write A Customer Service Resume Objective (Guide)

Updated 19 April 2023

If you are applying for a new customer service job, it can help to know how to write an effective resume objective. A resume objective is a statement that appears near the top of your resume and tells the reader about your career goals, the current level of industry experience and most relevant skills. Learning about resume objectives for customer service positions can help you write one that hiring managers notice. In this article, we define what a customer service resume objective is, outline the steps for writing one and provide examples to help you write your own.

What Is A Customer Service Resume Objective?

A customer service resume objective is a brief statement, typically one to three sentences long, that communicates your key professional assets to the hiring manager. Candidates typically format their objectives near the top of their resumes, making it the first section under the heading with their name and contact details. By putting your resume objective near the top of the document, you make it easy for the hiring manager to identify and read. This provides the reader with a brief overview of what qualities you can bring to their organisation based on your industry experience and skills.

Here are some reasons to include a resume objective:

  • Write a resume objective when making a career change. If you are transitioning into a career in a new industry, writing a resume objective can be a great way to highlight your transferrable skills. Even if you have limited experience in the new role, you can show that you have relevant professional skills that can make you a valuable asset in the position.

  • Use resume objectives if you are an entry-level professional. Many customer service jobs are entry-level, meaning candidates applying for them may be professionals with little direct experience. As an emerging professional, you can use your resume objective to express your enthusiasm for the new position, emphasise personal qualities that make you a good candidate and show your willingness to learn.

  • Add a resume objective if you are relocating. When looking for a new job after relocating, adding a resume objective to your job search materials can help you show hiring managers that you have relevant skills for your new position. You can explain why you are looking for a new job and express how your experience in previous roles aligns with the needs of the new position.

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How To Write A Customer Service Resume Objective

Here are the steps for writing an effective objective for a customer service resume objective:

1. Read the job listing thoroughly

The first step to writing a strong resume objective is to read the job description carefully for the position. By reading the job description thoroughly, you can learn about the needs and expectations of the hiring manager. This may allow you to write your application materials so they address the needs of the position directly. For example, if the hiring manager says they are looking for a courteous sales representative who has a team-oriented attitude, you can reflect these attributes in your resume objective. You may describe yourself as a polite professional who works well in a team-driven environment.

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2. Use industry-specific keywords

When possible, try to use industry-specific keywords in your application. Keywords are terms or phrases that relate directly to the specific skills and assets professionals in your industry require to excel. Adding keywords to your resume objective shows the hiring manager that you understand the typical needs and requirements of professionals working in the industry and that you reflect those expectations with your skills and experience. Here are a few common keywords used in the customer service industry:

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Customer service

  • Service-oriented

  • Organisation

  • Enthusiasm

  • Courtesy

  • Professionalism

3. Know what details to include

It is also important to know what types of information a typical resume objective includes. Often, a resume objective begins with a broad, defining statement. Describe qualities related to your strongest professional assets, address how many years of industry experience you have if relevant and state your goal in applying for the position. You may also use your first sentence to state any certifications or licenses you have that enable you to work in the industry. For example, if you are applying to work at a hotel, you can mention that you have a hospitality certification.

In the second sentence of your resume objective, provide some supporting details that highlight your strongest and most relevant skills. Use keywords or terminology from the job listing to describe your best qualities, such as by describing yourself as an enthusiastic, hard-working customer service professional who values teamwork and communication. You can also use quantifiable data if you have experience in the field. You may state that you increased sales by 15% in your previous role through your efficient communication and responsive attitude.

4. Consider the length

A typical resume objective is a brief statement. Most objectives are one to two sentences long, but some may be slightly longer depending on the position to which you are applying. For example, if you are a senior customer service professional applying for a managerial position, you may add another sentence to provide more details about your experience and qualifications. After determining how long to make your resume objective, write a draft that includes the necessary level of detail for the position to which you are applying.

5. Format for professionalism

Use good formatting to ensure your resume objective looks professional. For example, use a section heading to make it easy for the reader to find your objective at a glance. You can format your section headings with bold or italic styling to create visual distinction on the page. Use a font that is easy to read and make sure to set it at an appropriate size for both readability and managing page space. For example, use a font size between 10 and 12 to maximise the amount of space you have for the document without losing readability.

6. Edit and proofread

Review your resume objective to make sure it is thorough and accurate. Also, proofread it to fix any minor errors in grammar or spelling. By submitting a job application free from mistakes, you can show your professionalism, writing skills and attention to detail. When proofreading your application, try reading it aloud to yourself. This can help you identify any wordy or awkward phrases. Another strategy is to take a break from your writing. Review it with a renewed perspective after a few hours or the next day. This may help you identify mistakes you skimmed over before.

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Customer Service Objective Examples

Here are some example resume objectives to help you write one for your customer service resume:

  • Customer service professional with a proven record of handling all products and transactions in a fast and friendly manner. Searching for a position to use five years' experience in a fast-paced retail company.

  • Reliable customer service representative with over three years of experience growing alongside a firm with an expanding online presence. Experienced with conflict resolution training, certified in first aid and able to type 80 words per minute.

  • Optimistic customer service specialist seeking retail associate role, desires position that uses nine years of industry experience and strength in building long-term relationships with customers. Created and implemented a customer service survey at a telecom call centre, increasing customer satisfaction by 20% in 18 months.

  • Increased return customer base by 35% in three years at Uptown Department store after creating an email and newsletter initiative. Strong organisational, communication and technology skills for all phases of customer interaction.

  • Customer service representative in technological support industry with Office Software Specialist certification. Seeking a role with Geri Solutions, Ltd., where I can use my experience and certification to assist customers.

  • Dedicated platform support manager with seven years of experience and a bachelor's degree in business administration. Seeking a role with Motility Group in which I can apply my education and knowledge and grow within the company.

  • Experienced sales representative with excellent customer service, communication and negotiation skills, seeking to make career change to customer service. Looking to apply my experience and transferable skills to a customer service support role with Pear, Inc.

  • Service-oriented professional seeking opportunity to apply 10 years of hospitality experience in senior customer service manager position. Eager to dedicate leadership and managerial skills to a senior-level position.

  • Communicative customer service professional who recently relocated to Hyderabad applying for retail associate position. Dedicated to providing exceptional service in a team-oriented and customer-centred environment.

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