Professional CV Template For Students (With Examples)

Updated 11 September 2023

A curriculum vitae (CV) is a brief document that allows you to show your academic and professional credentials to a potential employer. Using a CV template is a great way to create your own CV quickly. Knowing how to write a high-quality student CV can position you as the best candidate for work and educational positions. In this article, we discuss the importance of using a CV template for students, explore how to write a professional CV and share a template of a student CV with a few examples.

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Importance Of CV Template For Students

A CV template for students is important because it helps you create a CV that clearly highlights your most attractive skills and experience to potential employers. Using a template helps you organise your content and include all the relevant information on your CV. A CV is often longer and more detailed than a resume. It might include information on your educational qualifications, coursework, skills and academic history.

The length of a student CV can be a few pages. This makes it even more important to follow a template when creating your CV. Using a template also makes it easy for you to update your academic and work history as you progress in your career.

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Steps To Create A Professional CV For Students

Follow these steps to create a professional CV for students:

1. Use the proper format and structure

Before you write your student CV, it is crucial to plan out the correct structure and format. It gives your CV a professional look and improves readability. Use simple and plain fonts that make your CV easy to read.

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2. Research the position and the organisation

Researching the organisation and the position can help you determine the education qualifications and relevant skills to include on your CV. If you are applying for higher studies, find out the requirements of that program and try to look at the CV of other applicants. You can also consider checking job descriptions of similar roles to identify the common skills employers want to see on your CV.

3. Start with a career objective

Start your CV with an engaging career objective statement that highlights your past achievements and future goals. A career objective statement typically comprises two or three sentences about the candidate, their educational qualifications and experience, aspirations and what value they might bring to a position. If you have little or no work experience, you can use this section to highlight any relevant skills, voluntary participation and interests that make you an ideal candidate.

4. Mention details about your education

List your academic credentials in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent educational qualification. You can remove your high school credentials from the CV if you have a higher degree. When listing qualifications, include the name of the qualification, school and year attended. Optional information includes your grades and the academic achievements you have. If you are a fresher, you can list essential courses and modules.

5. Add details about work experience

In this section, outline your past work experiences relevant to the role. You can also include your volunteer activities, internships and team activities on your CV. These activities can help you show your enthusiasm for the job and emphasise your workplace talents. Start with your most recent role, and include the name of the company, your job title, and the months and years you worked in each role.

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6. Include additional sections

An additional skills section allows you to highlight your hard, soft, and general competencies and your level of proficiency. You can also mention accomplishments such as awards and recognition and even leadership roles in high school or college. Certificates and awards, languages, and personal projects are all such additional sections to include on a student's CV.

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7. Proofread and edit

Always double-check your spelling, grammar and syntax before sending your CV to potential employers. A well-written, error-free CV is easier to read and shows professionalism. Even if you have excellent qualifications, typos and grammatical errors can give employers a wrong impression. Many free online applications can proofread your CV for grammar and style issues. You can also have someone else look over your CV and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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CV Template For Students

The format and content for a CV may depend on the position and organisation you are applying to and your experience and education. Necessary sections of a CV include contact details, career objective, work experience and education. Sections like personal projects, certifications, volunteer experience and co-curricular activities are optional. You can use this template to structure your CV:

Contact information

[Your full name]
[Contact address]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Career objective

[Write your career objective here.]


[Title of degree and the name of the school]
[Duration you attended or expected date of course completion]

  • [Three to six bullets focused on your achievements, accomplishments or memberships while in college]

Awards and Certifications

[Include any awards and certifications you received during your education.]

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities may seem unimportant to your desired job profile, but by highlighting the soft skills you gained from them, you can differentiate yourself from other candidates.

[Include your co-curricular achievements during your studies.]


If your research experience allows you to show useful skills, you can include it in a separate section.

[Name of research]
[Date and duration of the research]

  • [Include three to five bullet points about your responsibilities, achievements, results and skills and experience gained during the exercise.]

  • [Start each bullet point with an action verb.]

Work history

[Dates of employment]
[Company or organisation], [Location or Address]

  • [List three to five work experiences.]

  • [Begin sentences with past or present action verbs.]

  • [Quantify achievements with figures.]

Core skills

[List three to five important skills that you developed as a student.]

Hobbies or other relevant interests

[Include three to five hobbies.]

[Include the name of the certificate, the awarding institution, dates of obtainment and state or country. Start from the most recent certifications.]

[Include languages and proficiency level in each.]

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Student CV Samples

Here are some CV examples for students at various levels of education that you may use to write your own:

Undergraduate student CV sample

Here is an example of an undergraduate student CV:

Deepak Kumar D-24 Winter Hills,
Dwarka, New Delhi, 110059
+91 9999888777

Career objective

Proactive, talented and self-motivated professional looking for the role of a data analyst at a reputable company. Looking to leverage my analytical and systematic skills to help the organisation accomplish its goals.


Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, August 2018—April 2021, CGPA: 8.75

Honours and awards

Dean's scholarship of ₹18,000 per year Winner, Hackathon India, 2020


Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak Department of Computer Science Research Assistant January 2021—April 2021

  • Assisted Professor Dayal Singh in research on data analytics

  • Helped postdoctoral researchers in data compilation and analysis

  • Conducted a field survey to determine the opportunities for data analysis skills in small businesses

Volunteer experience

Finetech Summer Camp
April 2019 - June 2019
Assistant Instructor

  • Coding games with Java

  • Python and electronics with Minecraft

  • Coding with Python


  • Problem-solving

  • Data analysis

  • Attention to detail

Languages and technologies

  • Cloud computing

  • Database management

  • Python

Hobbies and interests

  • Reading

  • Adventure sports

  • Gaming

High school CV sample

Here is an example of a high school student CV:

Priya Singh A-27, Oak Ridge Avenue,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
+91 9999888777

Personal statement

Hardworking high school student with three months of experience in a fast-food business. Looking to leverage my customer relations and communications skills to increase guests' satisfaction and boost revenues.


St. Mary High School,
Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Employment History

Anna's Fancy Cakes September 2019—January 2021 Waitress

  • Welcomed guests and patrons and seated them comfortably

  • Collected orders and worked with the kitchen staff for quick and accurate delivery of guests' meals

  • Served foods and beverages

  • Cleaned the dining area and rearranged seating for special events


  • Excellent communication skills

  • Cheerful attitude

  • Customer service

Volunteer experience

Lifeguard 2019—Present

  • Promoted safety of visitors to SkyLine Beach

CV sample for master's student

Here is an example of a master's student CV:

Rohan Verma
B-88, South Avenue,
Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
+91 9999887766

Professional summary

Motivated and technically competent master's student with three years of research experience in biology. Specialised in specimen preparation and analysis and laboratory practice. Seeking a fellowship at a reputable institution to contribute to the body of knowledge in amphibian research.


Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi Master of Science in Microbiology, September 2020—Present

Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Bachelor of Science in Biology, April 2014—April 2018


Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi Department of Microbiology, Research Assistant, February 2018—August 2018

  • Collected live specimen of the endangered fork-tongued desert lizard

  • Collaborated with doctoral students to design a breeding program to improve the wild stock of amphibian species

Employment history

Care Biotechnologies, May 2018—August 2020, Lab scientist

  • Performed laboratory duties, including preparing, dressing and storing specimen

  • Analysed biological samples for potential pathogens under sterile conditions

  • Took part in the genome sequencing on a novel retrovirus for the creation of a vaccine

  • Managed the laboratory and ensured proper waste disposal


  • Swimming

  • Reading


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