How To Write A Cyber Security Cover Letter (With Example)

Updated 12 September 2023

Cyber security is the practice of protecting computer systems, networks and sensitive data from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction. When applying for a job in the cyber security field, many employers ask for a cover letter as part of the job application, along with your resume. Knowing how to write a compelling cover letter can increase your chances of getting the job. In this article, we discuss what a cyber security cover letter is, explain how to write one and provide a template, and an example cover letter.

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What Is A Cyber Security Cover Letter?

A cyber security cover letter is a document that accompanies a resume or job application for a position in the field of cyber security. It is a way for candidates to introduce themselves to the hiring manager and highlight their qualifications, and experience related to the position for which they are applying. It typically includes a brief introduction, an explanation of how your skills and experience align with the position, and a closing statement that expresses your interest in the position and encourages the hiring manager to review your resume.

In the cover letter, you can highlight your qualifications and experience relevant to the position. You can include more detail than your resume provides, so it is an opportunity to explain your experience in specific tasks that the new job may require. Consider including skills and knowledge related to cyber security, such as network security, threat intelligence, incident response and recovery, compliance or penetration testing. You can also mention any relevant certifications or degrees you hold in cyber security.

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How To Write A Cover Letter For A Cyber Security Job?

Here are some steps to help you write your cover letter for a cyber security job application:

1. Review the job description

Review the job description before beginning your cover letter. Check for keywords and the skills, certifications and experience the job requires. Including these on your cover letter and resume can help your application appear distinctive to the hiring manager. Keywords can also help your application pass any automated screening processes in applicant tracking system software.

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2. Format the document

To keep your cover letter professional and legible, select an appropriate margin. You can match your font and type size to your resume but make sure it is an easily readable font like Times New Roman. Cover letters are traditionally in business letter formats. You can begin by placing your address at the top left, followed by the date and then the name and address of the hiring manager, recruiter or job poster from the company.

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3. Compose a strong opening paragraph

Use a professional greeting. To address the recipient by their preferred name, do some research to discover their preferred professional title. Include the open position's title and where you found it, then add a sentence or two about yourself. Similar to the professional objective or summary at the top of your resume, your cover letter's opening gives you a chance to introduce yourself and the most important aspects of your skills, or experience.

4. Describe your experience

In the second paragraph, describe your professional experience. Include your current position and describe your responsibilities, and accomplishments. Be precise here, including specific areas you have worked in, any cyber security certifications you may have, which operating systems you are familiar with and any utilities you have used. If you are a recent graduate, you could describe projects or coursework you have completed in areas that apply to the job. This is a suitable place to include keywords from the job posting.

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5. Explain how you fit the open position

In the third paragraph, connect your experience to how you believe you can help the company. In addition to describing specific systems or techniques, you can also include how your soft skills help you perform well on the job. For instance, if the position mentions making reports or creating security training for employees, you can mention your communication skills. You could also mention any of your skills that you believe the company may benefit from outside the job description, such as experience in configuring additional secure data storage or integrating new mobile devices if the company is actively expanding.

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6. Finish politely

In your conclusion, try to leave the reader with a good impression of your professionalism. Thank them for their time and note the documents you attach so they can easily understand your email attachments or uploaded application. Use a professional closing followed by your name.

7. Proofread the cover letter

Check for grammar, spelling, punctuation and accurate figures before you submit your letter. A clean letter shows employers your attention to detail, which is critical for cyber security analysts. Especially if you are sending out several applications, check to ensure each company's name and address at the top, and throughout the letter are correct.

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8. Title documents and email correctly

If your documents require digital submission, title your cover letter and resume files so the hiring manager can easily identify them. You could also include your name in the filename to make them easy to track in application systems. Some job listings request a specific subject line that includes the job title for emailed applications, so check for this type of instruction to make sure that the employer considers your application.

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Cover Letter Template For A Job In Cyber Security

Here is a template you can use to write your cover letter for a job in cyber security:

[First name] [Last name], [Degree or certification if applicable]
[Phone number] | [Email address] | [City], [State or Union territory]


[Company name]

Dear hiring manager,

[Express excitement for the position including the role title and the company name.] [Introduce yourself by explaining why you are applying for the job and how the job aligns with your career goals and what specifically draws you to the company.]

[Explain your relevant experience and qualifications without repeating what is in your resume.] [Highlight one to two relevant achievements with facts and data when possible.] [Explain why you may be a good fit for the company.] [Optional - address employment gap or career transition].

[Express gratitude]. [Summarise qualification]. [Restate interest in the role]. [Call to action + availability and preferred contact method].

[Complimentary close],

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Sample Cover Letter For A Job In Cyber Security

Here is a sample cover letter that you can refer to when writing your own:

Raj Shah
+91-9696123143 | | Bangalore, Karnataka

14 January 2022

C-Cure Solutions

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Cyber Security Analyst position at C-Cure Solutions. As a highly skilled and experienced cyber security individual, I am confident that I can be a valuable asset to your team.

I have four years of experience in the cyber security field, with a strong background in network security, threat intelligence and compliance. In my role at Priv8, I have been responsible for implementing and maintaining security protocols and procedures to protect against cyber threats, and managing incident response and recovery efforts. I have experience in identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, implementing security controls, and monitoring networks and systems for security breaches. I am well-versed in a variety of security tools and technologies, such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and security information and event management solutions.

I am excited about the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to C-Cure Solutions, and to contribute to the protection of your valuable assets and data. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and experience with you further. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Raj Shah

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