How To Write A Data Entry Resume (With Example And Tips)

Updated 19 April 2023

The data entry sector offers a range of job opportunities for qualified professionals with technological backgrounds. Job applicants with strong resumes can expect to be hired easily in this field and advance in their chosen careers. By understanding the importance of a well-written resume for data entry jobs, you can prepare an effective one to catch the attention of recruiters and receive an interview call. In this article, we explain how to write a data entry resume, review a resume template, provide a resume example for reference and give some useful resume writing tips.

How To Write A Data Entry Resume?

You can follow these steps to write a data entry resume:

1. Provide name and contact information

When writing a professional resume, it is customary to provide your personal information at the top. That can serve as an introduction to potential employers. Since recruiters are generally very busy people and tend to scan through the resumes they receive, having your personal information at the start can tell them at once whose resume they are reading. The top section can include your name, professional title and location. It is advisable to also include your email address and phone number so that the recruiters know where to contact you regarding the available job position.

2. Include a professional summary or objective

A well-written professional summary can give the recruiters a quick overview of your qualifications, experience and career aspirations. It can convince them to read further to get more details about your eligibility for the available role. Try to think from the recruiter's point of view when writing it. What would make you select your resume from that of your competitors? Recruiters generally spend only a few seconds reading the professional summary and they are likely to prefer those with a stronger hint of personality.

Since it is necessary for the professional summary to be concise, it is best to fit your information in only two or three sentences. You can do this by focusing on the most relevant details of your professional career. Since the information you provide in the resume is for a data entry position, it is unnecessary to include anything unrelated to it. If you are a newcomer to the data entry field without work experience, consider using a professional objective instead of a professional summary. It describes the position you seek and the industry in which you want to work.

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3. Give educational qualifications

Many employers have basic educational eligibility criteria for data entry positions. While some companies may require applicants to have at least a higher secondary certificate from a government-approved board, others may require a degree, diploma or other formal training in data entry. It is a good idea to provide correct details of your level of education, together with the educational institution you attended and your year of attendance, in a neat, bulleted list.

That can make it easier for recruiters to identify you as someone qualified for the available position. If you meet the employer's educational requirements, you may have a better chance of getting an interview call.

4. Mention any earned certificates

Having professional certifications in addition to your educational qualifications can make you seem like a promising candidate to prospective employers. It conveys that you are serious about your career and are willing to get additional knowledge to advance in your field. You can provide a bulleted list of your certificates in a separate section below the section for your educational qualifications.

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5. List professional skills

The skills you possess in the data entry field can influence the employer's decision to invite you for a job interview. Some employers may require applicants to have specialised skills, such as knowledge of specific software, spreadsheets or database management. Others may offer on-the-job training to selected candidates. When writing your resume, It is a good idea to reread the skills requirements in the job description and make a list of your skills that are an exact or approximate match. You can then include the skills that are most relevant to the data entry position.

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6. Add work experience

In the work experience section, you can list the jobs you have held to date. You can provide information about the job title, the duration of employment, the employer and the work location. Below that, list the specific work duties you undertook in each job in a bulleted format. If you have limited or no work experience, you can mention any projects or internships that you have done that are relevant to the available job position. You can also elaborate on any relevant skills you possess.

If you worked in other fields, think carefully about how you might have used data entry in performing your work duties. For example, if you worked as an attendant in a fast-food outlet, you can mention how you entered the customers' orders into the computer every day without making a single mistake. The work experience section is not simply for informing the employer of the work you have done in the past, but also for convincing them of your capability of handling the work responsibilities of the available position.

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Resume Template For Data Entry Jobs

You can reference the following resume template for writing your resume for a data entry position:

[Professional title]

Professional summary
[ A paragraph of two to three sentences outlining your educational qualifications, skills, work experience and career goals]

Educational qualifications

  • Qualification, educational institute and year of completion


  • Certificate earned


  • [A bulled list of skills that are relevant for the job]

Work experience

[Job title] and [Employment duration]


[Bulleted list of job duties]


  • [Bulleted of interests that are relevant to the job]

Resume Example For Data Entry Jobs

The following example may help you to write a resume for a data entry work position:

Smita Harihar

Data entry clerk

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Professional summary

Diligent data entry clerk with two years experience and record of 99% accuracy in entering 950 records per day in a fast-paced office setting. Excellent computer skills and exceptional typing speed of 10,000 KPH 10-Key with zero errors. Seeking a position with a company that can offer growth potential in database management.

Educational qualifications

  • Higher Secondary Certificate, Parle School, Mumbai, 2018


  • HR analytics certificate

  • Data engineering essentials certificate


  • Communication skills

  • Computer expertise

  • Analytical skills

  • Order entry skills

  • Quick and accurate typing skills

  • Proficiency in data entry software

  • Knowledgeable about data storage software

  • Good writing skills

  • Ability to focus

  • Ability to multitask

  • Attention to detail

  • Organisation skills

  • Time management skills

  • Customer service skills

  • Teamwork skills

  • Good phone etiquette

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Work experience

Data entry intern (2019-2020)

Zera Data Solutions, Delhi

  • Typed letters and reports

  • Checked documents for grammar, spelling and syntax

  • Made and filed photocopies of documents

  • Assisted with administrative duties

  • Received and responded to customer calls

Data entry clerk (2020-present)

Avanti Tech Solutions, Mumbai

  • Prepared business letters and reports.

  • Created spreadsheets of monthly and annual reports

  • Copied and stored documents in the company database

  • Reviewed database entries for accuracy

  • Updated, replaced and corrected database entries

  • Ensured regular updates of database software and stored information

  • Named employee of the month for April 2022 for achieving 99% accuracy in 10 Key data entry work.


  • Proofreading fiction books for self-published writers to catch spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

  • Volunteering at the local library to help catalogue the books in their collection.

Tips For Writing A Resume For A Data Entry Position

The following tips may help you to write an effective resume for a data entry position:

  • Research resumes for data entry positions online and study different examples to learn how to write a professional one.

  • Keep the data entry job advertisement at hand and refer to it while writing the resume.

  • Note the keywords the employer has used in the data entry job advertisement and use them in the resume to ensure selection by the applicant tracking system software.

  • Use action verbs to describe your job duties.

  • When listing skills in the resume, go for quality rather than quantity.

  • Ensure that all the information you provide in the resume for the data entry position is accurate and verifiable, since some employers may do a detailed background check.

  • Include a screenshot of your KPH test as proof of your fast typing speed.

  • Read the resume at least twice to catch any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and also run it through a grammar check software.

  • Read the resume out loud to check it for tone and flow.

  • Ask a family member, friend or industry colleague to review the resume and give honest feedback.

  • Check the employer's desired format for receiving the resume and convert the resume to that before sending your application.

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