How To Create A Data Scientist Resume (With Examples)

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Updated 29 November 2022

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If you want to work as a data scientist, your resume can help convey your desired skills and how well-suited you are for the next job. Highlighting progressive development of your experience is essential for an employer to gauge your skills. A comprehensive data scientist resume showcases your accomplishments, education, skills and certifications and makes your resume stand out among competitors. In this article, we learn what a data science resume is and how to write one and offer a template and example to help you write your resume.

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What Is A Data Scientist Resume?

A data scientist resume is a one- or two-page official document highlighting the skills and experience you gained in the data science field. The resume shows whether you are entering the field as a fresher or applying for a senior role. When planning to work as a data scientist, it is essential to display analytical and critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. Mentioning a skill set related to the job description can make you a marketable candidate for a position.

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How To Create A Data Scientist Resume?

Follow these steps to create a data science resume to get hired for a desirable job:

1. Choose a resume type

The first step in creating a resume is choosing a type that appropriately depicts your skills and qualifications. A chronological resume highlights your experience, starting with the latest. So, if you have vast experience in data science, use a chronological resume type. Use a functional resume if you are a fresher or a recent graduate looking for your first job opportunity. This format gives preference to skills over experience.

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2. List your contact information

Regardless of the resume type you choose, the next step is listing your contact information. At the top of your resume, include details like your full name, address, email address and phone number. Placing your contact information in a visible place makes it easier for employers to contact you.


Raman Mehta
Flat no – 415, Sunbuilding apartments, East Delhi – 110065

3. Include a resume objective or summary

Writing your resume objective or summary after listing your contact information is an effective way to explain how your skills, experience and qualification makes a suitable candidate for a data scientist position. Often, summaries describe your work experience and skills gained throughout your career. This is an optional section and the summary is usually one to two sentences long. For writing effective resumes, use a resume objective for marketing your passion and skills and use a resume summary if you have vast experience in this field.

Example: Applied mathematics post-graduate with certification in data analysis and data science. Energetic and dedicated fresher with hands-on experience collecting, analysing and interpreting large data sets and developing new forecast models is looking for a position in a fast-moving company.

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4. List relevant experience

If you are fresher, focus on including internships or voluntary work you completed under your work experience section. For a candidate with prior experience, focus on listing specific job responsibilities and duties. This section gives employers an overview of your unique experience and how it qualifies to make you a suitable candidate.


  • A regular contributor to many machine learning blogs

  • Assisted in scientific research on cancer cell cloning and analysed the results

  • Helped a project team develop a new forecasting model for increasing the company's productivity and efficiency

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5. Include relevant education

When listing your education, mention your degrees or courses you completed in reverse-chronological order. Focus on mentioning education in line with the job description to let an employer know you are a suitable candidate. Also, include the name of your institution, the year of completion and the course you studied.


MSc Data Science Mirla Institute of Science
July 2018–June 2020

BSc Data Science
Mirla Institute of Science
June 2016–May 2018

6. List your relevant skills

Listing your technical and soft skills in the data science field can help you display your qualifications. If you have any relevant skills, such as the ability to speak a foreign language or the ability to use a specialised data science tool, list them in your resume. Skills in other areas such as applied mathematics, data visualisation, machine learning, big data and proficiency in programming languages are essential for a data science resume. Also, soft skills like communication, curiosity, organisation and disciplined thinking can set you apart.


  • Data visualisation

  • Programming

  • Quantitative analysis

  • Machine learning

  • Modelling

  • Communication

  • Creative thinking

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7. List certifications

Having data science-related certifications is a way to prove your competency. If you earned a certification, mention it on your resume. Employers prefer hiring candidates with relevant certifications. If a job description mentions a certification and you have it, remember to include it on your resume. Picking keywords like this from the job description not only makes your resume stand out but ensures it is applicant tracking system (ATS) compliant.

Example: IBM data science professional certification

8. Awards and achievements

Use this section to list awards and achievements you won during your career. For a fresher's resume, you can include academic accolades and research papers you presented. But, for data scientist professionals, focus on mentioning professional awards and achievements.

Example: Presented a paper titled “Machine Learning and DNA cloning – Two sides of the same coin” in 2019

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Template For Creating A Data Scientist Resume

Use this template as a guide when applying as a data scientist:

[Your first and last name]
[Your address]
[Your phone number]
[Your email address]

[One to three sentences briefly describing your skill, qualification, career goals and experience]

Work experience
[Job title]
[Company's name]
[Company's location]
[Dates worked]
[Two to four key responsibilities]

[Name of institution and location]
[Dates attended]

[Mention five to seven relevant architectural skills]

Certification or membership
[Use bullet points to list any certification you earned and membership you enrolled]

Interests and hobbies (optional section)
[Use bullet points to list your interests and hobbies]

Example Of Data Scientist Resume For Freshers

Here is an example of a data science resume for a fresher or an entry-level candidate:

Sunita Makhija
M 12/8, Hare Krishna Nagar
Bengaluru 560096


A hardworking and analytical entry-level professional adept at processing raw data to identify product improvement opportunities. Well-versed in four programming languages and adept at deploying machine learning to model algorithms.

Work experience

Data scientist intern
June 2019–September 2019
Data Magnet Private Limited

  • Assisted data science team to develop machine learning algorithms to improve products and services

  • Worked on data cleaning, pre-processing and image collection

  • Engaged in docker container deployment

B.Tech Computer Science
Shimla University, Shimla
May 2015-April 2019


  • Machine learning

  • Neural networks

  • Programming languages

  • Deep learning

  • Written and verbal communication skills

  • Time management and organisational skills


  • Certified analytical professional

  • Applied data science with Python

  • IBM data science professional certification

Awards and achievements

  • Won the national-level Artificial Intelligence challenge organised by Machine Learning Committee, Pune

  • Published an article on Machine Learning in a leading technology magazine

  • Attended data science conference in Orissa in 2020

Example Of A Data Science Resume With Experience

Here is an example of a data science resume for an experienced data science professional:

Priyanka Yadav
J 8/9, Bole Nath Housing Complex
Hyderabad 500001


Data scientist with 7+ years of experience in developing complex applications, solving scalability issues and overcoming complex data architectures. Advanced understanding of analytical and algebraic techniques along with knowledge of using various statistical tools.

Work experience
Senior data scientist
November 2019–Present
Arch and Data Private Limited

  • Built numerous predictive models using machine learning tools

  • Maintained and managed the company's database and server

  • Enhanced the accuracy of forecasting software from 70% to 88%

Lead data scientist
June 2014–September 2019
Data Magnet Private Limited

  • Implemented quantum approaches for running numerics, visualising data and data post-processing

  • Chose the most appropriate machine learning technique based on available data and the client's requirement

  • Trained and fine-tuned various machine learning models, including deep learning models

  • Evaluated model performance and optimised model training

M.Tech Computer Science
Agra Private University, Uttar Pradesh
May 2012-April 2014

B.Tech Computer Science
Agra Private University, Uttar Pradesh
May 2008-April 2012


  • Machine learning

  • Natural language processing

  • Programming languages

  • Deep learning frameworks

  • Proficient in dockers and containers

  • Written and verbal communication skills

  • Time management and organisational skills


  • Certified analytical professional

  • Applied data science with Python

  • IBM data science professional certification

Awards and achievements

  • Won employee of the year award in 2017, 2018 and 2019

  • Attended international conference on Machine Learning and NLP, Paris in 2016

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