How To Write A Doctor Resume (With Tips And Example)

Updated 26 January 2023

A well-written resume is important to get an interview call, irrespective of your great qualifications. A good resume showcases your previous experience, accomplishments, skills and your objectives in the position to which you are applying. Having knowledge of what to include in your resume can enable you to write an excellent one. In this article, we discuss how to write a job-winning doctor resume, explore some tips to write an effective resume and look at an example of the same.

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How To Write A Doctor Resume?

Below are the steps you may follow to write an impressive doctor resume:

1. Structure your resume

While writing your resume, make sure you use simple and standard fonts such as Times New Roman. Keep the font size and line spacing consistent for easy readability. Share your resume in PDF format unless stated otherwise in the job description. Consider including the following parts in your resume in the same order:

  • Header: List your name, contact information, professional network profile links and email address in this section. This helps the hiring manager to reach you easily in case they shortlist your resume for the interview.

  • Summary: Show a synopsis of all the medical achievements that may make you the best fit for the position.

  • Experience: List your past jobs in reverse chronological order here with a description of each job. Be sure to mention any key achievements you made in a past job.

  • Education: In this section, you can explain your schooling or degrees with the marks obtained and all the accomplishments.

  • Certifications: If you have gained any extra certifications apart from your professional degree, you may include them in this section.

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2. Write resume objective or summary

The most essential part of a resume is the professional summary. It summarises your achievements, which enhances your suitability for the current position. Ensure to show your vision as a doctor and years of experience. Quantify your achievements in numbers or percentages. Write a resume objective if you are an entry-level doctor. If you are an experienced doctor, you can write a career summary. Here is an example of a resume summary:

An accountable physician with 10 years of experience building up facility profitability and patient wellness. Seeking to deliver excellent healthcare at Care Hospital. Maintained a 5-star at Vivekananda Hospital health grades, for 129 reviews and 86% patient success.

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3. Add your work experience

In this section, you can share your work history and your primary responsibilities in each role. You can start with your most recent work experience. Write the job title, the duration of your employment and the location where you were working. Also, mention your duties and responsibilities in four to five bullet points. Use action words to start each bullet point to make them easily noticeable. Here is an example of the work experience section of a resume:

General Physician, Sector 30 Government Hospital, New Delhi
July 2017- October 2021

  • Provided personalised services to ensure patient satisfaction.

  • Facilitated a reduction in cost by 18% for staffing and supplies.

  • Maintained 87% success rates as measured by surveys and annual follow-up calls for patient goal attainment.

  • Collaborated with the nurses and administrative staff to save six hours per week on paperwork.

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4. List your education

In the next section of your resume, list the degrees you earned. For each degree, mention the school or college you attended and the name of your educational institution. Also, mention the years you were part of that education institute. You can also add a few academic achievements that could be relevant to the position. Here is an example of the education section of a resume for doctors:


Medicine from Subhash Chandra Medicine College, 2004-2009
12th Standard from St. Convent School, 2004

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5. Add skills that apply to the position

In this section of the resume, you may mention both hard and soft skills suitable for the job position. To identify the most relevant skills for a job, create a list of the skills the job may require and create a list of the skills you have. Now find matches in the two skill sets. Consider listing five or 10 of the best and most relevant matching skills and explain the skills with examples. Here are a few examples of important skills for a doctor:

  • Time management

  • Leadership

  • Critical care

  • Teamwork

  • Cardiology

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6. Add any other relevant additional activity

Use this section to list any other additional activities you performed during college that might make you a better fit for the job. This helps to convince the hiring manager more why they are required to hire your services. Include any licences and certifications, any volunteer work, publications and membership in professional organisations. You may also include any second languages along with your proficiency in them. Here is an example of the additional activities section:


Certified Physician and Cardiologist


“Living with Diabetes” Published in January 2016
“Home Alone First Aid” Published in July 2017

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Tips To Write A Doctor Resume

Below are a few tips you may consider while preparing your resume:

  • The most important part of the resume is experience and achievements. Focus on providing maximum information around these topics.

  • Try to start every line in the work experience section with a verb. This makes your resume engaging and look active throughout.

  • Include tangible results and metrics while mentioning your work experience. It showcases your abilities and accomplishments.

  • Create a professional summary that represents you as the right fit for the position. It may encourage the hiring manager to read your resume completely.

  • Ensure each section of your resume answers the question of what unique benefits or value you may bring to the organisation while working at this position.

  • Be as specific as you can. Try to identify the requirements of the employer and portray your abilities around that.

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Example Of Doctor's Resume

Below is an example of a doctor's resume:

Sonia Sharma
Mobile Number: 9988781967

Professional Summary

A competent medical doctor practising for eight years. Devoted to give exceptional patient outcomes and follow all the needed medical procedures by using the latest industry equipment and technology. Focused on listening to and addressing all the concerns of the patients and explaining the course of treatment in a way they can understand easily. Always willing to work with teams and other medical members, open to their suggestions and views and try to implement those to improve results.


General Physician, Vivekananda Hospital, Mumbai
October 2015-October 2021

  • Diagnosed and treated physical injuries and various diseases in both adults and children.

  • Built good relationships with patients to earn their trust and make them feel safe and relaxed.

  • Prescribed medicines, best treatment options and referred patients to specialists when necessary.

  • Supervised colleagues, medical students and residents.

  • Reviewed and interpreted lab reports to give the right treatments to patients.

  • Attended international medical conferences to learn better how to connect with patients and be a well-rounded medic.

  • Worked with administrative staff to reduce efforts spent on paperwork by five hours.

  • Learned to work with other medical team members, including physicians, nurses and specialists.

  • Conducted research on the latest medical techniques and wrote journals.

  • Increased patient intake to the hospital by 10% through innovative marketing and recommendations.

Research Assistant, Dayananda Medical College
July 2013- Sept 2015

  • Organised research projects to set apart mannose receptors and all their associated proteins.

  • Published journal articles and wrote grants.

  • Developed research protocols.

  • Led a journal club.

  • Gained additional research funding by discovering two more potential proteins that had an association with mannose receptors.


Shivalik Public School, 2005-2006
M.B.B.S. Government Medical College, New Delhi, 2007-2013


Soft skills:

  • Excellent communication skills to share the diagnosis details with patient's family and senior doctor

  • Ability to lead and manage the practice staff to provide quality care to patients

  • Highly organised to maintain the record of the patients and the diagnosis provided

Hard skills:

  • Disease prevention

  • Vital sign monitoring

  • Treatment planning

  • Clinical judgment

  • Patient assessment

  • Multidisciplinary team collaboration

  • Diagnostic tools

Hobbies and Interests

When I am not in medical practice, I enjoy travelling, playing video games and painting. I also offer free services at the community centre every two weekends a month. I am also taking up meditation, thus improving my work focus and personal relationships.

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