How To Write A Doctor Resume Objective (Tips And Examples)

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Published 13 July 2022

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Doctors work in hospitals, medical centres, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare settings. Whether they are general practitioners or specialists in specific medical fields, resume objectives can help them in their job search. If you are planning a career as a doctor, you can benefit from knowing how to write a compelling objective in a doctor's resume. In this article, we explore what a doctor resume objective is, discuss the steps to write one and provide essential tips to help you write an effective one for your professional resume.

What Is A Doctor Resume Objective?

A doctor resume objective is a concise statement of two to three sentences that summarises the doctor's educational qualifications, skills, specialisations and work experience. Since it is customary to place the objective at the top of the resume, it is generally the first section that recruiters read. It provides them with an understanding of the doctor's abilities and gives them a reason to consider their candidacy for the available position. If they find the objective statement sufficiently compelling, they may continue reading the rest of the resume.

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How To Write A Resume Objective For A Doctor's Job

The following steps may help you write a resume objective for a doctor's position:

1. Review the job requirements

Before you start writing the resume objective, review the job duties of the medical doctor's position and make sure that you meet the employer's requirements regarding skills and experience. For example, if you are applying for the position of a dermatologist, the job description may stipulate that candidates have experience with providing consultations and conducting screening tests. They may require them to be proficient in treating different skin conditions, using various dermatological tools and carrying out non-invasive surgical procedures. Once you have ascertained that you can meet their criteria, you can write the resume objective.

2. Make your intent clear

When recruiters read your resume objective, you want them to immediately understand that you are interested in the available medical doctor position and are imminently qualified for it. Consider presenting your information in the third person to ensure it is balanced, readable and concise. Write the name of the medical facility after that and state the advantages you can bring to the job.

3. Provide eligibility details

It is customary to include your educational qualifications, work experiences, skills and professional achievements in the resume objective. Given its concise nature, it is advisable to include only the most relevant information. After reviewing your educational and work history, compile a list of your most recent educational credentials, work positions and professional recognitions. Also, list the job responsibilities you handled in each position. Compare this information with the requirements in the job description and customise it to enhance your suitability.

4. Identify and include keywords

Since they receive many applications from qualified candidates, many employers in the healthcare sector use applicant tracking systems to screen and shortlist the most deserving ones. These software systems scan resumes and then select the ones that meet the criteria set by the employer. They do this by identifying specific keywords and phrases that the candidate has used to describe their skills, work experiences and job responsibilities. You can enhance your chances of selection by including these keywords and phrases in your resume objective.

5. Check content for errors and accuracy

It is essential to proofread and edit the resume objective after writing it. Since attention to detail is a crucial trait for medical doctors, ensure that there are no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or tone issues. Read the resume objective word by word silently and aloud to make sure it is free of errors. You can also run it through a grammar check software program. Consider getting honest feedback about it from a family member, friend or colleague.

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Tips For Writing A Doctor's Resume Objective

You can refer to the following tips for writing an effective objective for a doctor's resume:

Read a lot of examples

You can research and review many different types of resume objectives from the medical field online. If you are writing a resume objective for the first time or have always struggled with writing one, these samples can show you how to do it. Study them to see how it is possible to fit in a lot of relevant information in a concise format.

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Strengthen your achievements with action verbs

Using action verbs can make your resume objective more readable and your professional achievements noticeable to employers. Knowing what you have achieved can influence their decision to hire you. Consider using action verbs like the following:

  • Assessed

  • Administered

  • Analysed

  • Applied

  • Conducted

  • Coordinated

  • Directed

  • Diagnosed

  • Dispensed

  • Delegated

  • Detected

  • Examined

  • Managed

  • Observed

Convey confidence and self-assurance

Since a medical doctor is in a position of great responsibility, employers typically prefer confident, self-assured candidates who can perform their medical duties capably. If your resume objective reflects your belief in your abilities, recruiters are more likely to shortlist it and invite you for an interview. Share the positive contributions of your medical career so far.

Customise for each job

If you are sending out many job applications, you may find it convenient to create a template for a resume objective and customise it for each job. Along with changing the employer's name and the job title, you can tailor the information about your skills, work experiences and job duties to meet the job requirements. You can also update the keywords to match those in the job description. Such customisation can show the recruiters that you are serious about wanting the job, and they may then consider you for the position.

Check for accuracy

You can make a better impression on recruiters if your resume objective presents accurate information about your education, career and achievements. It is advisable to go over the details you provided about your educational credentials, previous jobs, work duties, duration of employment and skills. Since many health care employers do a background check before making a hiring decision, ensure that there are no discrepancies.

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Examples Of Doctor Resume Objectives

Here are some examples of a doctor's resume objectives that you can use for your writing reference:

  • A qualified and competent medical doctor with nine-plus years of experience seeks a position in SPKM Hospital's Department of Cardiology. Hopes to deploy exceptional expertise in advanced medical treatments and procedures.

  • Licensed, knowledgeable anaesthesiologist hopes to bring six years of comprehensive experience in delivering first-rate service to patients. Has a keen interest in working with Dewanji Hospital's patient-focused medical-surgical environment.

  • Highly experienced ophthalmologist with an admirable track record of diagnosing and treating eye ailments seeks opportunity with Gokul Eye Clinic. Hopes to bring exceptional competence and empathy in delivering medical care to patients.

  • Seeking a position as an Internal Medicine doctor with the Department of Internal Medicine at Janardhan Civil Hospital. Bringing nine years of broad experience and specialised knowledge in diagnosing, treating and providing compassionate care to patients suffering from complex health issues.

  • A dedicated cardiac surgeon with eight-plus years of experience, outstanding surgical skills and excellent leadership skills seeks a position in Manika Gosai Hospital's Department of Cardiology. Hopes to apply comprehensive expertise in modern medical equipment and profound knowledge of cardiothoracic surgery.

  • Medical professional seeks position as a senior physician with Parandekar Hospital to apply broad knowledge of general medicine to treating health conditions in patients. Has extensive experience in assessing, diagnosing and treating geriatric patients.

  • Reliable, competent and highly knowledgeable medical practitioner seeks position as a resident doctor with Shatayushi Hospital to provide quality care to patients. Brings proven experience in working with medical teams and dealing with medical emergencies.

  • Experienced general practitioner seeks a position at Verghese Hospital to provide excellent health care services to patients. Has 11 years of medical experience in treating ailments and injuries in people from diverse cultural backgrounds and income groups.

  • Licensed, experienced and dedicated medical doctor seeks a position as a paediatrician with Shrushti Hospital's Department of Paediatrics. Has a friendly, compassionate outlook towards patients and six years of experience in providing general medical care for babies, children and teenagers.

  • A highly experienced and certified medical doctor seeks a position as an audiologist with the Audiology Department at Bansali Hospital. Hoping to apply 10 years of specialised experience in diagnosing and treating hearing loss, tinnitus and other auditory issues.

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