What Are Driving Skills For A Resume? (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 13 June 2022

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Drivers are professionals in the transport industry who drive passengers and deliver packages to predetermined destinations. These professionals require a wide variety of driving skills to complete their job duties. If you have an interest in becoming a truck, bus or delivery driver, knowing about these skills can help you excel in your career and get hired for a desirable job. In this article, we explain what driving skills for a resume are, list some examples, provide steps to improve these skills and explore how to highlight them during your job search.

What Are Driving Skills For Resumes?

Driving skills for resumes are a person's abilities related to driving a vehicle that they may mention on their resume to get hired for a desirable driver's job. These skills help a driver remain motivated on the road and ensure the safety of passengers and packages. Being proficient helps you drive different vehicles, such as trucks, cabs and buses. Common driving skills include excellent driving record, accurate navigation and vehicle maintenance. Many drivers can get these skills through training or education.

Examples Of Driving Skills For A Resume

Here are a few examples of driving skills that can help you differentiate among others:

Excellent driving record

As you might drive a vehicle for most of your workday, having an excellent driving record with no traffic offences and violations is essential. Employers expect drivers to obey traffic laws to ensure the transportation of passengers and packages safely to their destinations. Before hiring you for a driving job, employers might want to access your driving record to ensure you are suitable for the job role.

Ability to navigate different routes

Being a driver requires you to navigate multiple locations and routes. The ability to navigate through maps can help you from getting lost and ensure you deliver packages on time. This skill helps you convey to the employer that you can quickly adapt to new locations without wasting too much time. Employers expect a driver to read digital maps for easy navigation.

Proficiency in maintaining the vehicle

Whether you drive a truck, bus or a taxi, knowing how to maintain a vehicle is essential for becoming successful. Employers expect these professionals to have basic maintenance knowledge of vehicles so that they can fix them when the vehicle unexpectedly breaks down. Since this might happen often, employers prefer drivers who can fix and repair minor vehicle issues. This ensures you deliver packages on time.

Physical strength and fitness

Being a truck or delivery driver might involve many hours of moving in and out of the vehicle to load and unload items every day. Employers prefer physically strong candidates who can lift items for multiple hours. Also, this physical fitness helps these drivers drive a vehicle throughout their shift without getting tired.

Time management

As a driver, you visit multiple locations each day to complete your job duties. For this reason, employers expect a driver to be efficient and have strong time-management skills. To ensure timely delivery of your package and ensure passengers arrive at their destination, follow a strict schedule each day.

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Employers expect truck and delivery drivers to be detailed-oriented to deliver packages to the right addresses and recipients. Being detailed oriented helps you navigate through different places and deliver packages. Paying attention to the number of parcels of each customer can help you fulfill orders on time.


An employer expects a driver to have excellent concentration when driving a vehicle. Being attentive and alert can help you prevent other cars from crashing into your vehicle and thus ensure passenger and package safety. Keeping your eyes on the road while being prepared for any obstacles can help you drive safely.

Knowledge of traffic rules and regulations

Being up-to-date with the traffic rules and regulations is essential for ensuring safety. When interviewing for a driver's job, consider showing your knowledge of traffic rules and dedication to constant learning. You can read newspapers or enroll in a driving course to remain up-to-date with the latest traffic laws.

How To Improve Driving Skills

Use these steps to improve your driving abilities in the workplace:

1. Earn a commercial driving licence (CDL)

To drive a commercial vehicle such as a truck, bus or private car, drivers require a commercial driving licence. Before getting a CDL, it is essential to earn a learner's licence. You get the learner's licence after passing a written examination. For earning a CDL, complete training at a government motor school and clear a driving test.

2. Shadow an experienced driver

To gain more experience, focus on shadowing an experienced driver. An experienced professional might sit with you in the car and help you improve your skills. These professionals can help you learn and understand different techniques to improve your driving abilities.

3. Practise driving

Consider driving a car, truck or bus regularly to feel more confident about your driving skills. While driving, learn the street signs to ensure you follow them when taking the vehicle on the road. Practising more helps you get a better understanding of driving and improve your skill set.

4. Enrol in a driving course

You can join online and offline driving courses to learn more about the techniques of driving commercial vehicles. These courses can keep you updated with the latest traffic rules and regulations and help you discover ways to drive safely. Listing these courses on your resume can help an employer gauge your learning and driving abilities.

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Driving Abilities In The Workplace

Here are some ways you can show your driving skills in the workplace:

Give attention to safety rules and regulations

Following traffic rules and avoiding traffic fines can help you show your driving skills to potential employers. Also, follow any driving best practices recommended by your potential employer. Whether you work for individual clients or corporate clients, employers prefer drivers who value certain safety rules and regulations.

Create a daily routine

Employers expect a driver to complete a certain number of trips each day, so creating a daily schedule or routine is essential. Creating a daily routine helps you deliver packages and pick and drop passengers at the desired destinations. With a routine, you can arrive at your destination on time and ensure you complete all your work duties.

Remain alert

When driving at night, it is essential to stay alert to ensure the safety of the passengers and safe transport of packages. As a driver, staying alert can help you be aware of your surroundings. Usually, alert drivers remain goal-oriented and keep their eyes on the road.

Show patience

A driver requires patience, especially when driving for a long time or when travelling through a traffic jam. As you might encounter frequent traffic changes on the route, being patient help you drive carefully. It helps you stay focussed on your job.

How To Highlight Your Driving Abilities

To show your driving abilities to the potential employer, you can include them in many sections throughout the hiring process. Use these steps to highlight your driving abilities:

1. Highlight your skills on the resume

Focus on including your resumes in various sections. It is essential for your professional summary to show your experience as a driver and how you can apply this skill in your new workplace. You can even mention your skills in the work experience section and list all the relevant duties you completed. If possible, show how your driving abilities helped your previous employer deliver packages on time. You can even mention these skills in the skill section of your resume. Before writing your resume, review the job description and include a few skills mentioned in the description.

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2. Include your skills in the cover letter

See if you can include some of the skills mentioned in the job description in your cover letter. This helps you show potential employers that you have the desired skills. Focus on mentioning how your driving abilities helped you in the previous job roles and how you plan to use them in the future. Use your cover letter as an opportunity to convey a real example of how your skills helped a previous employer achieve their delivery goals.

3. Talk about your skills during an interview

During a job interview, employers want to understand your driving qualification and skills. Talk about any driving abilities you are proud of and share how those skills can help the company achieve their goals. You can even elaborate on how these skills help you stay focused on the road and deliver packages on time. Before attending an interview, prepare for commonly asked questions related to driving.

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