Guide: How To Write An Electrical Engineer Resume Objective

Updated 30 September 2022

When applying for electrical engineering jobs, include a compelling objective statement on your resume that summarises your qualifications, skills and experience and expresses your goals. Including an objective below your contact information is a way to capture the reader's attention and show that you are suitable for the job. Understanding how to write an electrical engineer resume objective can help you enter the engineering field and advance your career. In this article, we define an electrical engineer resume objective, provide some steps and tips for creating one and review some examples for entry-level and experienced professionals.

What Is An Electrical Engineer Resume Objective?

An electrical engineer resume objective is a short statement explaining your professional objective, career goals and why you are applying for a particular position. Your objective includes a statement of your unique skills and perspective you might bring to the job position. It helps in setting the tone of your resume and highlights the critical components of the rest of your resume. Usually, a resume objective is ideal when an electrical engineer is looking for an entry-level job after completing college, returning from a break, changing industries and highlighting specific parts of their resume.

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How To Write An Electrical Engineer Resume Objective

Use these steps to write a resume objective for an electrical engineer:

1. Read the job description

Before writing your resume objective, thoroughly read or go through the job description. This gives you an understanding of what managers want in a suitable candidate. From the job listing, create a list of relevant skills, years of experience and educational qualifications desirable for the job. Also, avoid copying directly from the job description. Instead, explain how you can be an asset and what value you bring with you. For instance, if the role requires familiarity with software, you can discuss it in your objective statement.

2. Mention your relevant experience and skills

As a resume objective is the first thing a hiring manager notices on your resume, creating an interesting objective statement can help you capture their attention. Start your statement by giving details about your most relevant skills, followed by the years you worked in the electrical engineering field. The skills you mention present you as a strong candidate. Include relevant skills and experiences that might be unique and interesting for a hiring manager to read. You might not include your educational qualification unless you are a recent college graduate.

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3. List your career goals

When writing your resume objective, consider your career goals for the next job. Provide your short-term and long-term goals to display your ambitions and why you applied for a particular position. Including your goals gives hiring managers an idea of your desired work environment and passion for the profession. It shows hiring managers you have the motivation to excel in the workplace.

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4. Address the hiring manager's expectations

While an objective statement includes information about your goals and personal skills, show employers what you can provide for the company as an employee. Give details about your ability to meet and exceed expectations. Your ability to meet and surpass job posting standards conveys that you are a strong fit for the position and have read the job description before applying. A resume objective for an electrical engineer can focus on the ability to design circuits and prepare electrical systems.

5. Customise your objective for each application

Adjust your resume objective to fit the job description in each application. Make slight adjustments in your skills and experience in each resume objective. Try customising your statement to fit the job listing's duties, values and goals while sharing only truthful information.

6. Proofread and edit your resume

Concise and grammatically correct writing is essential for showing yourself professionally on the resume. After writing your resume, reread it to eliminate spelling, punctuation and formatting errors. You can request a friend or colleague to read your resume and identify potential mistakes. Focus on using grammar checking software to eliminate minor errors and ensure there is no awkward phrasing.

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Tips For Writing A Resume Objective For An Electrical Engineer

Use these tips to create a resume objective for an electrical engineer:

  • Use action verbs. Using action verbs in your objective statement to describe your skills from previous roles shows employers what value you bring to the job. Try to use verbs such as passionate, detailed-oriented, compassionate, analytical and knowledgeable to make your objective statement interesting.

  • Be honest and accurate. Instead of exaggerating your qualifications and accomplishments, include only truthful and accurate information. This is also important because employers might conduct background checks after the hiring process and providing incorrect information can result in losing the job opportunity.

  • Keep it brief. Limit your resume objective to two sentences. This encourages the hiring manager to read your resume and determine whether you are qualified.

  • Research the company. Besides reviewing the job description, researching helps you identify how your skills and experience align with the company's goals and mission.

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Examples Of Electrical Engineer Resume Objectives

Use these objective resume examples as inspiration when applying for an electrical engineer position:

Resume objectives for recent graduates

Here are a few objective statement examples for recent electrical engineering graduates:

  • Certified electrical engineer with a master's degree in electrical engineering. Seeking an opportunity to apply my knowledge of the electrical engineering process to improve the design of electrical systems and make them more energy-efficient.

  • Aspiring electrical engineer with proven designing and analytical skills seeking to grow my knowledge of controlling electrical equipment and testing procedures. Driven to make workplace changes by providing detail-oriented work.

  • Energetic and competent electrical engineer seeking internship experience in initiating engineering process for design and test plan. Looking to use my skill set and knowledge as an electrical engineer at Trid Electrical Works.

  • Proactive electric engineer proficient in enhancing electrical systems and designs. Seeking an entry-level electrical engineering position to develop electronic components manufacturing processes.

  • Team-oriented and dedicated engineering graduate seeking a position in the electrical engineering sector. Bringing exceptional problem-solving skills and the ability to contribute to every stage of circuit design and resting process.

  • Experienced and motivated electrical engineer looking to develop hardware products. Adept at helping customers and engineers through detail-oriented work.

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Resume objective for experienced professionals

Use these examples for writing resume objectives for experienced electrical engineering professionals:

  • Motivated, experienced and dedicated electrical engineer with 12 years of experience optimising manufacturing processes and creating energy-efficient electrical designs. Looking to work with an electrical engineering company to use my knowledge and bring a revolutionary change to electrical systems.

  • Detailed and passionate electrical engineer with seven years of experience reading and interpreting electrical drawings. Seeking a mid-level electrical engineering position with Sideways Electricals to provide engineering information when needed.

  • Result-driven and detail-oriented electrical engineer with eleven years of experience in electrical designs. Looking for a position to bring my knowledge into designing electrical prototypes and testing them for improvement.

  • Dedicated and motivated individual with electrical engineering knowledge and experience looking for a position with Electric Tech Corporation to ensure efficiency in electrical systems.

  • Result-driven and passionate electrical engineer with five years of experience designing, implementing and testing industrial installations. Searching for a position to use my knowledge in minimising upkeep time and upgrading several installations by identifying potential transmission line faults.

  • Analytical and technical electrical engineer with experience designing, developing and integrating complex software and hardware. Looking for a position to improve the operating efficiency of hardware and software and enhance the client's experience.

  • Certified and energetic professional with four years of experience in resistors and capacitors. Seeking a position with Scott Ltd to utilise my electrical engineering skills.

  • Passionate and detailed-oriented professional with proficiency in electromagnetism, electronics and electricity. Searching for a position with Hajpar Telecommunications Ltd that utilises this knowledge and improves the company's bottom line.

  • A focused electrical engineering professional with excellent time management skills and knowledge of electrical engineering processes looking for an entry-level position to improve proficiency through pre-fabrication and cost-effective circuit design.

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