Engineering Resume For Freshers (With Examples And Tips)

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Updated 12 February 2023

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A resume helps candidates highlight their skills, knowledge and expertise to potential employers. Since freshers are generally recent graduates and may have little or no work experience, a resume is critical for them while applying for jobs. If you are a fresher and preparing to apply for a job, you might benefit from learning how to write a resume and to enter the workforce for the first time. In this article, we discuss the definition of an engineering resume for freshers, explore steps to write a resume for fresh engineering graduates and review a few resume templates and examples.

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What Is An Engineering Resume For Freshers?

An engineering resume for freshers is a professional document that an engineering graduate with limited professional experience can use to show their skills, knowledge and qualifications for a job opening. As a fresh engineering graduate, you may benefit from rearranging your resume's sections to emphasise your training, internships and academic background. Your resume is an important part of your job application when attempting to get your first professional opportunity.

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How To Write A Resume For An Engineering Fresher?

If you are a fresher applying for engineering jobs, here are the steps you can take to write your resume:

1. Do your job research

If you are thinking about sending your resume to a potential employer, ensure you do your research first. It comprises understanding the job description provided by the employer and doing some basic research about the company's work culture, services and business model. Since you get insights into the employer's operations and engineering challenges, you can customise your resume to address those specific details. Hiring managers usually prioritise individuals whose resumes demonstrate a genuine and particular interest in working for their organisation.

As a fresher, you may also want to ensure the company takes applications from those with little or no experience. Recent graduates usually find opportunities that match their engineering syllabus. This often helps show employers how your engineering knowledge can benefit them.

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2. Start with the header

Your resume's heading comes first. It provides the hiring manager with your contact details in a simple way so they may contact you for an interview easily. It is also crucial that your name is readable so that anyone who sees your resume can associate the information with the right person. While you can keep the font size of the body of your resume to 12 or 14 and left-justified, keep your header centre-aligned and comparably in a bigger font size. Consider including the following information in your header:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Contact number

  • Email ID

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3. Write your job objective

An engineer resume objective is a concise one or two-sentence statement that describes you as a competent and enthusiastic applicant. As a fresher, you may benefit from expressing your willingness to utilise your work ethic and recently gained technical abilities in the employer's specific position. Employers usually prefer context while reading the whole resume since it helps them comprehend your career goals. Impressive resume objectives normally include:

  • A description of your work ethic

  • Your primary skills

  • Reference to your qualifications

  • Your aim

4. Outline your educational background

The next component of your resume explains where and when you attended college and the degree you earned. Typically, the educational background comes in the last section of a resume, but your education is your most valuable asset as a fresher. You may include all academic achievements you have had, such as graduating with distinction marks.

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5. Mention your hard and soft skills

Make a separate section to highlight your key skills and competencies. If you have enough skills to show, consider categorising them into groups like technical, soft, hard, or industry-specific skills. Analyse the job description for the position and note every keyword that appears throughout the description. You may include these in your skills section to ensure that your abilities align with the job requirements. Some common skills that are notable for engineers include:

  • Advanced computer skills

  • Technical skills

  • Analytical skills

  • Software knowledge

  • Computational abilities

  • Attention to detail

  • Leadership quality

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Management skills

  • Knowledge of a particular engineering field

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6. Add relevant work experience

Even if you interned or worked part-time, you may have relevant work experience to discuss with your hiring manager. Internships and research projects complement your academic background and demonstrate that you looked for chances to improve your strengths. Consider including the name of the organisation to which you contributed or the company name where you had your internship, the dates of your involvement and the roles you performed. You may include your previous duties that are similar to those mentioned in the job description.

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7. Proofread and revise

Proofreading is the process of thoroughly reviewing a document a few times to find any typos or errors such as spelling, grammar and formatting. It is critical to proofread your resume prior to submitting your application to ensure there are no errors. Sending a resume with zero error emphasises your organisational abilities, which are essential for engineers. To detect the mistakes in your resume, you can also ask a friend, neighbour or mentor to proofread it.

Engineering Resume Template For Freshers

Here is a template you can follow when creating your engineering resume as a fresher:

[Residential address]
[Contact number]
[Email ID]

[Job objective]

[Introduce yourself, explain your qualifications and add content that shows you are a suitable candidate for the position.]


[Title of degree earned]
[Institute name][Attendance dates]
[Academic performance or awards]


  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

[Company or institution]
[Position] [Dates of employment]

  • [Duty]

  • [Duty]

  • [Duty]

Engineering Resume Example For Freshers

Following are the examples of engineering resumes for freshers:

Mechanical Engineer fresher resume example

Abhishek Kumar
06, Sultan Marg
New Delhi
Job objective

Self-organised and detail-oriented fresh graduate with a BTech in mechanical engineering, enthusiastic about contributing knowledge and skills of thermal devices and subsystems to Wavewood Engineering's team.


BTech in Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Institute of Delhi, August 2017-May 2021
79% (Distinction)


  • Skilled in simulation tools

  • Expert in conducting thermal analyses

  • Possess time-management skills

  • Proficient in operating lathes, welding equipment and various pressure-driven equipment


Internship at Tech Institute, May 2020-November 2020

  • Compiled open-source information for machine prototype development

  • Helped with welding and material arrangement and finishing processes

  • Ensured the research lab was neat and hazards free

  • Performed system analyses to examine thermal conditions and identify potential enhancements

Software Engineer fresher resume example

Rohit Kumar
06, Sultan Marg
New Delhi

Job objective
Self-organised and detail-oriented fresh graduate with a BTech in software engineering hoping to get a software developer role in your company to enhance my programming skills, technical knowledge and communication.


  • Front end development

  • Data analysis

  • Server management

  • App development

  • Debugging skills

  • Communication skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Scripting and documentation

BTech in Software Engineering
Engineering Institute of Delhi, July 2017-May 2021
80% (Batch topper)

Technical support intern at Delhi IT Solutions, Jan 2021-July 2021

  • Evaluated client issues and assist them in resolving

  • Dentified software conflicts and reporting to the developer team

  • Assisted clients with new software setup

  • Recorded product feedbacks for further enhancement in the product

Tips For Writing Engineering Resume For Freshers

Following are some additional tips you can consider while writing your resume:

  • Keep your resume to one page. Employers typically accept a lot of resumes during job openings and they may have less time to read long resumes. It is advisable to keep your resume concise and noticeable.

  • Use compatible fonts. Every font is not compatible with every device, software or browser, so consider using Unicode fonts for maximum compatibility. Some common Unicode fonts in English are Arial, Tahoma and Times New Roman.

  • Follow the simple structure. Avoid adding images, charts, graphics or borders in your document when applying for engineering jobs.

  • Create headings for each section. Clear and simple formatting usually makes your resume look impressive and readable. While drafting, create a heading for each section to make it easy to understand.

  • Utilise available space efficiently. Avoid using borders and keep standard or narrow page margins to maximise white space in the document. If you are printing on A4 paper, the default margins in the page layout option provide an appropriate margin.


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