Event Coordinator Resume Skills: Definition And Examples

Updated 30 September 2022

Event coordinators are responsible for planning, directing and managing events. They rely on their organisational and creative abilities to ensure the success of the events they manage. If you are applying for a job as an event coordinator, learning how to highlight your skills in your resume can strengthen your application and improve your chances of securing the role. In this article, we define event coordinator resume skills, provide some examples, discuss how to improve these skills and share some tips for highlighting your skills during your job search.

What Are Event Coordinator Resume Skills?

Event coordinator resume skills are abilities that help event coordinators succeed in their roles. Organisational, planning and interpersonal skills can assist them with performing administrative tasks, managing client expectations and motivating their team. They may also require strong communication and creative thinking abilities.

Examples Of Event Coordinator Resume Skills

If you are planning to apply for an event coordinator job, here are some examples of skills you can list on your resume:

Organisation and planning

One of an event coordinator's most important tasks is to plan and organise events. This requires creating a timeline, budgeting for the event and sourcing and coordinating with vendors. It is their responsibility to ensure that everything is ready on the day of the event.


Event coordinators use their decision-making and analytical skills to assess situations and find solutions when things do not go according to plan. Quick thinking can help them mitigate issues as they arise and ensure events continue to run smoothly. For example, if there is a delay in a certain section of an event, the coordinator can use their decision-making abilities to decide how to proceed without disrupting the schedule too much or running overtime. Additionally, adaptability when making choices is another strong quality that event coordinators often possess.

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Creative thinking

Event coordinators combine creative skills with business-oriented abilities, such as budgeting and planning, to come up with innovative and artistic ideas for events. They also rely on their creativity and inspiration to create the right atmosphere for the event. They might do this by coming up with an interesting theme, gathering materials to create artistic displays or finding talent to perform at the event.

Written communication

Being able to effectively communicate your client's instructions to your team in written documentation, such as memos or emails, can help you to set clear expectations and delegate tasks successfully. Many event coordinators use their writing skills for making supply lists, writing down information and communicating with clients and colleagues. In addition, clear written documentation can ensure that you and your team are able to execute the client's vision without errors.

Time management

Event coordination requires creating a timeline to ensure that everything is ready on the day of the event and that the event itself does not run over schedule. It is important for an event coordinator to manage their time well, coordinate tasks and regularly check in with the team to ensure they are meeting deadlines for critical tasks.

When setting up an event, it may be helpful to keep track of milestones, deadlines and tasks to ensure that there are no delays. Demonstrating that you know how to prioritise and manage time can give potential clients the confidence that you have the capacity to allocate valuable resources properly.


Event coordinators are, by definition, managers because they often hire vendors or performers and organise teams who take on specific roles, such as promoting the event or setting up the day. To be successful in their role, it is important for event coordinators to have strong interpersonal skills and leadership abilities. This helps to facilitate teamwork and ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal.


Event coordinators work closely with their clients and other professionals in the industry. They are constantly building relationships with people to spread awareness about their events and generate business.

A digital approach can often be effective for networking because it allows professionals to connect virtually, typically through networking websites and social media platforms. Sharing content and showcasing your portfolio online can be an excellent way to reach potential clients. Event coordinators may also find success networking in person as this allows them to build rapport with vendors and clients.

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Public speaking

Public speaking is another important skill for event coordinators. During events, they may make announcements to large groups of people. This requires them to plan what they want to say beforehand and address the audience clearly and confidently.

Event coordinators may also host networking events or business conferences. It is important that they understand how to engage their audience, whether in a large or small group setting. Being able to speak in front of diverse audiences demonstrates confidence and authority.

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Proficiency with technology

It is important for event coordinators to be competent with technology. They can use online research skills to keep up with trends, search for event ideas or locate vendors and performers. Knowledge of social media is important for promoting events and engaging with audiences. They might also use email to interact with clients or send event invitations.

Tips For Improving Your Event Coordinator Resume Skills

Here are some tips that might help you improve your skills and succeed at your job:

Work on your networking skills

If you wish to develop your career as an event coordinator, it is important to understand that networking can improve your marketability. For example, if you develop training events for corporate clients, you can use networking and communication skills to find clients that may require event solutions for training their staff members or launching new products. The more time you devote to developing your network, the broader your reach can be.

Focus on communication

You can improve your written communication skills by developing a strong social media presence and using emails and newsletters to generate leads. You can refine your skills in verbal communication by engaging with like-minded people. Rehearsing speeches or volunteering to run meetings can help you become better at public speaking.

Develop your technology skills

Using technology can help you save time by automating tasks or facilitating quick communication with clients and team members. Investing in digital approaches for reaching and contacting clients can help you stay organised and improve your efficiency, which is important for an event coordinator. Digital applications that can help you simplify your work responsibilities include project management applications, automation software and appointment setting programs.

Manage time effectively by staying organised

An event coordinator's job involves maintaining schedules, following up with clients and planning events. As they handle multiple tasks, time management is important for them. To manage their time effectively, event managers often use several tools and techniques, such as setting meeting reminders on their phone or computer and using task management applications.

Ways To Highlight Your Skills

Here are some ways you can show your skills during the job application process:

In your resume

Before applying for an event coordinator job, create a resume that highlights your relevant skills. Give specific examples of how you used these skills in the past. For example, highlight how you used your public speaking skills at a conference or demonstrated leadership in an event coordination position. You may also outline some of your personality traits and describe how they helped you succeed at your job.

In an interview

Good event coordinators are meticulous in their control over the finer details of event planning. When interviewing for potential roles, emphasise how you plan to increase earnings or reach a diverse range of clients. This demonstrates your abilities to think strategically and come up with creative and innovative solutions.

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