How To Write An Executive Assistant Resume (With Template)

Updated 5 March 2023

Executive assistants are administrative professionals who assist the chief executive officer of a business or another person in a similar role. There are multiple steps to get a job as an executive assistant, including writing an effective resume. Understanding how to write a resume for this position can significantly increase your chances of making the shortlist for an interview. In this article, we discuss how to write an executive assistant resume, explore some important skills to include in your resume and provide a template and an example of a resume for an executive assistant role.

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How to write an executive assistant resume

Here are the steps you can follow to write an effective executive assistant resume:

1. Decide on a resume format and layout

The three common resume formats are chronological, functional and combination. A functional resume primarily focuses on your skills rather than your professional background. It is suitable for candidates who have little work experience or a job history that contains gaps and for those switching to a new industry. The chronological format is most common and appropriate for an executive assistant position. This format emphasises work experience and is ideal for candidates with substantial relevant work experience.

The combination format is a hybrid of functional and chronological and equally emphasises skills and experience. Candidates who have extensive work experience and skills relevant to the job can consider this format. Depending on the job description and your work experience, choose a suitable resume format. For the layout, create a one-inch margin on each side of your resume. Select a professional font, such as Times New Roman and Helvetica. Keep the font size 10–12 pt for normal text and 12–14 pt for headings and inline spacing to 1.0 or 1.5.

2. Add your personal details

It is essential to include your contact details in your resume as it helps employers contact you about your application status updates. This section includes your full name, residential address, phone number and email address. Choose a professional email address because an unprofessional one can reduce your chances of making the shortlist. You can also add links to your personal website, portfolio and social media handles if relevant to the position.

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3. Write a summary statement

A summary statement is a three- or four-line paragraph that describes your skills, accomplishments and career objectives. In your statement, write about your experience, primary skills and abilities relevant to the role and why you would be a good fit for this position. Also, customise your summary to the job posting's qualifications and skills. This demonstrates your suitability for the position and may impress the hiring manager.

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4. Describe your work experiences

In this section, provide information about your professional background. Include relevant job titles, company names and job duration. Then, describe your accomplishments and key duties in the bulleted list. This section is crucial for executive assistant job applications as it showcases your abilities, accomplishments and expertise in the field. Be sure that your experiences and accomplishments align with the position's requirements and job description.

5. Include your educational background

Next, add your educational background. Start with the name of the degree, discipline, name of the institution and the years you attended the university. Though it is optional, you can add your marks or honours and any relevant projects or experiences at the university in this section of your resume. This section is important as some employers look for the candidate's particular degrees for an executive assistant position. By highlighting both your education and experience, you can increase the effectiveness of your resume and demonstrate your expertise and suitability for the position.

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6. List relevant skills

Usually, employers look for candidates with a specific skill set that you can find in the job description. Review the job description and identify the skills that the employer is exclusively looking for in a candidate. By including these skills on your resume, you can increase your chances of impressing the hiring manager.

There are two types of skills: hard and soft. Hard skills are abilities and talents you acquire through education or training that a hiring manager can easily quantify. Typically, hard skills are job-specific. Soft skills are more encompassing and less defined and pertain to multiple jobs. List your hard and soft skills separately using subheadings.

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7. Proofread your resume

After completing your resume, review it. Proofreading your resume helps you ensure that everything you mentioned is correct and up to date. Before submitting your application, check for any spelling, grammar and punctuation errors and incorrect details, such as dates and names. Consider asking a friend or family member to review your resume and let you know that your resume includes every important piece of information and is accurate.

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Resume template for an executive assistant

Here is a template for an executive assistant resume you can use to create your own:

[Full name]
[Contact number]
[Email address]


[Two to four sentences emphasising your professional background and skills relevant to the executive assistant position]

Professional experience

[Job title]
[Company name]
[Job location]
[Job duration]


  • [Primary duty or accomplishment]

  • [Primary duty or accomplishment]

  • [Primary duty or accomplishment]

[Job title]
[Company name]
[Job location]
[Job duration]


  • [Primary duty or accomplishment]

  • [Primary duty or accomplishment]

  • [Primary duty or accomplishment]


[Educational degree]
[Institution's name]
[Institution's location]
[Year(s) of attendance]

Soft skills

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

Hard skills

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

Sample resume for an executive assistant position

Here is a sample resume for an executive assistant position you can refer to when creating your own:

Amit Sharma Sonipat, Haryana
+91 88889 88889


Skilled executive assistant with over six years of experience, carrying an impressive professional and educational background, looking to improve efficiency at Access Culture Pvt. Ltd. Good at maintaining schedules, organising, documenting and building a welcoming environment for clients. Saved One Solution 3 crore every year by preventing information loss and reducing client agitation by building a new filing system.

Work experience

Executive assistant
One Solution
April 2018 to Present


  • Managing administrative duties for two executives in a fast-paced global firm

  • Scheduling and optimising appointments to ensure conversion

  • Overseeing expenses, logistics, scheduling and other administrative responsibilities

  • Optimising customer service measures by quickly rerouting emergency service calls

  • Responding immediately to executives' requests for information by collaborating with other internal teams to collect inputs

  • Preparing meeting briefing packages every day

Executive assistant
Global Fund Corporation
August 2015 to March 2018


  • Scheduled daily meetings for the CEO

  • Managed and scheduled monthly calendar

  • Assisted the CEO with project support, data tracking and administrative works

  • Created spreadsheets and used tools to monitor updates and handle accounting duties


Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting Management
Dwarka University, New Delhi
April 2012 to May 2015

Soft skills

  • Logical and analytical thinking

  • Effective communication

  • Problem-solving

  • Time management

  • Attention to detail

Hard skills

  • Database management

  • Spreadsheets

  • File-sharing systems

  • Event planning

  • Calendar management

  • Presentation tools

  • Computer skills

Executive assistant skills you can include in your resume

Here are a few skills you can consider adding to your resume for executive assistant:

Communication skills

An executive assistant's role involves communicating with supervisors, CEOs, employees and clients every day. Effective communication skills, including verbal and written, are necessary for an executive assistant to perform their job efficiently. You can include communication skills in the soft skills section of your resume.

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Technical skills

An executive assistant's job involves working with various software, tools and other technologies to schedule, record information, organise clients' contact details and manage calendars. Thus, employers look for candidates who have the required technical skills and ability to learn and use new and unfamiliar software and technology. You can acquire technical skills through educational courses and training.

Organisational skills

Organisational skills are also important soft skills for an executive assistant role. These professionals regularly manage multiple schedules and tasks, work on various projects in parallel and maintain company information and records. Organisational skills, including multitasking and implementing tools to remain updated on developments, can help them perform their job efficiently.

Networking skills

An executive assistant's duties are similar to those in administrative roles and necessitate excellence in networking. Their roles often involve contacting existing clients to generate new leads. They also network to identify investment opportunities, new product markets and efficient methods of operation. Add networking skills to your resume since it is critical for this position.

Strategic planning skills

Assistants are usually in charge of the ideation, development and execution of a project or task that requires detailed and strategic planning. Executive assistants who skilfully plan events, operations and processes while considering all aspects of the project may have a greater chance of career advancement. Strategic planning includes skills such as attention to detail, patience and problem-solving.

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