How To Write A Fashion Stylist Resume (With Example)

Updated 27 June 2023

A fashion stylist's resume is often a creative take on the conventional resume while also being a document that is formal and professional enough to get noticed by prospective employers. It helps demonstrate your unique talent and expertise to recruiters. Even if you are a fashion stylist who is just starting or someone who is looking to improve their resume to make it more attractive, it is essential that you create a professional one. In this article, we explain what a fashion stylist resume is, detail how to create one and provide a template and example that you can refer.

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How To Write A Fashion Stylist Resume?

Much like any other traditional resume, fashion stylist resumes follow a particular structure of content and details that make them unique. Individuals can use this resume to apply for fashion stylist positions in media, entertainment, public relations and advertising. Unlike resumes in other fields, creative jobs allow for some liberty for the professionals to express their style and aesthetics to secure a job. It is also important to maintain a balance between professionalism and creative vision. Here are the essential items to include when drafting your resume:

1. Provide your contact details

As a fashion stylist, you might want to have a unique order on your resume, but regardless of the structure you choose, the very first section to include is your contact details. At the top of your resume, mention your name, phone number and email ID. It is also wise to provide an alternate contact number if you have one. Ensure that the details you provide are ones where a potential employer can reach you easily.

You can also consider adding your professional title in this section. This is because fashion stylists often work in different segments, usually as stylist specialists, personal stylists or even creative directors. When you mention your professional title, it provides more clarity regarding the level of your mastery and area of expertise. You can also provide a link to some of your work samples so that the employers can learn more about your personal style.

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2. Develop a brand statement

A brand statement differentiates you from the rest of the candidates. Highlighting your personal brand helps you focus on your expertise and talent for prospective employers. Think of your most imperative and unique skills or expertise and put them together in a sentence of fewer than 20 words. Make it compelling and catchy by using active verbs and adjectives to describe your personality.

3. Craft a professional summary

The following section on your resume is a professional summary that is a crisp synopsis of your professional experiences and talent. As this is one of the initial sections of your resume, ensure to make it appealing and intriguing enough for a recruiter to know more about you. In this section, you can also discuss your ambitions to display your plans in this field.

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4. Expand on your work experience

List your jobs in this section, starting with the most recent ones. In addition to the name of the company and the duration of your stint, elaborate on your roles and responsibilities in each of these roles. Review the job description multiple times and mention the relevant keywords in the experience section of your resume. If you previously worked with reputed brands and clients, be sure to mention them.

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5. Mention key skills

In the next section of your resume, highlight your key skills and competencies. You can present them in bullet point format to make them more readable. Ensure to include a combination of both creative and technical skills. For instance, design skills, client management, time management, communication skills and strategic planning skills are examples of skills required for a fashion stylist. Finally, provide some context about your skills with a brief description of your level of proficiency.

6. List your educational background

To be a fashion stylist, having a degree in fashion is not always a prerequisite. Mention your work experience in such a way that it is relevant to the job description, including the workshops and courses you may have taken in the field of fashion to refine your skills. Employers usually prefer candidates who are teachable and consistently invest in their knowledge over the years. Mention the institution you got the degrees from and the duration of the respective qualification.

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7. List relevant awards and accomplishments

If you have received recognition or awards from notable awarding bodies, mention them on your resume. This provides legitimacy to your past work and differentiates you from the other candidates. Companies may prefer candidates who have experience working with global and reputed brands and clients. If there are any celebrities you have styled or prominent agencies you have collaborated with, it is best to include them in this section.

Tips To Develop A Fashion Stylist Resume

Once you know what to include on your resume, there are some tips you can remember to help you create an efficient resume:

  • Be consistent: Maintain consistency throughout your resume. For example, ensure to use the same format across your resume to look clean, organised and uniform.

  • Maintain balance: Although you can use unique fonts on a resume, you might want to create a balance between creativity and simplicity. Therefore, utilise the fonts in such a manner that they are not too distracting or look unprofessional.

  • Keep your points concise: Refrain from writing a lengthy resume. Instead, include only the relevant points and work experience; you can always elaborate on them later during the interview.

  • Proofread your resume: Before sending your resume, proofread it and ensure there are no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or formatting inconsistencies.

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Fashion Stylist Resume Template

Here is a template that you can follow when creating your resume for a fashion stylist role:

[Full name]
[Phone number] | [Professional email address] | [City, State] | [Professional website]

Professional Summary

[Brief summary that mentions your core competencies, work experience and career goals.]

Work Experience
[Job Title], [Start date–End date]
[Company Name], [Location]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

[Job Title], [Start date–End date]
[Company Name], [Location]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]


[Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill]


[Degree earned]

[Institution name], [Graduation year if you graduated within the past three years]


  • [Certification, with date received/renewed]

  • [Certification, with date received/renewed]

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Example Of A Fashion Stylist's Resume

Here is an example resume for a fashion stylist that you can refer to while crafting your own:

Priya Aggarwal
9900009900 | | Mumbai, Maharastra

Professional Summary
Creative, ambitious and scrupulous Fashion Stylist with over six years of experience working for magazines, agencies and international brands. Progressive, determined and imaginative fashion stylist who is proficient at styling celebrities, teaming up with photographers and styling eclectic looks for advertisements and red carpet events. Devotes attention to every minor detail while having broad-minded views regarding the future of fashion and being up-to-date with the latest trends.

Work Experience

Fashion Stylist | April 2018 – Current
Scarllett Magazine | Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Develop photo shoot concepts by utilising merchandising guidance and requests

  • Evaluate the size, colour and fit of clothes for clients to ensure the best fit

  • Style models by cooperating with makeup artists and hair stylists

  • Plan the sets and directed models while working with photographers

  • Participate in high-end photo shoots to promote the accessories and clothes of clients

Assistant Fashion Stylist | January 2016 - March 2018
The Glass Magazine | Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Maintained standards of presentations and helped in merchandising the store

  • Collaborated with designers and design teams to create seasonal lines

  • Created and nurtured professional bonds with existing and new clients, customers and teams


Exceptional communication skills | Collaboration | Efficient in Photoshop | Garment fitting and construction | Pattern making | Multitasking | Time management

Bachelor of Fashion Design, September 2015
National College of Design | Bangalore, Karnataka

Awards and Recognitions

  • Client featured on Grazzia's Best Dressed List, 2021

  • Client featured in Cosmo Chic Style Guide, 2020

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