How To Write A Finance Manager Resume Objective (Examples)

Updated 22 September 2023

A finance manager allocates financial resources and oversees an organisation's financial health. Their duties include budgeting and forecasting, preparing management accounts, cash flow management and auditing. When you apply for the finance manager's position, it is essential that your resume includes a compelling objective, which highlights the strongest key points of your professional journey. In this article, we discuss how to write a finance manager resume objectives, discuss its importance and share some examples.

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How To Write A Finance Manager Resume Objectives?

Follow these tips to write finance manager resume objectives consistent with the presentation, tone and information you provide in your resume:

1. Highlight your best qualities

A finance manager's responsibilities entail managing a wide array of functions and even directing the financial staff. As a result, your resume objective notifies the employer concisely of what you require to offer. To accomplish so, consider explaining your skills and abilities for the role in your career objective. Include your educational credentials and job experience to show your best professional qualities that can secure you the job.

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2. Keep it short

In most cases, the hiring manager is reviewing several resumes all at once. If a candidate writes a lengthy objective statement, the hiring manager may not have enough time to read it. In such a case, the manager may simply opt to disregard the resume entirely. A concise, compelling resume objective is a very effective method to get the recruiter's attention. If it is engaging enough, it is more likely that the hiring manager wants to read on to learn more about the candidate.

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3. Use of appropriate vocabulary

Your career objective may be a small piece of text, but it is the opening for your resume, hence, making it one of the most crucial parts of the document. If it has spelling and grammatical errors throughout, it may give employers the impression that the application was hurried and that you lack attention to detail despite assertions to the contrary.

4. Display positivity

You may want your objective to be favourable in all elements of being a finance manager. The role entails communicating with departments across the organisation and assisting them in managing their budgets and financial planning. Having an optimistic attitude regarding the company's output terms could leave a good impression on how you can take on these duties.

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What Is A Finance Manager Resume Objective?

A resume objective is a written statement produced by a job seeker that is included in the resume. As a finance manager, this brief statement essentially describes your degree of experience, interest and ambitions. Your aim as a finance manager is to plan, manage and execute financial activities and you may want to convey this effectively in your objective.

The hiring manager would benefit from an overview of your resume objective. It gives them an idea about your motives, accomplishments and other relevant facts that can help them determine if you are a good match for the position.

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Why Is It Important To Write A Resume Objective?

Finance managers report to management and stakeholders as an important component of the finance team and give guidance on how the firm and future business choices may be impacted. Such a pivotal role requires a resume that leads with powerful objectives. Here are a few points that explain why a finance manager resume objective is important:

  • The resume objective is frequently the first thing a potential employer sees on your resume.

  • It is their initial impression of you as a candidate that outlines your professional aspirations.

  • Your objective acts as a brief and engaging introduction to your resume that informs hiring managers why they may want to choose you over everyone else.

  • The objective is often placed on your resume after your name and personal information before you begin discussing your education, abilities and experience. It can help capture the recruiter's attention at the beginning and increase the likelihood of them reading the rest of your application.

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What To Include In Your Resume Objective?

A great objective has several aspects that can be incorporated, and knowing these can help you enhance your objective statement. You might want to include the following steps to elevate your finance resume objective:

Hard skills

Mention demonstratable skills in your objective using practical examples from your job history. It is best to include your technical expertise that may be required to accomplish the tasks and responsibilities associated with the job. These are typically assessed through certification, which can assist in demonstrating your competence level.

Soft skills

Soft skills, also known as interpersonal skills, are attributes that reflect a person's personality and characteristics. You may emphasise whatever inherent traits you have, such as an outgoing personality, leadership and empathy. You may also want to include your ability to adapt to a company's work culture, deal with stress, be a quick learner or work under stress and for long hours.


You may want to include your qualifications in your objective to help highlight your expertise for the position. Your qualifications describe your most significant and relevant accomplishments, talents and expertise. It is advisable to list certifications that demonstrate your knowledge.

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Experience history

Include any information that showcases your experience, such as your years in the finance sector and your contribution, in a brief manner. Your objective statement can include one or two of your most notable achievements. You can also include that you hold a certain number of years in the field of finance management and that you would like to apply the skills you obtained from your work experience to the organisation's growth.

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What To Exclude From Your Resume Objective?

Consider excluding the following from your resume objective:

Irrelevant information

While an objective statement aims to emphasise your strengths, it is critical to relate them to the employment role. It is essential to convey recent and relevant information clearly in your objective. Examine your objective statement to see whether it clearly illustrates how your value contributes to the organisation you want to work for.

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A vague objective indicates that you are unsure about the type of work you seek. Employers are concerned with determining whether you are the right person for the position. It is vital to use simple language that demonstrates your ability.

Achievements that are not in your resume

If you wish to include a specific accomplishment or skill in your objective statement, make sure you also include it in your resume. The hiring manager looks for proof of what you mention in your objective statement. If you do not include it in your resume, it may be challenging for a hiring manager to understand your accomplishment in full.

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It is advisable to not exaggerate your accomplishments in your objective. Be straightforward about your professional history. A resume with a defined professional objective reflects the best of your abilities.

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Finance Manager Resume Objective Examples:

These finance manager resume objective examples can assist you in creating a resume that effectively showcases your expertise:

  • Ambitious finance manager with a proven track record of generating exceptional results. Specialises in the field of corporate finance with 10 years of experience in developing suitable financial strategies and contributing to organisational goals.

  • Skilled finance professional with excellent communication skills, proactive in finance optimisation procedures and cost control. Focused on value, company objectives and strategic planning to contribute to the company's performance, growth and profitability.

  • Finance expert with extensive international experience of 20 years working with Green Tech Ltd, possessing excellent leadership and organisational skills in developing finance infrastructures for leading worldwide corporations.

  • Detail-oriented finance manager with over 17 years of experience working with FinTech Corp, primarily in finance and operations management. Possess a broad range of experience in financial planning and corporate finance. Can take on challenging assignments and meet tight deadlines.

  • Highly experienced finance manager with proven competencies in strategic financial planning and operational management. Noted for strong leadership, team building, mentorship and motivational training.

  • An experienced finance manager with 15 years of experience, proficient in enhancing work process productivity and profitability through functional and technological business analyses. Recognised for persistence and the ability to handle the complexities of a fast-paced environment gracefully.

  • Vibrant finance professional with exceptional analytical skills, holding experience of five years in the field of financial management as a collaborative manager. Proficient in working with ERP/accounting systems with the ability to report timely financial data to target audiences.

  • Senior finance manager professional with over 10 years of experience managing financial reporting, consolidation and financial analysis processes for firms, known for strong organisational, analytical and interpersonal skills.

  • A finance manager with in-depth knowledge and expertise in strategising and implementing financial policies including working capital management, internal financial controls and project financing and costing.

  • An adept finance manager with proven experience of optimising profits through financial management, cost savings and productivity enhancement. Fostered fruitful collaborations with internal stakeholders and clients through exceptional communication skills, leading to the achievement of corporate objectives.

  • A highly experienced finance manager with 15 years of working experience in developing strategy, methodology, content and structure. Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to resolve challenging and complex issues while encouraging subordinates to optimise performance.

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