General Resume Objective Examples (With Steps To Write)

Updated 9 April 2023

An objective statement allows you to demonstrate your desire to win the position when creating a resume for a job. Recruiters review this statement to understand your work history and what you have achieved. Reviewing general resume objective examples can help show your skills and experience and encourage recruiters to read your resume. In this article, we explain what resume objective examples are, outline the steps to write an objective or professional summary for your resume and provide some examples you can use as inspiration.

What Are General Resume Objective Examples?

General resume objective examples briefly summarise your experience, work ethic, skills and goals. You can tailor this statement through career stages, from a recent graduate seeking an entry-level position to an experienced individual seeking career advancement. You typically place this statement below the resume header so recruiters can better understand your background before reviewing your work history.

This is the first section a recruiter notices, so writing a compelling statement is beneficial. Use this summary to attract their attention and demonstrate your valuable skills and relevant work experience. As recruiters often review several resumes for a single position, they may check the objective statement to determine if you are a good match before reading the rest of the application.

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How To Write A General Resume Objective Statement?

Follow these steps to write a professional summary or objective statement:

1. Review the job description

The first step towards creating a professional summary is familiarising yourself with the job requirements. Identify the keywords and highlight them using relevant information. Create a summary statement aligning with the job description to outline your suitability for the job.

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2. Add your title to the statement

Include your current role on your resume. As recruiters often hire for various roles, including your current job title reminds them of the role you are seeking. Describing yourself with a job title aligns you with the role and can increase your chances of securing a job.

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3. Describe your skills

Write a comprehensive list of skills and highlight those most relevant to the role in your professional summary. Prioritise skills that the recruiter includes in the job description. Some general skills most recruiters seek include communication, active listening, problem-solving, research and critical thinking.

4. Relate your experience

Use your professional summary to demonstrate your experience. Keep this sentence as short as possible and highlight one or two primary responsibilities of your previous employment. Describe your relevant experience to increase your chances of securing the job. When describing your experience, include action verbs so your objective engages the reader.

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5. Edit your objective for brevity

Your professional summary urges the recruiter to read your full resume and consider your application for a role. As your professional summary is at most two to three sentences, provide a balance between giving enough information and intriguing the reader without taking up too much space. If you write a statement of more than two sentences, consider editing it to share its most crucial aspects with recruiters. Move any other information to the body of your resume.

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General Resume Objective Examples

Here are some examples of professional summaries for various stages of your career:

Professional summaries for entry-level individuals

Here are some professional summaries for entry-level roles:

  • Highly organised and enthusiastic Administrative Assistant with one year of experience in office administration. Seeking a role as an Administrative Assistant to increase parent engagement in school activities and improve students' academic performance.

  • Entry-level Bookkeeper with internship experience in accounting, reporting, budgeting and preparing financial documents. Seeking a financial position where knowledge of accounting software, financial documentation and organisations helps improve profitability.

  • Organised and motivated Cashier with solid communication skills and close attention to detail. Seeking a position where I can positively interact with customers while ensuring accuracy in the job.

  • Entry-level Retail Executive with excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Looking for an entry-level position to expand my digital marketing abilities and gain work experience in creating brand strategies.

  • Performance-driven human resources professional seeking a position where I can apply my human resources, planning and organisation skills.

  • Creative thinker and digital marketing expert looking for a position as a Content Marketing Executive to apply skills in digital marketing strategies, metrics and analytics. Seeking a position where I can streamline the campaign process and improve strategy performance.

  • Highly organised Counsellor with excellent communication skills. Seeking a seasonal position where I can supervise children and ensure they follow the correct protocols.

  • Communicative customer service professional looking for a position as an Airline Attendant where I can help customers feel safe during flights and provide excellent service.

  • Recent graduate with a master's degree in human resources. Seeking a position to gain experience implementing company policies, hiring new candidates, managing payroll and resolving workplace issues.

  • Motivated and critically thinking marketing professional with a master's degree in marketing communication, looking to enhance a company's brand awareness by creating social media content to engage and retain consumers.

  • Hardworking computer science student looking for an entry-level position as a Software Engineer where I can contribute to the business's success while gaining experience in a professional working environment.

  • Recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in finance. Seeking an internship to build finance knowledge in calculating profit and loss and validating business viability.

  • Recent graduate with a master's degree in finance and accounting. Seeking a full-time job within a financial institution to gain experience managing clients' assets and portfolios.

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Objective statements for mid-level professionals

Here are some examples of professional summaries for mid-level individuals:

  • Motivated and driven Educator with five years of experience as an Elementary School Teacher. Seeking a position to advance my career to an administrative position to make decisions that benefit students positively.

  • Experienced veterinary professional with five years of experience working with small animals and reptiles, seeking a position in a veterinary hospital where I can work with large animals.

  • Chef with six years of experience preparing tasty and innovative recipes for high-end hotels. Seeking a position as a Head Cook where I can create delicious and high-quality recipes for patrons.

  • Restaurant Assistant Manager with four years of experience serving high-end hotels and fine dining establishments. Seeking a position to progress to restaurant manager where I can support restaurant staff and ensure that customers receive high-quality service.

  • Accountant with five years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping. Seeking to secure a position as a Head Accountant to ensure accuracy in accounting procedures and maintain compliance with government rules and regulations.

  • Hotel Receptionist with experience in increasing office efficiency, organising digital file systems and providing superior customer service to clients. Seeking a position that uses my management skills as an office administrator to enhance customer service and team performance.

  • Compassionate and friendly childcare provider with certification in early childhood development and meaningful lessons through engaging activities. Seeking a position where I can care for and teach preschool children.

  • Resourceful and detailed-oriented sales representatives with in-depth knowledge of traditional and online sales strategies. Seeking a position where I can contribute exceptional attention to detail and analytical and communication skills to increase customer engagement, loyalty and sales revenue.

  • Dynamic and motivated Maths Instructor seeking a position as a Senior Maths Teacher. Excellent knowledge of post-secondary instructional methods and superior leadership, technology and communication skills to ensure the students achieve academic goals.

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Professional summaries for a career change

Here are some examples of objective statements for professionals wanting to switch careers:

  • Highly motivated, people-centric and energetic customer service representative with ten years of experience in the retail industry. Seeking a position to expand my skill set by working in a sales role.

  • Motivated and organised team player with three years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Seeking a senior-level position where I can use my technical knowledge and collaboration skills to maximise the production efficiency of the manufacturing plant.

  • Detail-oriented and motivated Content Writer with four years of experience in content writing and editing. Looking to transfer to the information technology (IT) industry to create innovative and creative software and hardware.

  • Filmmaker with experience in directing and producing more than 10 films, looking to use my editing skills and marketing knowledge to manage a company's marketing strategies.

  • Software Architect with five years of experience designing and building software architecture. Seeking a position where I can enter the sales field to provide customers with high-performing technology and services.

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