How To Write A Gym Trainer Resume (With Template And Example)

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Updated 15 November 2022

Published 15 November 2021

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Gym trainer helps their clients achieve fitness and health goals. If you have a passion for making life healthier for others, you can use a well-formatted resume to get hired for a desirable job as a gym trainer. A strong resume that highlights your skills, experience and education can help in enhancing your career, so it is essential to understand how to write one. In this article, we discuss what a gym trainer resume is, understand how to write a trainer's resume and explore a template and example to help you write your resume.

What Is A Gym Trainer Resume?

A gym trainer resume is a professional document that lists a gym trainer's skills, experience and educational qualifications. The resume showcases whether you are an entry-level gym trainer or have prior experience in a similar role. When planning to work as a gym or fitness trainer, it is essential to have skills in stretching, exercising, nutrition, usage of gym equipment, first-aid training and human anatomy.

In your resume, mentioning a skill set relevant to the job description can make your resume applicant tracking system compliant and ensure you get hired for a desirable job. Creating an interesting resume is essential as it leaves a positive impression on potential employers and makes you a suitable candidate.

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How To Write A Gym Trainer Resume

To write resumes that stand out, follow these steps:

1. Review the job description

Start writing your resume by reviewing the job description. Edit your resume to align it with the desired roles and responsibilities for every job opening you want to apply. This is important because employers prefer hiring candidates who understand what a job entails. You can pick keywords from the job description and add them to your resume to make it searchable.

2. Include your contact information

Place your contact information at the top of your resume. Placing it at a place where it is easily visible makes it easier for employers to contact you. Include your full name, city, state, phone number and email address. Also, to make your resume stand out, use a different font size than the rest.


Suman Pahwa
Flat no–215, Vasundhra apartments, Vasundhara Enclave
New Delhi – 110065

3. Write a resume objective or summary

A resume objective or summary is a two- or three-line statement that introduces you, gives details about your skills and helps an employer understand why you want to work with the company. It can include a brief reference to your experience, skills and professional goals. Wherever possible, use actions words like “diligent”, “inspired”, “motivated” and “hard-working” to make your resume enjoyable to read.

Example: A certified professional trainer with volunteering experience working in a commercial gym. Looking for an opportunity to take the next step in my career. A diligent, patient and capable individual who can inspire others to remain healthy.

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4. Show your experience

After your brief introduction, mention your most recent work experience first. Do not forget to include the employer's name, your designation, the time you worked and critical responsibilities in the job role. Focus on making the job responsibilities impactful by quantifying responsibilities and achievement. Also, it is essential to use some action and result-oriented words.


  • Contributed to a 45% increase in customer base

  • Received 20+ thank you notes from customers who achieved their fitness goal

  • Provided nutrition counselling

  • Conduct one-to-one fitness goals for every gymnasium client

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5. Mention your qualification

Next, mention your educational qualification starting in reverse-chronological order, starting with the most recent. If you have a degree in personal training, highlight it to increase your chances of getting hired for a gym trainer job. Also, mention the name of the educational program you completed along with the school and degree name. Focus on providing the start date and end date of your program. If you have any awards and accolades during your education, mention them in your resume.


Certified personal trainer
Training Education Centre
March 2019–April 2020

BA Physical Education
Hanumanpur College of Arts
June 2016–February 2019

  • Gold medalist

  • Received the award for best student of the year

6. Highlight your skills

Use this section to list skills that are relevant to your career as a gym trainer. To highlight your most relevant skills, use bullet points to showcase employers what makes you a distinctive candidate from others. Also, keep all the bullet points short to make your resume scannable. This provides clarity and makes your resume easier to read.


  • Knowledge of healthy BMI statistics

  • Group fitness instruction

  • Customised exercising and meal plans

  • Cardiovascular and endurance training

  • Strength training

  • Nutrition counselling

7. Mention awards, achievements and activities

Focus on mentioning the awards and achievements you received in your career, especially in the fitness-related profession. Mentioning your awards and achievements makes you a suitable candidate for a job role. You can also focus on mentioning activities you perform outside your working hours. Some activities can include sports and athletics, artistic endeavours and club or social groups. Sharing your activities can help an employer understand your values and convince them to hire you for their company.


  • Won the best award for physical fitness, 2020

  • Volunteer five hours per week with children to improve their nutrition

  • Coordinated with the government agency to promote the physical well-being of the client

8. Proofread and revise

Once your initial draft is complete, focus on proofreading your resume carefully to make it free from error. The presence of typos and grammatical errors in your resume reduces your chances of getting hired. Use online proofreading and grammatical software to remove any errors from the resume. Before sending your resume to a potential employer, take a printout and read the content aloud. By reading your resume aloud, you can identify mistakes you missed earlier.

9. Streamline your resume

After writing all significant components of your resume, focus on working on presentability. To make your resume look professional, focus on choosing fonts that are easier to read, use consistent font and formatting across each section and align your bullet points thoroughly. You can even focus on taking advantage of unique style choices like bold fonts or italics whenever necessary. This can make your resume presentable and increase the chances of getting hired.

Template For Creating A Fitness Trainer Resume

Use this template for your reference when creating your gym trainer professional profile:

[Your first and last name]
[Your address]
[Your phone number]
[Your email address]

[One to three sentences briefly describing your skill, qualification, career goals and experience]

Work experience
[Job title]
[Company's name]
[Company's location]
[Dates worked]
[Two to four key responsibilities]

[Name of institution and location]
[Dates attended]
[Use bullet points to list any awards won]

[Mention a few relevant gym trainer skills]

[Use bullet points to list any certification you earned and membership you enrolled]

[Scholarship or awards in competitive exams]

Example Of Fitness Trainer Resume

Here is an example of a resume for a gym trainer to take inspiration from:

Honey Kwatra
Block P, Lane 5, House number 109
Shastri Marg New Delhi 110047


Motivated, disciplined and certified gym trainer with six years of experience in weight management and bodybuilding. Skilled in helping clients reach exercise goals and capable of delivering high-energy training using the latest techniques in strength training and cardio programs.

Work experience

Senior gym trainer
October 2017- Present
Manchanda Fitness Regime

  • Received thank you notes from customers for reaching their fitness goals

  • Exceeded sales target by 35% per quarter and helped in growing the profit margin by 15% annually

  • Directed numerous presentations on exercise modalities and healthy nutrition plans.

  • Persuaded existing and new clients to purchase additional fitness packages and products

Junior gym trainer
July 2015–September 2017
Kheta Group of Parks and Recreations Centre

  • Prepared and delivered comprehensive fitness program based on client's goal

  • Custom designed nutrition plans and exercise regimes to help clients reduce their weight

  • Built a strong client base with 95% repeat business

  • Created promotional training packages to ensure the growth of customers


BA Physical Education
Shalimar University, Gulmohar Villa
May 2015-April 2018


  • Expert knowledge of nutrition

  • Strong leadership and communication skills

  • Ability to motivate others to achieve their goals

  • Ability to understand a customer's psychology to tailor weight loss and enhance client retention

  • Fluent in Japanese and Italian


  • Won first prize in the All-North India Bodybuilding Contest, 2018

  • Earned a five-lakh scholarship in 2017


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