How To Write a Resume Summary (With 30 Examples)

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Updated 20 September 2022

Published 26 June 2021

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When applying for a job, it is important to present the employers with a comprehensive resume that showcases your qualification. Starting with a well-written resume summary that introduces you and your abilities is helpful. Knowing how to write a resume summary can help you capture the employer's attention. In this article, we will discuss what a resume summary is, the benefits of including one and how to write a resume summary with examples.

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What Is A Resume Summary?

A resume summary is a short professional introduction at the top of your resume that highlights your skills, qualifications and experience. Including a two-to three-sentence summary makes it easier for your potential employers to decide if they should read the rest of your resume. It showcases some of your key points and strengths and provides a solid picture of your qualifications to the employer.

Do I Need A Summary On My Resume?

When writing your resume, it is good practice to include a summary statement because it helps you get noticed faster by employers, allows you to include keywords from the job description and lets you showcase your core strengths and skills. Furthermore, if you have extensive experience, your resume may seem overloaded with information. A summary statement can help reduce the complexity as it helps describe your skills and experience in a few lines.

How To Write A Resume Summary

Here is how to write a resume summary that will catch the attention of employers:

1. Mention your professional title and experience

The first sentence of a summary statement should always describe your professional title and years of experience. It helps in conveying your professional identity to the employer. Try to start the summary by using adjectives for yourself. Words like "accomplished", "trained", "result-oriented", "passionate" or "motivated" help you showcase your personality to the employer.

Example: Motivated and result-oriented project manager with five years of experience.

2. Describe your most relevant skills and experience

You should mention the most relevant skills and experience depending on the job you are applying for. You can include soft skills, technical skills and your professional achievements. Use keywords from the job description to showcase that your experience aligns with the requirements of the job.

Example: Motivated and result-oriented project manager with five years of experience in planning, monitoring and controlling projects to closure.

3. Translate each achievement into numbers

Try to include some quantifiable data in your professional summary. For example, you can use percentage numbers or impressive sales figures. This gives the potential employer an idea about your performance in the previous job. Furthermore, you can even mention an award you previously won.

Example: Achieved 87% of the sales target for seven consecutive years.

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What Is A Good Summary For A Resume With Little Experience?

A good summary for a candidate with little or no experience primarily focuses on their volunteering, academic and extracurricular activities. For example, if you held a leadership role in your college, you can mention your leadership qualities and teamwork abilities.

Example: Analytical and proactive finance graduate with internship experience in using accounting software and reconciling balance sheets at the end of each financial year. Reduced errors in accounting inventories and saved ₹20,000 for a client.

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Resume Summary Examples

Here are some resume summary examples with different types of qualification and experience. Use these examples as inspiration when creating your own:

For sales professionals

  • Customer-focussed sales manager with more than 11 years of experience in the electronics industry. Proven track record of establishing new sales territories and building bonds to strengthen business commitments.

  • Result-oriented sales professional with five years of experience in B2B sales. History of achieving 90% of monthly sales target, increasing profit and managing large customer accounts. Four-time recipient of B2B Sales Award for Excellence.

  • Enthusiastic and dedicated insurance salesperson with a passion for educating customers on insurance policies. Increased the insurance sales by 35% by refining sales strategies.

For human resources (HR) professionals

  • HR generalist with six years of experience managing employee hiring, onboarding, performance management and employee benefits. Experienced at implementing strategies, systems and policies that positively impacted the employee's morale.

  • Highly competent and motivated HR manager with a proven track record of implementing employee retention strategies. Boosted retention by 20% and increased employee training participation by 25%.

  • Highly trained and certified HR executive with three years of experience in strategically planning HR initiatives that increased employee engagement by 30%. Expertise and knowledge of labour laws and possess influencing and coaching skills.

For professionals working in the retail sector

  • Hardworking and highly organised cashier with one year of experience in providing efficient and quick services to the customers. Proven history of maintaining a welcoming environment and remaining patient in stressful situations.

  • Intuitive and organised merchandiser with six years of experience in increasing sales by creating innovative promotional and advertising campaigns. Boosted foot traffic by 25% by organising the products based on popularity and price.

  • Self-motivated and courteous store manager with two years of experience boosting foot traffic and sales by fostering a friendly and welcoming store experience. Adept at developing practical solutions, leading a team and providing excellent customer service in a fast-paced retail environment.

For nursing professionals

  • Well-organised and patient focussed nurse with eight years of experience in the cardiology department. Expert at recommending changes in patient care based on the observation and patient's need. Honoured with Most Valuable Employee four times in a row.

  • Motivated, empathetic and patient-oriented neonatal nurse with more than nine years of experience serving newborn infants in the NICU. Expert at providing round the clock care to severely ill and premature infants and capable of comforting and offering support to anxious parents.

  • Energetic registered nurse with two years of experience working in the ICU and CCU. Reduced the recovery time of critically ill patients by 20% through specialised training in post-operative recovery.

For entry-level professionals

  • Dedicated MBA marketing student with proven academic success. Experienced in building innovative social media campaigns for local schools. Passionate about creating marketing strategies. Helped the business school increase its digital footprints by 35% in six months.

  • Self-motivated and enthusiastic mechanical engineering graduate with internship experience in the automobile sector. Strong interpersonal, people and leadership skills.

  • Recent graduate of literature program with internship and freelance experience in editing and proofreading. Adept and skilled at applying different style guides (AP, APA, Chicago, MLA).

For legal professionals

  • Highly skilled and experienced paralegal with five years of litigation experience and a background in personal injury law. Assisted in standardising the billing practices of a law firm that contributed to a 20% increase in profitability.

  • Result-driven lawyer with over seven years of experience in ensuring the legality of commercial transactions. Achieved advantageous settlements in 85% of the cases.

  • Highly organised and compassionate personal injury paralegal with 11 years of experience in witness preparation, client interview and settlement preparation.

For teaching professionals

  • Flexible and conscientious high secondary English teacher with 15 years of experience providing an innovative learning environment. Increased the pass percentage of the school from 85% to 98% in two years. Well-versed in using empathy and social skills to manage student's behaviour.

  • Friendly and compassionate elementary school teacher with one year of experience instructing class size up to 20. Created activities that enhanced the mathematical abilities and literacy of the students.

  • Dedicated and self-motivated physics tutor with over seven years of experience and a 90% success rate in preparing students for engineering entrance exams. Capable of identifying the individual student's learning style to create an educational plan to meet their needs.

For marketing professionals

  • Tech-savvy and data-driven digital marketing manager with five years of experience building a strong social media fan following and driving traffic to the website. Implemented marketing strategies that increased the fan base by 25% and resulted in 30% more website traffic.

  • Efficient and skilled social media specialist with in-depth knowledge of social media analytics. Experienced at monitoring SEO and user engagement and suggesting content optimisation to increase online visibility and reach.

  • Detailed-oriented and passionate performance marketer with four years of experience in calculating and monitoring KPIs and growing customer base by 30%.

For business analysts

  • Experienced and solution-driven business analyst with three years of experience boosting the company's profitability by 40% for retail stores.

  • Highly trained and qualified business analyst professional with eight years of experience analysing business operations and supporting business solution software. Achieved 20% saving in cost by identifying and reconciling errors in client data.

  • Motivated business analyst with nine years of experience in the medical supplies and equipment industry. Achieved 30% saving in inventory purchase after analysing fast-moving products of the company.

For food service professionals

  • Friendly and polite waitress with four years of experience providing excellent customer service during lunch and dinner services. Capable of organising seating and reservations to enhance the workflow.

  • Skilled and creative cook with two years of experience cooking Spanish and Italian dishes. Increased restaurant rating from 4.2 to 4.9 on a scale of five by introducing new dishes.

  • Result-oriented restaurant general manager with four years of experience in restaurant and bar supervision. Helped the restaurant achieve the Best Restaurant Award for Families.


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