How To Write A Computer Science Resume Objective In 7 Steps

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Updated 30 September 2022

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Including an objective in your resume could help you strengthen your applications and find an employer who supports your career goals. When applying for jobs in computer science, it is beneficial to craft a resume objective that highlights your technical knowledge and explains how you would like to grow your career. Understanding how to write a suitable objective could help you refine your job search and connect with the most appropriate employers. In this article, we explain what a computer science resume objective is, outline how to write a computer science resume objective in seven steps and share 18 examples.

What Is A Computer Science Resume Objective?

A computer science resume objective is an optional section of a computer science resume that defines your career goals and highlights what you hope to achieve in a new position. Many employers prefer to hire individuals who are goal-oriented and ambitious, and you could showcase your work ethic by including a concise resume objective. Your objective could also be an opportunity to highlight some of your most important qualifications. For example, many professionals choose to showcase their expertise, so you might mention skills like:

  • Programming languages

  • Troubleshooting

  • Coding

  • Research

  • Installation

  • Customer support

  • Software engineering

  • Testing

  • Machine learning

  • Teamwork

  • Innovation

  • Problem-solving

  • Data analysis

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How To Write A Computer Science Resume Objective

Below are seven steps describing how to write a computer science resume objective:

1. Study the job description

It is important to learn what the employer wants so you can draft a resume objective that aligns with their goals for the position. Review the job advertisement and note any keywords that you could include in your objective. If the organisation states they are seeking a developer who is fluent in Python and has leadership capabilities, you might mention holding a Python certification and state that you hope to advance to a managerial role in the future.

2. Learn more about the employer

Researching the company could help you craft a resume objective that aligns with the organisation's mission, values and style. Consider reading information on the company website and exploring the biographies of senior employees to understand what type of computer science professional they typically hire. While it is important to write an objective that is honest and personal, customising your objective to reflect the individual employer could increase your chances of succeeding in a scan using an applicant tracking system.

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3. Focus on what makes you different

If your resume objective sounds the same as other candidates’, it is possible that the hiring manager may move past your application without noticing you. Try to be specific and personal in your resume objective, highlighting capabilities and interests that may help you stand out from the competition. Allowing your statement to reflect your personality may make your resume more unique and memorable.

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4. Draft one or two sentences describing your goals and background

Begin writing your resume objective, remembering to reflect the employer's requirements and your specific skill set. Resume objectives are typically brief, usually comprising one or two sentences. It could be beneficial to use one sentence to describe your expertise and experience and a second sentence to outline your ambitions. This may help you prepare a balanced statement that highlights your most impressive traits while also focusing on the future.

5. Position it in your resume

An objective typically appears near the top of a resume beneath your contact information and before your work experience section. Many professionals use an objective instead of a professional summary to better communicate their career goals. A professional objective may be more effective than a professional summary if you are at the beginning of your career and have minimal work experience. For example, including a concise career objective in a resume for a fresher in computer science might help employers understand the specialisation they plan to pursue and visualise their career after university.

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6. Focus on the future

Companies may want to hire someone who can devote themselves to the company and stay in the position for some time. While it can be beneficial to express a desire to advance in your career, it could also be helpful to express a sincere interest in the role you are applying for. For example, you could mention that you want to expand your coding skills and reach a personal milestone of creating at least 100 websites, which implies an intention to stay in the position.

7. Proofread your objective

As with any element on your resume, it is important to review your objective carefully before submitting the document to a potential employer. Ensure that your grammar and spelling are correct and look for opportunities to strengthen your word choice. Because your resume objective is only a couple of sentences, using precise language can help you communicate your meaning more concisely.

Tips For Writing A Computer Science Resume Objective

Below are two tips that may help you create an effective objective for your resume:

Mention only your most impressive skills

Remember that you can list all your computer science capabilities in the skills section. Rather than trying to include every relevant skill you possess in your objective, focus on capabilities that align with the job advertisement and distinguish you from other candidates. Choosing one or two highly relevant traits to highlight in your objective might encourage the hiring manager to read the rest of your resume more carefully.

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Demonstrate the value you bring

Most organisations want to hire candidates who can help them increase their profits and improve their output. Try to communicate the ways you could strengthen the team and help the company achieve its goals. You could consider mentioning how you have supported previous employers or noting recognition you have earned for your contributions.

18 Computer Science Resume Objective Examples

Below are 18 examples of resume objectives that you could use as inspiration when writing your own:

  1. Cloud engineers seeking a position with an agile team hoping to secure their data using a lightweight, adaptable solution. Expert at troubleshooting applications and programs and helping employees understand and use cloud systems.

  2. Recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in computer science. Searching for an established IT firm like Associated Data, LLC where I can work as a support desk agent.

  3. Computer science student seeking an internship where I can practise my coding skills and advance towards a career as a full-stack developer.

  4. Calm, analytical computer science professional seeking a job as a site reliability engineer to help organisations prepare for unexpected outages and minimise downtime. Helped previous employer reduce mean time to repair by 11%.

  5. Recent graduated in computer science looking to start my career in software development at a start-up like CGE. Earned a 98% average in computer science courses and completed an IT internship with a 4/4 rating from the chief technology officer.

  6. Experienced computer science professional aiming to join NextGen Telecom as an IT security officer to create secure protocols and monitor for threats.

  7. Recent computer science graduate with three years of data management experience. I desire a cybersecurity position at a growing company where I can help to protect its most important assets.

  8. A talented computer programmer who wants to help Rajpath Games develop the newest and most exciting video games. Creative and collaborative, I am hoping to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

  9. Back-end developer with experience building sophisticated programs for growing tech companies. Seeking a position where I can troubleshoot and repair software with a high degree of accuracy.

  10. Dedicated and passionate, I do not give up on a problem until I have solved it. Searching for work as a computer repair technician.

  11. Machine learning engineer with 10+ years of experience who wants to join Innovation Industries and help develop their latest AI software.

  12. Detail-oriented data engineer with a strong passion for finding the meaning behind numbers. I would love to join Apex Industries in the lead data engineer position to advance their data analysis capabilities.

  13. Recent graduate with a strong passion for software development. Joining Mountaintop Software as a junior software developer would allow me to learn from more experienced developers and commit to growing an arsenal of functional programs.

  14. Self-taught mobile application developer who has created over 20 unique apps and knows Python and Java. I would like to join Riverbend Online to gain experience and grow as a developer.

  15. IT project manager with six years of experience helping adaptable and efficient teams meet their goals. Seeking a role where I can oversee large-scale projects, and manage resources and timelines.

  16. Customer support agent eager to blend my expert communication skills with my comprehensive understanding of Rogue Excellence Technologies' programs to help customers operate their systems effectively.

  17. Systems engineer adept at installation, configuration and evaluation of systems to optimise large organisations' infrastructure. Hoping to join an expanding company like Pradesh Technical Enterprises to help it scale, test and repair its systems.

  18. Experienced and certified DevOps engineer with seven years experience helping clients in the financial industry implement modern technology while minimising the risk of data loss. Looking for work on the DevOps team of a global organisation with whom I can grow my career.

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