How To Write A Fresher Resume For Banking Jobs In 7 Steps

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Updated 24 February 2023

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Banking is a suitable profession for various finance and accounting professionals and there are a wide variety of entry-level jobs, each of which requires a unique skill, goal and background. When applying for a banking job, your resume can help make an impact as it shows your relevant skills and qualification to potential employers. If you are a fresher searching for an entry-level job, learning how to write a resume that shows your skills and educational qualification is beneficial.

In this article, we discuss what a fresher resume for banking jobs is, learn how to write a fresher resume for banking jobs, explore some resume writing tips and provide a template and two examples of resumes for a banking job.

How To Write A Fresher Resume For Banking Jobs

To understand how to write a fresher resume for banking jobs, follow these steps:

1. Mention your contact information

Your contact information is the first thing an employer notices and helps them contact you for a suitable job position. Include your contact information in your resume's header. You can include your full name, location, telephone number and email address. After writing your contact information, cross-verify it for accuracy because employers might contact you for queries.


Ritwik Sharma 9890356178 | New Delhi |

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2. Write your professional summary

Your professional summary is a statement you add after your contact information. It gives information about your qualities and educational background and is usually between two to three sentences. It might be good to review the job description and include a few keywords in your professional summary.

Example: Recent MBA finance graduate with a passion for learning new financial concepts to join the banking sector as a relationship manager. Adept at handling work pressure and customer issues. Received the Best Intern Award in 2022 and is confident in the ability to promote excellence within the banking sector.

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3. List your hard and soft skills

Use a separate section to include your hard and soft skills. If you have no internship experience, consider breaking it into different categories, such as technical, soft, hard or industry-related skills. Review the job description and include the skills mentioned in it. List as many relevant skills as possible in this section and organically distribute them to the other sections. This shows employers you are the best fit for a job role.


Cash management| Cash handling and mathematics | Conflict resolution | Planning and organisation | Fostering communication | Computer skills | Attention to detail | Ability to sell financial services | Managing client account information

4. Include your educational qualifications

Use this section to include your academic qualifications and courses you took during your school or college to enter the field of banking. Include the title of the academic institution you attended, the degree you earned and the graduation date. Another great way to strengthen your resume is to list any relevant association, languages, volunteer experience, certifications and credentials that you believe can make you a valuable fit for the job role.


B. Com (H)|Maharaj College of Commerce and Arts
March 2022

5. Elaborate on internships you completed

As you are a fresher, you might not have any professional experience. This section can play a vital role in deciding your candidature. Include details about the relevant internships you completed during your degree program. Include the bank's name you worked and the job duties you completed.


Banking Intern
Surya Bank | Delhi | Dec. 2021–Feb. 2022

  • Paid money from a customer's saving account upon verification of signatures.

  • Sold different banking services to potential customers.

  • Received payment from loans and ensured that payments equalled the amount due and ensured collection of all late charges.

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6. Include awards and achievements you earned

Mention awards or achievements that help you work in a suitable banking job. For example, a high GPA or academic award can show your work ethic and show that you are likely to be a valuable addition to the team.


Won the ‘Best Outgoing Student' award in 2021

7. Proofread your resume

The last step in writing your fresher's resume is proofreading it to ensure it is free from grammatical and spelling errors. You can read your resume aloud or give it to a friend and family member to proofread. This helps you identify potential inconsistencies, ensuring your resume highlights features that make you a suitable candidate for the job position.

Tips For Writing A Fresher Resume For Banking Jobs

Here are a few tips to follow when writing a fresher resume for banking jobs:

  • Keep your resume to one page. One-page resume is sufficient to provide relevant and meaningful information to the employer. Focus on keeping your resume direct and clear.

  • Highlight your willingness to learn. Using your resume showcase your willingness to learn new things because it helps you differentiate yourself from other candidates. Highlighting scholarships and the exceptional grades you earned in school is an excellent way to showcase that you are ready to learn new things.

  • Choose a simple resume format. Focus on using a template that makes your resume scannable and presentable. A simple resume format communicates the desired information without distracting the reader with unwanted elements.

  • Include a miscellaneous section. A miscellaneous section can include various languages you are proficient in and some important accomplishments. Include this section only if you have space leftover on your resume.

Why Using A Fresher Resume Template Is Essential For A Banking Job

It is essential to use a resume template when applying for a fresher banking job because it tells you the information you can include in a banking professional's resume. The template helps you focus on including skills that can help you get a positive response from employers. You can use a template to know the steps required for preparing a compelling resume.

Template For Fresher Resume For Banking Jobs

Here is a template you can use to build your fresher resume for banking jobs:

[Your first and last name]
[Location] | [Your phone number] |[Your email address]

Professional summary

[Introduce yourself, provide your educational qualification and list relevant skills or content that make you a suitable candidate for a job role.]


[Relevant skills] | [Relevant skills] | [Relevant skills] | [Relevant skills]

Educational background

[Name of the degree]
[Name of institution] | [Location] |[Date of graduation]


[Job title]
[Company's name] | [Company's location]
[Dates worked]

  • [Include details about the responsibilities and relevant duties.]

Awards and achievements

  • [Use a bulleted list to highlight any awards or achievements.]

Example Of A Bank Teller Resume With No Experience

Use this resume example to create one that differentiates you from the hiring manager:

Rahul Tiwari

8766598018 | New Delhi |

Professional summary

Talented finance graduate adept at processing customer transactions and maintaining a balanced cash drawer with accuracy. Have exceptional customer service skills and an outstanding aptitude for managing and balancing a variety of financial transactions in a fast-paced work environment.


Cash management | Word processor | spreadsheet software | Cash drawer balancing | Cash handling skills | Analytical and critical thinking |Client relationship management

Educational background

BBA in Finance
Mahagyansagar Institute of Commerce | Pune | March 2022


Banking intern
Bank of Pune | Pune | Dec. 2021–Feb. 2022

  • Ensured customer satisfaction with patience and a positive attitude.

  • Assisted the bank manager with audits and daily vault balanced.

  • Promoted the bank's products and services.

Awards and achievements

  • Gold medallist in BBA Finance with a GPA of 4.6/5.

  • Awarded the "Best Outgoing Student of the Year" award in 2022.

Example Of A Banking Associate Resume With No Experience

Use this example when creating a fresher's resume for a banking associate job:

Piyush Gupta 9890546175 | New Delhi |

Professional summary

Hardworking, motivated and personable finance and accounting graduate with exceptional communication, sales and organisational skills. Committed to exceeding customer expectations throughout the entire sales process.


Sales | Customer service | Detailed-oriented | Research | Analysis | Time management

Educational background

B.Com (H)
Mahagyansagar Institute of Commerce | Bhopal | April 2022


Summer intern
Bank of Bhopal | Bhopal | June. 2021–Aug. 2021

  • Advised and sold financial products to clients

  • Researched current market trends

  • Resolved client's banking and financial issues

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