How To Write A Model Resume In 7 Easy Steps (With Example)

Updated 2 March 2023

Modelling can be a rewarding profession that requires composure and charisma. This occupation may allow you to travel to and work in new environments, meet artists and designers and secure a decent livelihood. If you are an aspiring model or have worked as a model in the past, creating a professional resume may help you get the job you want. In this article, we discuss what a modelling resume is, show you how to write a model resume, give you additional tips and share an example to help you create one.

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What Is A Modelling Resume And Why Is It Important?

A modelling resume is a professional document that models may use when applying for jobs at various agencies. An effective model resume can impress potential clients and agency recruiters. It can also get you an audition or sign you for different gigs, such as fashion shows or television advertisements. Sending a resume can help create a professional image for a model and show prospective employers that they are serious about the job.

A model's visual appearance can help a firm advertise a product or an artist create or display a piece of artwork. You may collaborate with a photographer to shoot fashion photography or step onto the catwalk to promote a designer's latest collection. Providing a well-written resume may convince them to give you an opportunity.

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How To Write A Model Resume?

The following steps can show you how to write a model resume:

1. Choose a format

Consider formatting your resume to enhance your portfolio. This may also help you illustrate your distinct personal style. If you are creating your resume before your portfolio, you can use the typefaces and accent colours from your chosen portfolio website or even select a unique aesthetic to use as a foundation. Consider how potential recruiters may perceive your resume and ensure the content is easy to read and visually appeals to the reader.

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2. Add your professional summary

Your professional summary clearly states your experience, the skills you can contribute to a company and your aspirations. Describe what makes you special as a model and any physical traits or unique abilities you possess when explaining your talents and potential. Briefly summarise your background, mentioning collaborations with any notable client. This is also an excellent opportunity to think about your career goals. If your objectives are long-term, break them down into steps and see if the job you are applying for can assist you in attaining them.

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3. List your contact information and model details

Include a link to your online portfolio, along with your name and contact information. Make sure this part is informative and updated, so agents can simply look at your previous work if they want to and contact you easily for their next round of job applications. Providing your social media addresses may also help agencies determine if you are suitable for the job. Most modelling agencies evaluate a resume from the basic facts about the model, such as measurements and eye and hair colour, so include these at the beginning of your resume.

4. Include your work experience

Put in the dates, names of companies and locations of your past jobs. Ensure that you mention your commitments and achievements in previous roles. Include 3 to 5 bullet points for each previous work experience to outline your professional background. When presenting your experience, use active verbs and exact figures. Include brand names or agencies you have previously worked with, along with social media engagement metrics. You can also mention any short-term contracts and volunteer modelling projects that are relevant.

If you are still in the early stages of gaining modelling experience, you can categorise it into Relevant experience and Professional experience. Using this approach, you can prioritise your relevant experience and highlight any amateur or unpaid modelling jobs you did, such as for acquaintances, a cause or a fundraising campaign. List your work experience underneath this section to demonstrate your professional ethic and to clarify gaps in your modelling resume.

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5. Highlight your skills and achievements

It is helpful to include relevant skills in your resume, such as interpersonal skills and the ability to follow directions or walk down the runway. This helps to frame your achievements and capabilities attractively so recruiters can judge your suitability. Consider also including any transferable skills that can help you in a new career. You can also mention your education and show how it relates to the job you are applying for.

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6. Submit your photos

To apply for modelling jobs, you can send headshots and full-body images. This way, agents can assess if you match their requirements. Snapshots are helpful if you are at the start of your modelling career. Professional photography may become necessary as you gain experience. You might also get an amateur photographer to capture your images for a reduced fee if you agree to let them use the photos in their portfolio.

7. Prepare a portfolio

Manufacturers are likely to examine your professional portfolio or composite card before looking at your resume. These are two options for displaying your modelling work. A portfolio is a book or website with numerous images. A composite card is like a business card with a single digital or printed page with a few photos and your basic information.

To create your portfolio, select a platform for your own website. Then display your best images, which can be test shots or professional work samples. When you exhibit these images professionally, give credit to any photographers or agencies involved. Include your contact information so potential employers can contact you. To build a composite card, choose one headshot that best portrays you and prominently display it. Then choose different photos to include in a smaller format. Add your contact details and physical characteristics.

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Tips For Creating An Interesting Modelling Resume

Review the following tips before writing your resume to make it more attractive to recruiters:

Build an impactful social media presence

A large social media presence can demonstrate to an agency or business that you can promote their brand and products. You might approach small businesses in your area to model their product for exposure and experience to help you expand your social media following. If you want to work with a specific business, see if they employ hashtags to share their followers' photos and use those tags to make your post more noticeable.

To develop your network and build great professional connections, tag photographers, agencies or companies. You can use social media to build an audience and get work as a model. You can also include information from the metrics on your resume.

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Include transferable skills

If you have experience from a profession that does not relate to modelling, you can highlight the abilities you gained that appeal to potential employers in a modelling career. You can include descriptions, such as working in fast-paced conditions or excellent team player in your skills section, as models typically use these skills. If you worked for social media campaigns, you may provide specific figures in your experience section.

Develop your personal brand

You can establish your personal brand. Your behaviour, from how you interact with professionals and fans and how you portray yourself on social media and on-set appearances, along with your individual aesthetic, influences this. Your resume can become a useful tool for compiling and communicating all your work experience in one location.

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Example Of A Resume For A Modelling Position

The following is an example which would help you how to write a model resume when writing one of your own:

Tania Shein +91-9876543218 | |

Professional summary

Trained and seasoned marketing campaign model looking for opportunities in TV ads. Promoted major brands, such as Saschannel and La Garde du Fashion, on social media and in magazines. Professional details include black hair, medium dress size and size six shoe.

Relevant experience

Dream Agencies, December 2019–December 2021

  • Modelled the tropical swimwear collection for Beach Style

  • Collaborated with Dignity to promote their plus- and mid-size clothing label Size Hero

  • Featured on the magazine cover of Dulhan, promoting Sabu Khan's bridal collection

  • Completed photo shoots to launch seasonal clothing lines for various brands, including Saschannel and La Garde du Fashion

  • Walked down the runway at National Fashion Week for Senapati's haute couture collection

Sadabahar, July 2018–December 2019

  • Modelled for regional brands on social media and increased sales by 12%

  • Promoted Hira Jewels' Navratna collection

  • Appeared in national and regional newspaper ads promoting women's education


Pizzazz Acting & Modelling School, July 2017

Communication, coordination, creativity, catwalk modelling, multiple languages

Winner, Ms NorthEast Beauty Pageant, 2018
First runner-up, Supermodel India, 2018

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