How To Write A Sales Representative Resume (With Sample)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 3 July 2022

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Most organisations depend substantially on sales to generate revenue and earn a profit. Because of the revenue that they might generate, a proficient salesperson often possesses a lot of potential for advancement across businesses. If you are hoping to develop a career in sales, such as that of an account executive or sales representative, learning how to prepare a suitable resume might help you get the job.

In this article, we discuss sales representatives and their responsibilities, show you how to write a sales representative resume and provide you with a template and an example of such a resume to help you write yours.

What Is A Sales Representative?

A sales representative presents and sells goods or services to individuals, organisations and government entities. They meet prospective customers, market their products, respond to inquiries and talk about rates and pricing to persuade them to purchase a product or service. Sales representatives possess a strong understanding of the product they offer. They promote the company's merchandise using their excellent client experience and communication and interpersonal skills. Some companies require them to learn specific sales tactics and teach their subordinates how to promote their products. Here are some of their other responsibilities:

  • Understanding customer preferences by conducting extensive reviews and examination of competitors' product offerings

  • Drafting and finalising sales contracts

  • Evaluating and providing information about the qualities and benefits of a particular product

  • Attaining or exceeding sales goals

  • Processing payments and executing deals

  • Delivering daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales data

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How to write a sales representative resume

Consider following the seven steps given below to learn how to write a sales representative resume:

1. Examine the job description

Review the job description carefully to understand the proficiencies and certifications the company is searching for in a candidate before creating a sales representative resume. See if there are any specific keywords in the job description that you can include in the resume. Consider your academic and professional qualifications and compare them to the criteria mentioned in the listing.

If you do not possess the exact qualifications listed, you may also include equivalent certifications and qualities or skills similar to the ones in the description that you possess. When writing your resume, ensure that you add these details. This can help you get the attention of the hiring manager.

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2. Include your contact details

The header is an integral part of your resume and contains your contact information. At the top of your resume, put your name in a larger typeface than the rest. Consider emboldening your name to attract the attention of the recruiting managers who review your resume. Provide your contact details, such as your telephone number and email address, below your name. Ensure that you add updated information so that prospective employers can contact you immediately if they choose to call or email you for an interview.

3. Provide a resume statement

Your professional summary informs future employers about your professional accomplishments and talents, along with demonstrating your competencies. Create a statement that lists your most relevant experiences and interests to show that your goals match with the company to establish yourself as a suitable candidate. Keep this section brief to make it easier to scan. Your professional summary may contain just one or two sentences. For example, it may look something like this:

An outstanding sales representative with over 10 years of expertise in client conversion, with a 92% customer satisfaction rating and an 89% customer retention rate.

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4. Include your work history

The next step is to draft your employment history section. Include the company name, dates of employment and primary duties for any relevant sales roles you held in previous jobs. It is also an effective way to indicate the kinds of products you sold and your target demographic. Mention quantitative measurable results to demonstrate your proficiency in sales. For example, if you increased sales of a retail store within 30 days, you can mention that.

You can also include jobs that are not directly related to sales if you do not possess any prior experience in sales. Try to determine the duties and accomplishments from your past jobs that are most applicable to the position of a sales representative. For instance, you worked as the front desk personnel at a lawyer's office, for example, you may discuss how you represented the office favourably through exceptional customer service.

5. Add your educational qualifications

Ensure that you mention your educational qualifications. Besides the name of the institution you enrolled in, your graduation date and your degree, you may also include information about your co-curricular projects. This might mean including your other academic credentials, such as relevant assignments, along with your involvement in extracurricular clubs. To show your commitment or leadership skills, you may list any responsibilities you held at your college. For instance, if you organised the college festival or helped arrange funds for a cause, mention it in your resume.

6. List your skills

Make a list of any soft or technical abilities you possess that can be useful for the job role. If you possess any experience with showroom, business-to-business (B2B) sales or enterprise software, for example, mention it. Listing the skills that apply to the position shows prospective employers how well your proficiencies match their requirements. You can boost your chances by emphasising your strengths using keywords, as many employers use tracking software that scans for keywords on resumes. For example, you may incorporate frequently used keywords like cold calling, lead generation or customer relations in a sales representative resume.

7. Mention your certifications and awards

Mention any awards you received from a previous workplace or club to illustrate your dedication to quality performance. Include any sales certifications you pursued. Provide the certification's name, the name of the supervisory body, the date you received the certification and the certifying authority's location. If relevant, include the expiration date and exclude any certifications that have already expired. If you are pursuing any course at the time of submitting your resume, you can add that too.

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Tips For Writing An Effective Sales Representative Resume

Here are a few tips you may consider while drafting your resume for the position of a sales representative:

  • Mention the positions you held in reverse chronological sequence, with the most recent or current job at the beginning.

  • Specify your job title, the name and location of the company, along with the duration you worked there.

  • Prepare three to five bullet points and descriptions of your key responsibilities in previous jobs.

  • Provide a customised resume per the job, by highlighting previous sales-related responsibilities and paying special attention to the hiring criteria of the company.

  • Specify your accomplishments to help the hiring managers establish your performance levels and determine whether they make you a suitable candidate for the job.

  • When writing about your professional experience, start your bullet points with powerful action verbs like negotiated, accomplished, developed, facilitated or mentored.

  • Use simple and easy-to-read fonts for your resumes and keep them uniformly sized, within 10 to 12. You may use a larger font size for section headers.

  • Proofread your resume before sending it to hiring managers to make sure that it is free from spelling, grammatical or typographical errors. Consider asking someone that you trust to review it and offer suggestions.

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Template For A Sales Representative Resume

Following is a template you can use to create your sales representative resume you may adapt according to your requirements:

[Your Name]
[Address] | [Phone number] | [Email address]
[Professional Summary]
[Describe your training, personality, professional accomplishments, skills and career objectives briefly.]
[Work Experience]
[Most recent job you held]
[Name of the organisation]

  • [Key responsibilities you fulfilled]

  • [Key responsibilities you fulfilled]

  • [Key responsibilities you fulfilled]

  • [Key responsibilities you fulfilled]

  • [Key responsibilities you fulfilled]

[Second most recent job title]
[Name of the organisation]

  • [Key responsibilities you fulfilled]

  • [Key responsibilities you fulfilled]

  • [Key responsibilities you fulfilled]

[Name of the institution]
[Date of graduation]
[Relevant soft skill] | [Relevant soft skill] | [Relevant hard skill] | [Relevant hard skill]

Sample Resume For Sales Representatives

Here is an example for you to review to better understand how to write a sales representative resume:

Hari Singh Patna, Bihar | 772-277-007 |
Professional summary Accomplished sales representative with eight years of experience in B2B sales with a proven track record of surpassing sales goals by 35% and increasing customer satisfaction. Looking for a role where I can use my expertise to train new team members and manage high-profile clients.

Work experience
Sales Representative
Patna Technoworld, January 2018-Current

  • Prepare customised briefs and presentations for clients

  • Develop sales strategies to increase client conversion rates

  • Identify client requirements by researching the demographic

  • Create bids and reports and won multiple government tenders

  • Make cold calls through email and phone calls that led to successful lead generation

Junior Sales Representative
JIT Products & Solutions, January 2014-December 2017

  • Developed customised quotes, handled customer inquiries regarding products and services and helped them troubleshoot problems

  • Generated new leads by executing improved strategies for cold calling and email prospecting

  • Negotiated new contracts and increased sales by 12%

MBA in Sales and Marketing

AU University of Commerce (2014-2016)

  • Proficiency in word processing and spreadsheet software |Account management | Lead generation |Closing sales | Interpersonal skills

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