Writing An HR Coordinator Resume (With Template And Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 4 June 2022

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Human resources (HR) coordinators work on a variety of administrative duties in company HR departments. They often work with HR managers, handling recruitment, employee orientation and training, record keeping and more. Creating an excellent resume to help showcase your skills can give you an advantage over other candidates. In this article, we discuss how to write an outstanding HR resume, typical requirements for HR coordinators, the average salary, a resume template and an example.

How to write an HR coordinator resume

You can follow these steps when writing an HR coordinator resume:

1. Place your contact information at the top of the page

Make sure that your name and contact information are the first things a recruiter sees when they look at your resume. Use a bold font for your name and include your email address, phone number and address below it. This information is important, allowing hiring managers to invite you for interviews.

2. State your objective

Many people include a career objective under their contact information. It provides a short overview of your abilities and experience. It also lets a potential employer know how you plan to approach a new role. Keep your objective around three sentences in length and only include information that is relevant to the job you are applying for. You can also use keywords taken from the job description. While you can write most information with bullet points, this statement is easier to read if you write it in full sentences.

For example:

I am an HR coordinator with more than five years of experience and have demonstrated success in building employee engagement. I am seeking the HR coordinator position with [company name] to further my expertise. I am familiar with candidate screening, onboarding and leading training classes, and can help improve company efficiency and employee morale.

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3. List your most relevant skills

Listing your soft and hard skills can highlight your abilities and help recruiters shortlist you for a position. Keep your list concise and include skills that you are likely to use at work. Common skills for an HR Coordinator might include:

  • excellent verbal and written communication

  • fluent in English and Hindi

  • 90 words per minute typing speed

  • effective problem solver

  • organised and detail-oriented

  • familiar with fax machines, computers, copy machines and other office equipment

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4. Describe your work experience

Detail your previous employers, the positions you worked in, how long you worked at each job and the responsibilities and duties of each role. If you have little experience, you can include any internships or volunteer positions. You can describe your responsibilities with bulleted lists to make the information easier to read. Also, include your accomplishments and any awards you received.

If you worked in more than one position with the same company, list them separately. Underneath each job title, list the company name and when you started and stopped working in each position. Ensure that you list dates chronologically from newest to oldest.

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5. Give an overview of your education

In this section, include the university or other institution where you studied, when you enrolled and graduated and the credentials you attained. You can also mention any additional courses you took to learn relevant skills and any awards you received, such as being on the dean's list. You may also list extracurricular activities in this section.

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Tips for creating an HR coordinator resume

Here are some tips for creating an outstanding resume:

  • When writing your resume, make sure you focus on the hiring manager's requirements. Describing how you fulfil these requirements can help demonstrate the value that you could bring to the organisation.

  • Use active verbs to describe your experience, such as directed, organised, accomplished, completed, managed and introduced.

  • Keep your resume reasonably short and easy to read. Most people applying for an HR coordinator position write one or two pages.

  • Demonstrate your written communication skills by editing your resume carefully. An awkward sentence or a grammatical error could lead to a recruiter considering others for the position.

Common requirements for HR coordinators

HR coordinators work in a variety of industries and they usually report to an HR director. At large companies, they sometimes focus on specific areas, such as employee benefits, training, workplace safety or recruitment and onboarding. In small and medium-size organisations, they often work in all of these areas.

HR coordinators may have a bachelor's degree in finance, human resources, business administration, business management or a related field. Many also have a master's degree in business administration, human resource management or a related topic. Graduate programs can provide students with a better understanding of organisational operations, business administration, business management and ethical HR decision-making processes. HR coordinators can also pursue a certification in HR management.

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Average salary for HR coordinators

Nationally, HR coordinators earn an average of ₹26,667 per month. In Delhi, HR coordinators make an average of ₹27,509 per month. It is one of the best-paying regions in the country. ,

Resume template

You can choose from many layouts for your resume. Pick a format that accommodates all of your information and uses a simple font. You can include a small picture of yourself, but minimising complexity makes your resume more professional. You can use the below template to create your resume:


[Email address]

[Phone number]



[Describe your experience, skills and goals in two or three sentences]

Work experience

[Job title]

[Company name], [location]

[The year and month that you started and left the position]

[Your duties and responsibilities]

[Your accomplishments and awards]

[Job title]

[Company name], [location]

[The year and month that you started and left the position]

[Your duties and responsibilities]

[Your accomplishments and awards]


[Your degree or certification]

[The name of the university or other institution], [location]

[The year you graduated or attained your certification]

[Your degree or certification]

[The name of the university or other institution], [location]

[The year you graduated or attained your certification]


[Technical competencies and soft skills]

[Technical competencies and soft skills]

[Technical competencies and soft skills]

Example of an HR coordinator resume

Here is an example resume that you can use as a reference:

Jason Smith

(020) 3555-5555


New Delhi, India


I am a motivated HR coordinator with more than five years of experience seeking a position at [company name]. I am eager to improve employee efficiency and morale by improving training and team-building activities.

Work experience

HR Coordinator

J&R Construction, New Delhi, India

September 2018–March 2022

  • identified and recruited qualified candidates

  • performed screening and background checks for freelancers and hourly employees

  • maintained and updated personnel records

  • collaborated with the central accounts team for on-time payroll disbursement

HR Assistant

Miller Accounting, New Delhi, India

June 2016–August 2022

  • scheduled screenings and follow-up interviews for candidates

  • assisted senior HR staff with employee onboarding

  • helped determine staffing needs and redundancies

  • updated HR policies and communicated them to employees

  • conducted background checks for new hires

Administrative Assistant

Prudence Investments, New Delhi, India

April 2014–May 2016

  • answered phone calls from clients

  • scheduled new appointments

  • conducted preliminary research on prospective investments

  • sent bills to clients

  • paid utilities, rent and other company expenses

  • created posts about the business on social media


University of Delhi, New Delhi

September 2011–December 2015

Bachelor's degree in Human Resources


  • staff mentoring, training and professional development

  • critical thinking

  • problem solving

  • conflict resolution

  • organisation

  • verbal and written communication in Hindi and English

  • time management

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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