How To Write An Internship Resume Objective (With Examples)

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Published 8 November 2021

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An internship can help you gain invaluable skills in your chosen professional field and prepare you for the job market. Students apply to internships during their college or soon after graduating to gain practical experience that can help them excel in their professional journey. Writing and formatting your resume correctly with a clear internship aim is the most efficient way to find and get accepted into your desired internship programme. In this article, we discuss how to write an internship objective that reflects your skills clearly to help increase your chances of getting accepted and review relevant samples.

What is an internship resume objective?

An internship resume objective is a brief statement containing one or two sentences that clearly describe why you want an internship position, what qualifies you as a candidate and any skills or experience relevant to the internship position. An internship objective differs from a resume objective. It gives you a space to highlight your specific skills and education instead of describing what you hope to achieve from experience. A clearly written objective that is well-structured and formatted can make your resume stand out from others.

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How to write an internship resume objective

Follow these steps to write a memorable resume objective:

1. Read the internship description

Before you write your resume objective, take some time to read the internship description carefully. Learn what the employer is looking for in an intern, what they value and how you qualify as a candidate. Do not worry if you do not meet all the requirements. As long as you stay committed to your job and possess the key skills, you can still apply for the internship. Consider making a list of the keywords and match them with your skills, relevant experience or education to write a strong objective.

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2. Start writing

Once you have enough background knowledge about the internship, your employer and the company you are applying to, it is time to focus on your reasons for applying for that internship program. Start writing in an organised way by listing the key qualities required by the employer and explaining how your work ethic reflects that quality. At this stage, do not worry about writing long paragraphs. You can eventually edit and cut them from the objective statement later. Prepare your first draft while maintaining a balance between your skills and experience and the internship's requirements.

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3. Highlight your skills

Write a resume objective that is creative and helps your application stand out. You can achieve this by using impactful words such as highly skilled, professional, passionate, groundbreaking and imaginative. Use high-value words in combination with your first draft to write an objective that clearly highlights your key skills and competencies relevant to the internship position you are applying for. To enhance your resume objective, check the tone of your writing and ensure it reflects optimism, includes some soft skills and displays your professional achievements or any value that expresses your enthusiasm and honesty.

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4. Stay focused and concise

Convey your motivation and desire to pursue the internship position in a focussed and concise manner. Staying focused on key skills and values that you want to highlight can help you accurately represent your skills. During the writing process, remember your purpose of applying to this internship and ensure you express your reasons in a brief sentence or two. A concise statement is effective and can help recruiters assess your work ethic, values and the mindset that you may bring to the internship if they decide to hire you as an intern.

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5. Include a promise of value

Recruiters like to understand what you may bring to the internship role and their organisation. Since an internship is on-the-job training (OTJ), stating a promise of your value can help the recruiters build a connection and trust in you and your abilities. Depending on your individual tone and preference, employer's requirements, and the internship type, you can jot your promise of value briefly or spread it throughout your objective statement. A well-written promise of value reflects your personality and instills in recruiters the belief that you can contribute to the organisation and work even as you are training.

6. Proofread and edit

Once you have written your resume objective, the last step is to proofread and edit it for any mistakes or grammatical errors. Check the tone and sentence structure of your objective and ensure that they follow a sequential order. While proofreading, if you find a word that adds no real value to your statement, remove it and if you think a simpler version of a word may make more sense, make the changes. Take all steps to ensure that your resume objective is clear, concise, specific and creative to make your recruiter interested in pursuing your application.

Internship resume objective templates

You can use the following resume objective templates and experiment with their structure to draft your own memorable objective by filling in your details, experience and education:

  • I am a [add a soft skill + soft skill] candidate seeking a position at your [company] as [internship description] where I can contribute using my [skills].

  • With a [percentage] in [degree], I have demonstrated [skills] during my course of studies and can offer [skill] at the position.

  • Seeking a position at [company] as a [internship description] to explore career options in the [field]. As a motivated student and lifelong learner, I have gained [skills] that I can use for my role as an OJT.

  • A skilled candidate seeking [position from the internship description] to apply my [skills] and contribute to your [company].

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Internship resume objective examples

Here are some examples of how you can write your resume objective:

  • Secure a position with Azure Company to utilise my skills in project management, quality assurance, team management and vendor development. I possess an exceptional ability to work and learn simultaneously and strive to gain knowledge and expertise in operating your systems.

  • I am looking for an internship in accounting to make the most out of the course and polish the skills learned by working with people who have incredible experience in this domain to hone my organisational skills and teamwork abilities.

  • Seeking a position in the IT department of your esteemed organisation. I am enthusiastic and flexible to work with and can handle additional work responsibilities. Accomplished the Spellman IT award offered by Spellman Organisation, achieved 1st grade in computer science at Saffron University and took part in various quiz competitions at the national level.

  • Finance student with a desire and motivation to work as an intern for acquiring deep experience in the information and technology department of INC Solutions. I demonstrate a strong passion for working in the finance industry and contributing to accurate financial decision-making.

  • In search of a challenging position with an IT department as an intern to gain intensive experience in the information and technology industry. Passed with 8 CGPA in subjects like computer science engineering, computer aesthetics and computer programming.

  • Looking for a human relations internship focusing especially on project management, staff recruitment and retention, possessing skills like teamwork, collaboration, customer service and project management.

  • To secure an internship position as a marketing and sales trainee at Flora Promotions' brand marketing and management department. I possess exceptional marketing, research, and customer analysis skills to target your audience and market your products and services effectively and help you make the most conversions and sales for your business.

  • A self-motivated, hard-working and positive student looking for an internship at Ash Incorporated. I seek to explore my career options in the IT sector with a bachelor's degree in computer science to build my technical and project management skills.

  • I am a passionate and energetic student looking for an internship position at Unifying Voices to utilise my knowledge and understanding of advertising, product development, and customer research strategies that can be beneficial for implementing successful advertising campaigns in your organisation. Significant experience in developing food pages on personal social network accounts to support an ongoing food campaign.

  • Seeking a training internship position to build upon necessary skills for a public relations firm. I am keen to gain experience working for the company's brands, products and services. Looking forward to reaching to customers to explain the benefits of your products and services using various content marketing tools.

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