Job Application Email: Writing Tips And Examples

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Updated 14 September 2022

Published 6 June 2021

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While you can still send in a job application on paper, it is becoming increasingly common to use email. Sending a job application email is quick and convenient and, on the employer's end, it is easy to save, retrieve and share between decision-makers. As with a regular job application, the one you send by email needs to be well-written and professional in tone.

In this article, we discuss when it is appropriate to use email to send a job application and how to write an effective job application email that would get the attention of the employer.

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When Is It Appropriate To Send A Job Application Email?

Let us look at some of the instances when it is appropriate to send a job application by email:

  • The job advertisement specifically states that the employer wants job applicants to send their CV and cover letter by email.

  • The company you are applying to does not have an automated online system for submitting your job application.

  • You are sending an application for a job that the company has not advertised but has stated that it is open to receiving email applications.

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Things You Are Required To Include In Your Job Application Email

You can make a good impression on the hiring manager by including the following things in your job application email:

  • Your purpose of writing the email.

  • The job position you are interested in.

  • Your name and contact detail.

  • Your educational qualifications, training and work experience.

  • Your job application cover letter as an attachment. If you are writing the cover letter in the email body, then you do not require to add it as an attachment.

  • Your CV as an attachment.

  • Any other additional documents that the employer mentioned as a requirement in the job advertisement.

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Steps To Take Before Emailing Your Job Application

You can avoid errors by taking the following steps before sending your job application email:

1. Enter the employer's email address in the recipient line

When sending a job application email, it is crucial to make sure that you are contacting the right person and have the correct email address.

2. Write a concise subject line

Hiring managers are busy people and receive many job application emails. To get their attention quickly, it would help to compose a concise and precise subject line to your email. You want them to immediately know who you are and why you are sending them an email. You can use a format like "Your Name—Application for [Job Title]".

3. Compose your application in the email body

When composing an email, it is important to be polite and maintain a professional tone. You can choose to use the email as a cover letter or attach a separate cover letter. If you decide to send the email as a cover letter, keep it short, no more than three or four brief paragraphs. Follow the same procedure if you are sending a separate cover letter.

Most hiring managers skim through emails and cover letters and do not have the time to read lengthy ones. The things you require to include in the cover letter are your educational qualifications and skills, your work experience and the attachments you are including.

4. Include your name and contact details at the end

At the end of the email, write your full name and/or insert your digital signature. Include your phone number and email address under that. If you want the hiring manager to review any of your social media profiles, add those as well.

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5. Attach your cover letter, CV and other documents

Prepare your CV, cover letter and any other documents you want to send to the hiring manager. You can send them as Microsoft Word Document files or as PDF files. Title each file in the format "Your Name—CV/Cover Letter/Other", so that the hiring manager knows at once whose document it is and what it contains. Attach the files to the job application email.

6. Review and proofread to make sure everything is correct

Before sending the email, read it aloud and make sure it is well-written and professional-sounding. It is easy to miss spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, so you are required to make a point of reviewing and proofreading the job application email three or four times at least. Ask a family member or friend to read it too. You can even run it through a grammar checking program to be on the safe side.

7. Send the job application email

To ensure there are no technical glitches that could prevent your job application email from reaching the recipient in the intended form, you might want to send yourself a test email. Check if you receive all the attachments and that you can open them correctly. After making sure of this, you can hit the send button and send the email to the hiring manager.

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Useful Tips For Writing A Job Application Email

The following tips would help you write and send a proper job application email:

  • Address your job application email to a specific person.

  • Open the salutation with Dear, followed by the title and name of the recipient.

  • Mention where you found the job advertisement.

  • Read the job advertisement carefully and address the key requirements in your job application.

  • For the recipient's convenience, send the document attachments as PDF files.

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Template For A Job Application Email

You can refer to the following email template when composing your job application:

To: [Recipient email]

Subject: Your name - Application for [Job title]

Salutation: Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. [name of recipient]

Email body:

In the first paragraph, mention the job position you want to apply for and the place where you saw the job advertisement. Give a brief introduction of yourself and mention why you are interested in the job.

In the second paragraph, mention your educational qualifications, skills and work experience. Elaborate on why these make you a suitable candidate for the available work position.

In the third paragraph, list any work links that you want the recipient to review. You can also mention the attachments that you are sending along with the email.

In the closing paragraph, inform the recipient that you hope to hear from them and discuss things further. Thank them for their time and attention. Sign off with a closing salutation like "Kind Regards" or "Sincerely". Type your name or insert your signature below and include your phone number.

Job Application Email Examples

The following job application email examples may help you with composing your emails:

Job application email by a recent graduate

Someone who has recently graduated and has no work experience may write a job application email in the following way:


Subject: Anjali Menon - Application for Junior Software Developer

Dear Mr. Shastri,

This is regarding the job advertisement you placed on Indeed for Junior Software Developer. I have read the job description and requirements carefully and I think I might be a good fit for this position.

I graduated two months ago with a B.Sc. in Computer Science. I am well-versed in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and C++ and have basic programming experience working on college and my personal projects. I also have a good knowledge of databases, operating systems, email systems and Microsoft Office software. I am quick at learning new software and technologies and can follow instructions and work well with a team.

You can check out two apps that I programmed on my website, I am attaching my cover letter and CV with this email.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your time.


Anjali Menon
Phone: 765-5484-113

Job application email by an experienced professional

An experienced professional may compose a job application email in the following way:


Subject: Ravi Potdar - Application for Senior Marketing Manager

Dear Ms. Shreedharan,

This is regarding your recent call on your company website for a Senior Marketing Manager. I am writing because I have the marketing knowledge and experience to qualify for this position and I am confident that I can be an asset to your company.

I have an MBA in Marketing and over 14 years of management experience in the marketing industry, having supervised the marketing department staff of high-profile companies in India, China and France. I have extensive experience conducting market research, planning and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns and carrying out performance analysis. Additionally, I have budget and cost analysis experience, project management experience and experience managing cross-departmental teams for large-scale marketing projects. I also have a sound knowledge of using social media for marketing purposes.

I am attaching my cover letter and CV for your perusal. Please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone if you require more information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Ravi Potdar

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