20 Key Strengths To Include In A Resume (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 1 July 2022

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Your resume helps you highlight your skills when applying for a job. Stating your professional strengths relevant to the job role informs the interviewer of your ability to perform well in their company. Understanding which strengths to include in your resume can help you select the ones that best show your potential to perform a specific job. In this article, we list several examples of key strengths to include in a resume and explain why it is important to highlight your skills on your resume.

20 Examples Of Key Strengths To Include In A Resume

Here are a few examples of key strengths to include in a resume:

1. Delegation

Delegation skills demonstrate your expertise in allocating tasks based on the skills and professional experience of your team. Highlighting your ability to delegate informs employers that you can facilitate effective collaboration between team members to complete projects on time. This skill shows how well you can lead teams.

Example: successfully completed projects within tight deadlines by delegating tasks based on priority and the availability of each team member

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2. Analytical thinking

Strong analytical skills help you summarise data and execute a well-planned approach to projects. Thinking analytically can help you solve complex problems regarding resource allocation, complicated project briefs or rational decision making. Including this skill in your resume can help a prospective employer understand your proficiency in coordinating projects and developing synergy to meet milestones.

Example: studied competitor data to design a strategy for completing a project within 40% of the budget

3. Teamwork

This skill shows how effectively you function within a team. If you apply for a job that requires close collaboration with others, this skill may improve the results of your efforts. Employers may require this skill to help ensure your adaptability to new company cultures.

Example: achieved a team recognition award for finishing a time-sensitive film production project with a limited crew of seven members

4. Direct-response emails

Direct-response emails refer to how you design and write an effective email directly to a specific recipient. Writing concise emails that contain all the relevant details can effectively clarify project details and enhance professional relationships with team members and clients. Knowledge of email marketing and improving email opening rates can be valuable assets.

Example: generated a 93% email opening rate by creating product launch emails for a list of 10,000 subscribers

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5. Punctuality

Punctuality shows your dedication to attending meetings on time and finishing tasks before deadlines. This positive habit indicates your intention to be productive. It shows that employers can rely on you to attend appointments in good time.

Example: maintained a 100% attendance rate by entering the office premises on time

6. Listening skills

The ability to listen to others highlights your attention when communicating with customers. As this can improve the transfer of information during an interaction, employers can confidently send you to attend project briefings. This skill includes clearly noting all details and asking questions to clarify information and resolve issues.

Example: avoided miscommunication during critical project briefings by resolving unclear information

7. Negotiation

Effective negotiation skills can demonstrate your confidence and success in the efficient utilisation of financial resources during meetings with vendors or stakeholders. It is important to consider vendor or stakeholder interests during negotiations. You can develop positive relationships by coming to a mutual conclusion.

Example: created statistical presentations for explaining to vendors why a ₹90,000 cost reduction might improve future returns

8. Problem-solving

How efficiently you solve a problem in the workplace describes your expertise in maintaining a harmonious work environment. Being creative when solving problems shows your capacity to facilitate logical reasoning. Employers may prioritise your application if you can provide a high-quality example of this ability.

Example: identified missing data points in a detailed database and added code to automate the data acquisition process through mathematical formulas

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9. Sales

If you apply for a sales position, mention your prospecting, relationship building and storytelling skills. Add your experience in gathering and concisely framing product knowledge to present to potential clients. Sales skills also contribute to participation in deal distributions or projects requiring a financier.

Example: improved monthly sales statistics by 60% by creating sales scripts for different sales funnel stages

10. Creativity

Many jobs require creative professionals, whether for writing scripts, clicking pictures or developing artistic projects. Jobs not directly related to the creative industry often require employees who can ideate solutions for management or supply chain activities. Hiring managers may test your creativity by placing you in situations necessitating the safest and most economical approach.

Example: ideated more than five design recommendations for the company's marketing materials, including brochures, social media handles and the sonic logo

11. Project management

This skill can help you monitor the activities of your team and suggest alternative approaches for increasing product quality. You can highlight an instance where your project management skills resulted in employee satisfaction and quicker client approval. This ability can help you manage company resources intelligently, generate higher profits and reduce expenditure.

Example: created easy-to-understand templates for the sales, marketing and customer servicing team's interaction with customers

12. Software expertise

Hiring managers appreciate candidates who are comfortable learning propriety software. Since companies often use different software packages to simplify their workflows and improve efficiency, it is important to include your software expertise in your resume. You could mention how you became proficient in accounting or administrative software without guidance.

Example: mastered three propriety design software packages for construction measurements, blueprints and budgeting within six months of joining

13. Customer communications

If a prospective job requires you to be proficient in customer communications, you might mention an interactive customer incident on your resume. Having experience in providing excellent customer service may increase your chances of securing a customer relations position. Use your resume to highlight your query resolution process and tendency to offer timely solutions.

Example: achieved 787 positive interaction reviews out of 100 customer responses

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14. Speaking skills

Speaking skills are important to create and articulate presentations to larger audiences. This may be beneficial when creating informational videos or narrating important pointers to communicate with your team. Try focusing on your voice modulation abilities based on the importance of the information.

Example: successfully delivered a presentation for a new product line to an audience of 100+ industry experts

15. Taking initiative

Stating your proactiveness in an office setting helps highlight your dedication to taking initiative with prospective employers. This ability shows your willingness to follow up with the relevant parties and ensure effective, clear communication. Taking initiative can help you gain the trust of managers and become eligible for promotions.

Example: informed the marketing department in advance to prepare brochure templates for an upcoming medicinal project

16. Self-management

Your self-management traits are evident when you perform your duties without supervision and produce noteworthy results. Predict edits to your submission in advance and proofread all details before your supervisor reminds you. Such behaviour in the workplace allows your employer to focus on important affairs and shows your professionalism.

Example: edited, proofread and revised my research paper to suit the formatting requirements mentioned in the company guidelines

17. Resilience

Mention your resilience in challenging situations and how you invest time and effort in creating intelligent solutions. Including this ability in your resume highlights your persistence. You can provide examples of how your resilience helped you overcome an unexpected challenge during your tenure with past companies.

Example: developed strategies to sell our Italian-themed pizzas to the Spanish community and achieved a positive response in sales

18. Multitasking

Multitasking skills can increase your chances of securing a job if you are applying for a managerial position. This ability can highlight your leadership skills and experience in performing multiple tasks simultaneously. Multitaskers are usually more adept at communicating and building effective relationships for better employment opportunities.

Example: assisted the marketing manager in scheduling appointments, arranging travel requirements and creating presentations for meetings with investors

19. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the key strengths to include in a resume. This trait emphasises your ability to evaluate emotions and change your approach to take advantage of the situation. You can use this ability to assess client perception regarding your product and communicate accordingly. This helps during client negotiations, customer relationship management and maintaining a positive attitude in your team.

Example: helped software developers manage work pressure by recognising moments of exhaustion

20. Work ethic

An excellent work ethic can help enhance your performance throughout your tenure with the company. It shows your ability to meet quality and process standards. This skill can help you cultivate a progressive attitude in your team members.

Example: following a routine to complete all daily tasks

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Why Is It Important To Include Key Strengths In A Resume?

Including key strengths in your resume educates a prospective employer on your skill set and how you can bring value to the company. Including soft and hard skills is important since it may convince a potential employer of your professional attributes and highlight skills that can benefit your performance in the position. Adding abilities that align with the requirements in the job description may influence a hiring manager's decision to invite you for an interview.

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