Guide: How To Write A Laboratory Technician Resume Objective

Updated 20 April 2023

When applying for a role as a laboratory technician, it is important to have a resume objective that indicates your passion for the role and the goals you seek from this profession. This can distinguish you from other candidates and help recruiters assess your suitability for the role. Understanding what to include in this summary can help you list the skills, accomplishments and experiences that may capture the hiring manager's attention. In this article, we explain what a laboratory technician resume objective is, discuss how to write one and share a few examples to help you write your own.

What Is A Laboratory Technician Resume Objective?

A laboratory technician resume objective is a brief summary of the candidate's professional qualifications, including their skills, experience and educational background. It is usually a two-sentence statement that allows you to highlight why you are a suitable candidate for the open position.

Craft your resume objective in a way which conveys the benefits you may offer to the organisation as a laboratory technician. For instance, if you have three years of experience working in a clinical laboratory, you can help improve the overall laboratory efficiency, which can be a positive outcome of hiring you. Including such relevant information increases the chances of convincing the recruiting managers to consider you for the role.

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How To Write A Laboratory Technician Resume Objective

Here are a few steps you can follow as a laboratory technician to write an excellent resume objective:

1. Review the job description

Before creating a draft of your resume objective, consider reviewing the job description to learn more about your prospective employer's expectations and requirements. While facilities typically require laboratory technicians to have a high school diploma or associate degree, some organisations may prefer candidates having a bachelor's degree in a relevant subject.

Rereading the job posting can help you identify the academic credentials they seek and include them in your resume objective, if applicable. Reviewing the position can also help you identify competencies and abilities that the hiring manager may look for in a candidate. Adding this information to your resume objective can help you get their attention and may increase the likelihood of you getting shortlisted.

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2. Include specific examples of your professional experience

Include the number of years you have been a laboratory technician in your resume objective to illustrate your expertise and familiarity with this position. If you are new to this field or a recent college graduate entering the workforce for the first time, consider elaborating on how your academic training provided you with useful and informative experiences.

Laboratory technicians may be responsible for a variety of tasks and highlighting them in your resume objective can help you show the hiring manager you can handle the duties associated with this role. Some responsibilities of a laboratory technician may include:

  • Cleaning and sterilising laboratory equipment and workspaces

  • Collecting data and carrying out experiments

  • Ensuring that laboratory instruments and equipment function properly and calibrating them when necessary

  • Documenting research findings and entering data into databases

3. Highlight your skills and professional abilities

You can use your resume objective as an opportunity to discuss your hard, soft and industry-related skills and describe how they may prepare you for your prospective role. Some important competencies for a laboratory professional may include:

  • Sterilization of laboratory equipment: Laboratory technicians may conduct a variety of research that includes chemical substances and other materials, so it is important for these professionals to maintain a clean and sterile workspace. This means knowing how to sterilise laboratory equipment properly is an important aspect of this role.

  • Attention to detail: Whether conducting an experiment, gathering data or recording research results, keen attention to detail can benefit laboratory technicians. Because many of their duties involve measurements and calculations, it is important for these professionals to remain accurate and remain precise as they perform various tasks.

  • Organisational skills: When handling and sorting data or research results, laboratory technicians may rely on their organisational skills. These abilities can also help them as they use spreadsheet software or as they receive, label and sort material samples for other scientists within their professional environment.

  • Data entry and analysis: Depending on your specialisation and the organisation you work for, you may assist scholars, researchers and scientists with their data entry and analysis, so these skills can be essential for your role as a laboratory technician. You may handle data for individuals in a variety of scientific fields, including geology, chemistry and biology.

  • Proficiency with pipettes and other equipment: As a laboratory technician, your role may require you to handle a pipette and other laboratory equipment to transfer small amounts of liquid materials when conducting an experiment or assisting another professional with their research. This task requires focus and an understanding of the correct technique, which may require practice before using laboratory tools in a professional setting.

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4. Keep your resume objective concise

It is important to make sure that you keep the resume objective as concise as possible. Ensure there are no redundancies, and it consists of information relevant to the job for which you are applying. This makes it important to shortlist professional achievements and skills before drafting the resume.

5. Proofread

Consider proofreading your resume objective and correcting any grammatical or other language errors, if applicable. This helps you identify any unnecessary words and remove them and also can create a positive impression on the recruiting manager. Ensure maintaining a professional and cordial tone to convey your sincerity towards the application.

6. Revise your objective

If you know a friend or family member who has experience in recruitment, talk to them about what to include or what to remove. Talking with others allows you to gain a fresh perspective and may allow you to identify elements you can remove or add to your resume objective.

Consider customising the resume objective depending on the type of job for which you are applying. This is important and tells the recruitment manager that you took the time to read the job description carefully before applying. It is also a great way to distinguish your resume from that of others.

Sample Resume Objectives For Laboratory Technicians

Here are some excellent examples of resume objectives you can use as a reference when you write your own:

  • A deeply motivated professional with a master's degree in chemistry, looking to gain employment at Singhania Research Centre. Skilled in using laboratory instruments with a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive array of laboratory procedures.

  • Highly organised laboratory technician with eight years of experience, looking for an opportunity to grow at the Hope Research Institute. Aiming to put my skills in chemistry and research to work along with a team of talented scientists.

  • Experienced laboratory technician looking for a position at the Van Dyne Institute for Research. Motivated and driven professional with experience in multiple types of experiments and tests. Experience in using pipettes, laboratory equipment and sanitation, while prioritising safety in the laboratory.

  • Dedicated laboratory technician with four years of experience looking to work at DA Chemicals to further my career. With my educational background and professional proficiency in medicinal chemical development, I intend to enhance and improve organisational efficiency and enhance my and the company's reputation in the field.

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