How To Write A Legal Assistant Resume Objective In 5 Steps

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 26 May 2022

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A legal assistant helps lawyers and attorneys and enhances their work efficiency by maintaining legal documents, updating files, doing research, drafting documents and developing case information. As a result, they require specific educational degrees and skills to qualify for this position. Pointing out your unique credentials and competencies to prospective employers through your objective statement can help you attract their attention. In this article, we discover why career objectives are essential, discuss how to write a legal assistant resume objective and review some templates and examples to help you create your own better and increase the chances of getting hired.

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What is the purpose of a legal assistant resume objective?

A legal assistant resume objective is a clear and concise introduction to your resume which conveys to an employer your suitability for the job. Legal assistants complete necessary routine tasks on behalf of a lawyer that may include administration, customer service and coordination. As they help in enhancing lawyers' efficiency and productivity, it is necessary that a legal assistant's resume objective highlights their administrative strengths, legal knowledge and communication abilities.

Adding a resume objective increases the chances of the recruiter noticing your relevant skills and experience. It helps them understand how the organisation can benefit from hiring you better and enhances your candidature and also gives a competitive advantage to your resume.

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How to write a legal assistant resume objective

As it is important to make a positive impression through a resume objective, it is essential you draft it to best express your skills, accomplishment and goals clearly. Here are five steps you can follow to write one effectively:

1. Discuss your qualifications and experience

Legal assistantship is a designation that mandates the possession of a relevant degree and certifications. They demonstrate your knowledge of the law and legal know-how. Employers often require legal assistant candidates to have a bachelor's degree in law or an equivalent diploma or certificate. For experience, mentioning where you have worked before, be it a law firm, a corporate legal department or a government agency, helps the recruiter understand what kind of work you are familiar with and whether it matches their job requirements.

Example: Legal assistant with an associate degree in paralegal studies and two years of work experience in a law firm where I handled client communication, managed accounting formalities and assisted lawyers with legal documentation. Seeking a legal assistant position at AB & Choudhury Legal to work with industry experts and contribute to company success.

2. Include your skill set

A legal assistant requires a combination of technical and transferable skills to handle their day-to-day responsibilities. Your hard skills as a legal assistant may include legal advice, research and writing skills, document preparation, litigation, administrative assistance and computer proficiency. Similarly, your soft skills can include organisation abilities, attention to detail, critical thinking, multitasking abilities, collaboration and interpersonal skills. Having a good balance of both types of skills can make you an asset to any organisation.

Example: A professional legal assistant with extensive experience in legal research, legal writing, calendar coordination, document organisation, client billing and using public and proprietary software for workflow maximisation. Looking to add value to the company as a highly organised and detail-oriented legal assistant with excellent communication skills.

3. Mention your career goals

Highlight how your professional aspirations match with the current job role. Discuss the achievements you hope to make if the employer hires you. Law offices may seek candidates who have ambitious career goals and dedicate themselves to accomplishing these tasks, which ultimately benefits the company. Including your career goals allows you to show your knowledge about the organisation and inform your prospective employer about how their organisation may contribute to your growth and development.

Example: Dedicated and ambitious legal assistant with five years of experience working in corporate law. Seeking a legal assistant position at Alliance Law Firm where I can enhance my understanding and experience of corporate law and eventually serve the company as a competent paralegal.

4. Customise with company-specific information

Employers usually want to know why you want to work for their company as opposed to some other law firm. As a result, generalised resumes may not always perform as effectively as targeted ones. To be specific and intentional in your resume objective, include the name of the company you are applying for and the job title of the position you are seeking. Make sure you have keywords in your objective statement that match the words given in the job description. Keep changing your objective statement for every job you apply for accordingly.

Example: Competent legal assistant experienced in legal proceedings, administrative functions and client management. Looking to bring six years of work experience to Ghosh's Law Firm and add to their distinguished department of criminal lawyers and attorneys by providing administrative support and conducting necessary investigations.

5. Highlight your achievements

If you have previous experience working as a legal assistant, mentioning your previous professional accomplishments can help you gain a competitive advantage. It can impress the recruiter and persuade them to pick your resume over other strong contenders. Include any positive results, awards or recognition you have received as a legal assistant or in a similar position that proves your proficiency. If you have multiple work achievements, pick the most important one and if you have none, you can skip this section.

Example: Seeking the position of a legal assistant at Sunray Industries to provide exemplary assistance to the team of exceptional civil lawyers. Bringing over 10 years of assistantship experience working in law firms and government agencies. Received special recognition at previous jobs for my research experience and training in the library sciences.

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Resume objective template

Whether this is your first time working as a legal assistant or you have been working in this profession for a while, here are some versatile templates to create an impactful resume objective:

  • [Adjective] professional with a [name of degree] from [name of university] with extensive knowledge of [industry-related competency or responsibility mentioned in the job description]. Willing to adapt my [soft and hard skills] to the legal assistant position at [name of company] where I can develop my [desired development] and serve the company by [what the company requires from this role].

  • Seeking a legal assistant position at [name of company] to help with [company-specific information]. Eager to bring [number of years of experience] years of industry experience as a legal assistant. Received special recognition at my last job for [achievement] and look forward to bringing the same level of expertise to my next role.

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7 resume objective examples for a legal assistant position

Follow these legal assistant career objective samples as a guide for writing your own:

1. Disciplined and dedicated professional with an LLB degree from Asiatic Law College bringing extensive knowledge of litigation, administration and creating affidavits. Willing to adapt my organisation skills and strong understanding of legal terms and judicial systems to the legal assistant position at Deals and Co. where I can develop my skills and knowledge of legal proceedings and serve the company by providing necessary support to practising lawyers.

2. Recent law college graduate from Kuber Law University with eight months of preliminary experience as an administrative assistant in a legal environment. Eager to use my skills in document organisation and management, calendar coordination and client accounting in the legal assistant role at JKJ Firm.

3. Ambitious individual with a bachelor's degree in paralegal studies and three years of office assistant experience in a law firm. Seeking a position as a legal assistant at Sharma and Sharma Limited., where I can utilise my secretarial and legal skills in an environment beneficial for mutual growth and development and eventually become an asset to the company in the legal sector.

4. Seeking a legal assistant position at Star Industries to help with the success of your reputed firm in corporate law. Eager to bring four years of industry experience as a legal assistant. Received special recognition at my last job for increasing efficiency by helping lawyers handle corporate case documents and look forward to bringing the same level of expertise to my next role.

5. Experienced legal assistant looking for a similar position at your company to improve upon administrative processes for a more efficient workflow. Excited to bring my six years of experience in collecting, examining, and organising evidence, preparing legal documents for attorney review and case preparation, and drafting contracts.

6. Senior legal assistant with eight years of experience in legal research and writing, managing client communications, customer service, database operation, administrative skills and expertise in a variety of research software. Seeking a position with an efficient partnership in need of organisational support skills polished with estate and tax law firm experience.

7. Legal assistant professional with 10+ years in the industry working for both private law firms and government agencies. Extensive knowledge of national and international law and experience assisting lawyers with various high-profile cases. Seeking a senior legal assistant position at All India Lawyers Conglomerate to leverage my decade long legal expertise in serving the legal community and helping clients.

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