Enhance Your Resume with Maintenance Technician Skills (2024 Tips)

Updated 9 November 2023

Maintenance technicians work in a variety of environments across different industries and rely on highly specialised skill sets to perform their duties. Many professionals in these roles commonly perform routine and preventative maintenance, installations and repairs to machinery, equipment, property, buildings and other environments. If you are interested in a career in this type of role, there are several key skills you may want to include in your resume.

In this article, we define maintenance technician skills for a resume, list five examples, explore how you can highlight these skills on your resume and share a sample resume that you can model when writing your own.

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What Are Maintenance Technician Skills For A Resume?

Maintenance technician skills for a resume are a range of unique hard skills related to the repair, upkeep and general cleanliness and function of buildings, machinery or equipment. Several fields of work where maintenance skills are highly desirable include construction, plumbing, electrical work and janitorial work. Maintenance resume skills also include a variety of soft skills that enable professionals in the custodial and maintenance industries to navigate their jobs successfully. Communication, management, teamwork and interpersonal skills are just a few of the soft skills that many maintenance employees' resumes may demonstrate.

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Five Important Maintenance Technician Skills For A Resume

Since maintenance jobs require a unique set of hard skills combined with transferable soft skills, it is important your resume highlights several key traits and abilities. Here are a few common maintenance technician skills for a resume:

1. Administrative skills

General administrative skills such as filing documents, writing work receipts and organising paperwork within an office environment are necessary for performing effectively in many maintenance roles. The ability to manage not just labour-intensive work projects but much of the paperwork and desk-bound applications of the jobs are highly desirable skills to outline on a maintenance resume. Having these skills helps you in showcasing that you are a highly suitable candidate for the position.

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2. General repair

Expertise in general repair is a very important skill to have for a maintenance technician. The use of tools to maintain buildings, machinery and other custodial applications is a hard skill that employers look for in a maintenance resume. Repairing plumbing parts, maintaining electrical components and using special equipment to perform work are a few examples of some of the general repair knowledge that employers like to see on a maintenance resume.

3. Problem-solving

Maintenance technician resume skills also include the ability to solve problems. Such professionals apply creative solutions to keep equipment and property in proper condition. Employers look for the ability to analyse, evaluate and make decisions that lead to solutions and successful troubleshooting of issues that may arise in the workplace.

4. Time management

Your ability to manage your workload in a timely manner and complete your tasks according to priority are two aspects of your time management skills you can include on your resume. For instance, employers like to see that you can organise your daily tasks and keep track of repairs, work orders and other jobs you do during your workday. Time management becomes especially important as you keep growing to more senior roles.

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5. Equipment knowledge

Understanding and having experience with common maintenance equipment and tools are important for success in any general repair or custodial role. For instance, tools like power drills, equipment like floor buffers and other maintenance equipment are common requirements of many janitorial roles, so it is important that maintenance resumes include this expertise. This helps you in showing that you are a highly suitable candidate for the position.

Highlighting Maintenance Technician Skills On Your Resume

When you submit your application during your job search, there are several ways you can show your maintenance skills on your resume. You may highlight on your resume your contributions to your past jobs. For instance, you may include examples of how you worked on the improvement of buildings or property, maintenance of equipment or reduction in time and costs associated with maintenance and repair jobs. These kinds of details allow employers to get an idea of how you can be an asset to their organisation.

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Maintenance Technician Skills In The Workplace

There are many ways you can demonstrate your experience, skills and expertise in the workplace. Here are some approaches you can take to show your strongest skill sets and highlight what you are doing to improve your weaker skills:

  • Participate in training opportunities. Learn from a mentor or attend a training class if possible. These types of training opportunities can help you develop your skill sets, which can help you secure more advanced roles in the future.

  • Keep your workspace organised. In many maintenance roles, there may be an office space where you are going to be responsible for organising and maintaining documents like work orders, receipts and other files. Demonstrate your ability to stay organised and perform efficiently by ensuring all the documents, paperwork, work orders, purchase receipts and other materials you are responsible for are easily accessible.

  • Assist supervisors in projects. Offering to support your team leaders and managers when they take on long or challenging projects shows your dedication to helping your team. This also demonstrates your ability to prioritise important tasks and manage your workload accordingly.

  • Communicate with your team and managers: Stay in regular communication with your supervisors and maintenance team. For instance, when you perform work tasks, keep written documentation of your workload to keep your manager aware of your performance.

  • Ask for feedback from supervisors: Frequently request feedback from your supervisors. This can give you valuable insight into your work performance, including aspects of your skills that are highly efficient and those that you can spend some extra time improving.

Tips For Improving Maintenance Technician Skills

As you advance in your career, it is important to improve on the skill sets that may be your weaker areas. Follow these tips to improve your skills:

Use resources and tools

Use repair manuals, classes and other methods for learning about different aspects of maintenance work. This allows you to keep developing your skills while applying them on the job as you learn them. You may also keep your most helpful resources with you during your workday so you can refer back to these tools when you require them. For instance, if you are in charge of running maintenance equipment, having user manuals and diagnostics guides for maintaining and operating the equipment are excellent resources to keep close by when you are working.

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Apply your skills to more challenging tasks

Take on more challenging repair jobs or maintenance service tasks. For instance, accompany a more experienced staff member and assist them in complex tasks around the workplace. Not only does this give you the opportunity to learn more advanced techniques that you can apply to your work, but you may also demonstrate your eagerness to develop on the job and advance in your career. This shows employers your dedication and motivation to contribute to the workplace.

Dedicate time to learning new skills

Take the time to learn new maintenance skills. This may include learning how to run equipment and machinery, repair electrical components or even repair and maintenance skills for plumbing fixtures. The more time you spend learning new skills and applying them to your work, the more advanced your skill sets become for working on challenging projects in your role.

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Example Maintenance Technician Resume

Use the following example maintenance technician resume to guide you when creating your own:

Hari Samson

9876543210 | hari.s@email.com, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Professional summary

Highly skilled maintenance technician with four years of experience performing routine, preventative and reparative maintenance in property management environments. Advanced knowledge and experience using power tools, hand tools and industrial equipment and machinery to repair, install and maintain physical structures and industrial applications.

Key skills

Equipment and machinery operations | Maintenance of electric, plumbing and HVAC components | Basic bookkeeping for prioritising and processing work orders | Customer service and administrative processes

Work Experience

Maintenance Technician, June 2016–Current
Ascent Manufacturing Company, Mohali

  • Organise and develop strategic plans to streamline processes and operations, including scheduling, administering equipment and carrying out maintenance projects.

  • Provide assistance and support to team lead and maintenance supervisors, including inspecting, repairing, installing and performing routine maintenance on machinery and manufacturing equipment.

  • Analyse and identify causes of machine and equipment failure to correct issues and perform preventative maintenance.

  • Improve maintenance processes to reduce project time for repairs.

  • Improve the processes for installations and general upkeep of equipment and machinery.


Diploma in mechanical engineering
Indus Polytechnic College

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