How To Write A Marketing Intern Resume: With Template

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 28 May 2022

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Marketing interns are aspiring marketing professionals who help companies with administrative tasks, marketing strategies, social media channels and content creation. These professionals collaborate with creative, marketing, product and social media teams to help execute marketing campaigns. If you have an interest in pursuing a career in marketing, understanding how to write a suitable resume can help you get a marketing internship at a reputable organization. In this article, we discuss how to compile a marketing intern resume, provide a template, look at an example resume and explore some tips for an interview.

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How to write a marketing intern resume

Here are some steps that you can follow to write a marketing intern resume:

1. Research the company

Researching the company you are applying to gives you the opportunity to modify your resume accordingly. Read the job description carefully and understand what the company wants in a potential candidate. Identify the skills they are looking for and try to highlight them on your resume. Think about how your experience and educational background are relevant to the position. Try to identify important keywords from the job description and the company profile that you can include in your resume.

2. Write a summary or objective

Including a summary or objective at the top of your resume can give the recruiter an initial overview of your career and aspirations. The summary can provide the recruiter with a brief view of your experience, and the objective can give an insight into your career goals and ambitions. If you have extensive career experience and academic qualifications, you can summarise them here. Alternatively, you can include transferrable qualities you have that are relevant to the vacant position. You can also include your current position in the format Customer service agent with 15 years of experience. Here is an example:

An aspiring marketing professional, with a keen eye for detail and interest in marketing trends. Successfully executed social media marketing campaigns for college events and a non-profit organisation. Looking for an opportunity that allows me to learn and apply my marketing skills.

3. Include your work experience

Often, universities and colleges require students to complete internships as a part of their curriculum. You can include any previous experience to enhance your resume. If you took part and won a marketing competition or played a role in a marketing campaign for a college event, you can include them as previous experience. If you have worked in another organisation as a full-time employee or intern, mention your position in the company, the name of the organisation, the location and the period of your employment.

4. Mention your educational background

Create a section to talk about your educational qualifications. Include the title of any courses you have completed, the institution where you studied and the year of your graduation. If you are pursuing a course currently, you can include the number of years you have completed along with the course title and institution. Mention the most recent course first and then the previous ones in reverse chronological order.

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5. Highlight your skills

Use this section to highlight any skills or strengths you feel would be an advantage in the advertised position. Bullet points and highlighting the keywords in bold may make the important details stand out. Read the job description carefully to identify the skills that the employer is looking for in the ideal candidate. You can aim to include your proficiency in the most relevant skills included in the job description in this section. This can sometimes increase your chances of passing the first round of screening, often conducted using automated software when there are a lot of candidates.

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6. Include your contact information

At the top of your resume, above the professional summary, it is a good idea to include your contact information. Include your full name, current residential address, phone number and email address. You can also include a link to your professional social media account if you have any.

7. Format your resume

Once you have finalised the content of your resume, format it to make it look organised and professional. Include bullet points wherever applicable to improve clarity. Consider using one of the more popular fonts and ensure uniformity in font size and colour throughout your resume. Try to keep your resume concise and, if possible, to a single page.

8. Proofread and revise

After you have completed your resume, proofread it to identify any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. It is important to pay attention to spelling mistakes as they can create a negative impression on the hiring manager. You can use online proofreading tools to help you and ask your friends or family to check it for you. It is a good idea to proofread it a second time as this may help identify any minor errors that you may have originally overlooked.

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Template for writing resumes for marketing interns

Here is a template that you can refer to while writing your resume:

Contact information

[Your full name]
[Current address]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Professional summary [Write a brief paragraph about your skills, experience and career goals.]

Work experience [Include any relevant professional experience that you may have.]
[Job title]
[Name of the organisation]
[Dates of employment]
[Major responsibilities in bullet points]

Educational background [Name of course]
[Name of the institution]
[Year of graduation]

Skills [Use bullet points to highlight your skills and their relevance to the vacant position.]

[Mention any relevant awards and achievements from competitions and events.]

Example of a resume for a marketing intern

Here is an example of a resume for a marketing intern:

Ramya Reddy,
#201, Lotus apartments
8/11, Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad, Telangana
+91 8653424312

Professional summary

An organised postgraduate marketing professional with proven skills in digital marketing and search engine optimisation. Worked with multiple brands through an agency model and successfully led several campaigns. Looking for an opportunity to apply my skills and contribute to the company's growth.

Work experience
Social media marketing intern
AlphaMinds Creative Agency
Hyderabad, Telangana
May 2021- July 2021

  • coordinated the social media profiles of multiple clients

  • created and managed content calendars on behalf of clients

  • worked closely with the design team to follow brand guidelines

  • assisted clients with branding, advertising and increasing monthly sales

Content writing intern
Brilliant Group
Bangalore, Karnataka
May 2020- July 2020

  • enhanced the existing company website

  • helped create social media copies and captions

  • responsible for generating content for the company blog

  • proofread existing documents

Educational background

Master of Business Administration (Marketing)
North University
Hyderabad, Telangana

Bachelor of Business Administration
North University
Mumbai, Maharashtra


  • ability to streamline and organise processes and channels

  • a keen eye for detail and interest in marketing trends

  • creative thinking and ability to design innovative solutions

  • problem-solving capabilities with analytical thinking

  • ability to build innovative brand narratives

Tips for writing an impressive resume

Here are some tips that can help you write an impressive resume to improve your chances of getting hired:

  • Use a ready-made template. If you are looking for resume formats and designs, you can take inspiration from the ready-made templates available on several word processors or download one from the Internet and fill in your details.

  • Keep the resume short. Though you may have several achievements that you would like to mention on your resume, include only those that are relevant to the position. Highlight relevant training certification that can help you do well at the job.

  • Use simple words. Apart from technical terms related to the job, use simple words and short sentences to convey your message. Maintain a positive tone throughout the resume and avoid the use of negative terms.

  • Customise the title. If you are applying for multiple positions which have different titles, customise the resume summary by including it as your career objective.

  • Use bullet points. Make your resume scannable by including bullet points wherever there may be a paragraph. You can embolden or italicise important words or phrases to highlight them for the recruiter.

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