A Guide To Writing An MBA Fresher Resume (With Examples)

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Updated 21 July 2022

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Obtaining a professional business degree or MBA has several advantages that go beyond your professional goals. For candidates with entrepreneurial aspirations or who are planning to work in a managerial capacity, an MBA degree can provide opportunities for increased accountability, career advancement and financial rewards. As an MBA fresher, you have a broad reach and remuneration in financial services, health care, technology and consulting fields. In this article, we describe how to write an MBA fresher resume, explore the key elements of a resume and go over an example.

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Why is an MBA fresher resume important?

Upon completion of your business studies, you may choose to embark on your career path. As an MBA fresher, a good resume is important because it can help convince prospective employers to hire you, paving the way to finance, human resources, marketing, operations and more opportunities. A well-drafted MBA fresher resume highlights summary statement, educational qualifications, skills, activity section and relevant work experience.

How to write an MBA fresher resume

Writing an MBA resume as a fresher is an important part of applying for jobs to find leadership positions or gain managerial experience. An MBA resume is similar to a typical resume as part of a job application: a short, well-formatted document that outlines your experience and accomplishments. It primarily focuses on your business and management experience. The following are the sections to add to your MBA fresher resume:

1. Create a profile summary

A profile summary for freshers, also referred to as a summary statement, is a professional statement you can add to the top of your resume. It states your greatest qualities and is usually between two and five sentences, giving employers the purpose of hiring you. In this case, your profile summary requires you to state your status as a graduate student and encompass the following:

  • Outline of your credentials: With little to no professional experience, MBA freshers often partake interest in specialised areas of study, earn credentials, go for internships and gain practical knowledge. You can choose to highlight these aspects in your professional summary.

  • Mention your professional qualities and skills: A statement summary highlights your professional skills and qualities. It indicates your suitability for the job and has to have an impact on the potential employer.

  • Statement of the purpose: State your rationale for pursuing the opportunity to communicate your intent to develop as a professional.

Use this example to create your own profile summary:

An enthusiastic business management graduate, with one year of experience as a marketing consultant trainee. Wrote creative copy for large-scale client, leading to successful social media campaigns. Skilled in SMM, SEO, copywriting and web design. Seeking a chance to offer my unique marketing perspective while developing my management skills.

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2. Elaborate on your academic qualifications

This section provides the specifics of your MBA program and undergraduate background. Indicate your post-graduate degree with a field of study, if applicable. State your high school details, including your academic accomplishments.

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3. List your skills

As an MBA student, you can gain key skills during your undergraduate and master's program. By listing relevant skills, you can distinguish yourself from other candidates. Some skills MBA employers look for include interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial skills, strategic thinking, communication skills and leadership skills. Here is an example of some marketing resume skills:

  • SEO (grew organic traffic by 50% in 9 months)

  • Adept at using a variety of CMS to format articles

  • Strong understanding of typography and interactive media

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4. Highlight coursework

Relevant coursework includes academic experiences, courses and classes you have taken along your academic journey that are pertinent to a specific position. This is a great addition to any entry-level resume, like your MBA fresher resume. In this section, you list any meaningful research experiences and academic achievements. Here is an example of coursework you can use as reference:

Introduction to information technology
Consumer behaviour

Visual communication
Illustration and visualisation
Media research methods
Visual analysis

5. List your work experience

Based on your limited work experience, you can let the potential employer know about any past internships, volunteering work or job shadowing projects you may have had. List the relevant work experience that corresponds to the job for which you are applying. It is important to use action verbs rather than passive phrases for more impact. Here is an example to help you draft your work experience as a recent graduate:

Marketing intern
ICE Studios
October 2019–December 2019

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6. Consider an activities section

You can include an activities section that acts as tangible proof of job skills and can be of help when you lack work experience. You can also mention the extracurricular activities that you took part in, although this is not mandatory. Often employers seek transferable skills that support the candidate's personal development and are applicable across multiple contexts.

For each activity you list, specify your role, dates of your participation and how you participated. The following activities stand out:

  • foreign language

  • student leaderships

  • job-specific activities

  • volunteering

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7. Proofread and revise

Proofreading and editing your resume are essential steps to make sure it is error-free and scannable. Typography errors, misspellings, poor grammar or incorrect punctuation can influence the hiring decision and reduce your chances of getting a job. Here are some tips to proofread and edit your resume:

  • Re-read your resume and check for grammatical and typographical errors.

  • Use editing tools that help spot errors and suggest improvements in syntax.

  • Eliminate repeated words and clichés.

  • Check for formatting elements like spacing, font choice and size, page breaks, margins and alignment.

  • Double-check for missing elements like summary, education, professional and skill section.

MBA fresher resume template

Here is a template to follow when drafting your own MBA fresher resume:

[MBA status]
[Residential address]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Professional summary

[Description of credentials]

[Explanation of abilities and previous accomplishments]

[Statement of your purpose that is also beneficial to the employer]


[Master of Business Administration] | [Concentration, if applicable]
[Honors or achievements, if applicable]
[School name] | [City, state]
[Dates of attendance]

[Undergraduate degree] | [Major]
[Honors or achievements, if applicable]
[School name] | [City, state]
[Dates of attendance]


  • [Course]

  • [Course]

  • [Course]

  • [Course]

  • [Course]


  • [Skills]

  • [Skills]

  • [Skills]

  • [Skills]

  • [Skills]

Professional history, if applicable

[Employer name] | [City, state]
[Dates of involvement]

  • [Duty]

  • [Duty]

  • [Duty]


[Activity 1] | [Role]
[Dates of involvement]

  • [Details of involvement]

  • [Details of involvement]

[Activity 2] | [Role]
[Dates of involvement]

  • [Details of involvement]

  • [Details of involvement]

Example of an MBA resume for a fresher

Here is an example of an MBA resume as a fresher:

Deepika Gupta
MBA candidate
BK Road, East 4th Street 112233

Professional summary

A highly professional MBA graduate with a bachelor's degree in marketing. Committed to achieving employer's objectives with knowledge of marketing strategies and a strong understanding of business management philosophies. Hoping to join an organisation as a digital marketing associate and apply academic insights to its most challenging problems and ambitious campaigns.


MBA candidate | Digital marketing concentration
University at East High | Indore
May 2018–July 2021

Bachelor of Arts | Marketing
3.8 cumulative GPA
APS College | Indore
August 2014–May 2018


  • Email marketing for business

  • Digital marketing fundamentals

  • Consumer and brand insight strategy


  • E-mail marketing

  • Customer relationship management skills

  • Marketing budget analysis

  • Knowledge of design and productivity tools

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Professional history

Marketing intern Liv Enterprises | Bangalore
November 2020–March 2021

  • Conducted market analysis and research into the latest trends

  • Helped develop mock-ups, email campaigns and social media content

  • Assisted the senior copywriter with proofreading and editing content

  • Designed and presented new social media campaign ideas

  • Monitored all social media platforms

  • Prepared comprehensive promotional presentations


ThinkBooks Public Library | Library support volunteer
July 2019–March 2020

  • Assisted staff in creating a welcoming environment for the Library program users

  • Provided operational support for the maintenance of attractive collections and exhibits

  • Distributed surveys and managed book-signing lines and oversaw event logistics.

ETC Blood Services | Volunteer
September 2018–June 2021

  • Accompanied donors throughout their donation process

  • Helped in spreading awareness for blood donation

  • Assisted the hosts and promoted blood donation events in local communities

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