How To Write A Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter (With Sample)

Updated 13 December 2022

Writing an exceptional cover letter when applying for a job or an internship is a crucial part of any application process. If you are applying for a mechanical engineer job, then a well-written mechanical engineer cover letter that contains an overview of your skill set relevant to the job posting requirements can help increase your prospects. Knowing what to write in each section and how to present your most outstanding qualifications uniquely can help you write an excellent cover letter.

In this article, we discuss how to write a strong cover letter for a mechanical engineering job and share a sample cover letter that you can reference when writing your own.

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How To Write A Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter

Follow these eight steps to understand how to write a mechanical engineer cover letter when applying for a job or internship:

1. Decide on a header

The header of your cover letter is an essential detail that every employer focuses on before reading through your job application. It includes all vital information about you, including your name, contact information, any relevant links or social media handles. Employers use this information to contact you, so ensure that all your credentials are well-updated. Try making this section of your letter well-spaced and formatted so the employer can quickly look through your information. You can sequence these details as per your preference, but beginning with your name is ideal. Here is an example:

Rajat Awasthi
(+91) 9876857600

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2. Mention the date

After your contact details, mention the date you are writing the letter. There is no specific format for citing the date. You can write it in a day-month-year or month-day-year format. Dating the letter ensures you submit your candidature on time and allows the employer to assess if you applied before or after the job deadline. Here is an example:

December 31, 2021

3. Add the addressee details

This section of your cover letter contains the details of the company you are applying to, including the addressee details, followed by a salutation. In most job descriptions, you can find the name of the hiring manager for the job and mention their name in the letter. If there is no specific person you are supposed to address, you can simply write 'Dear hiring manager' as a salutation. If the company address is unclear or too long, you can omit it and directly address the hiring manager. Here is an example:

Karen Sylvania
HR director
ABC Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai, Maharashtra

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4. Add a strong introductory paragraph

The introductory paragraph is the first part of your content that you can use to get the hiring manager's attention, by explaining your motivation to apply for the post and your suitability for the job. There are various ways to write a strong introductory statement. Consider beginning with an accomplishment that reflects your experience, understanding and familiarity with essential job skills, such as organisational or design skills. Share your experiences of how you learned a particular skill relevant to the job and express your interest in working as a mechanical engineer. For example:

"I am excited to apply for the role of a mechanical engineer at PrivTech Industries. I have been following the company's products for a long time and became especially interested in the ways of developing aircraft engines and control systems. My current role and expertise in creating prototype designs of aviation machine components make me a perfect fit for the job role, as it has equipped me with essential design skills. I am interested in joining the team and working with some of the best industry experts to help develop fine machinery for future aviation ventures."

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5. Share your background

After the introductory paragraph, share your background details, such as your qualifications and the experience that make you a suitable candidate for the role. Use this space to show the employers why you are the perfect candidate and why you are a better candidate than other applicants. You can do so by sharing your expertise in one of their required skills or by sharing past achievements from your last internship or job that can interest them in pursuing your candidature. Here is an example:

"In my previous role at Clearwater Tech as an engineering intern, my job was to develop a new filtration system that removed 99% of bacteria, even from the most toxic liquids. I worked with a team of expert engineers from various domains, so I learnt when to seek an expert's direction and guidance. This experience lasted for about six months and taught me invaluable teamwork, leadership, communication, organisational and coordination skills. In this role, I worked on several projects independently, which allowed me to develop creative independence as a strength."

6. Share additional expertise

This section focuses on sharing additional expertise and any other reason that motivated you to apply for the job. Explain what specific skills make you the perfect candidate and share examples to show how you match the job description. Use this space to express your interest in their company, their projects and how you can contribute to their organisation. Avoid repeating information from your resume. Instead, share specific stories or anecdotes that equipped you with a particular skill and guided your decision to apply for the job. Here is an example:

"My strong organisational abilities and work ethic, multitasking skills and curiosity to learn new things make me perfect for this job role, as I can implement various projects timely and efficiently. My curiosity has led me to ask the right questions that have enabled me to ensure that my projects meet the clients' and customers' requirements alike. I know that this company is working on some exciting projects in the aviation industry, and I especially admire the company's resilience in developing Project Spack. Having similar work experiences, I believe I can contribute highly to this position."

7. Conclude the letter

Conclude the letter with a strong overview statement that can help employers assess your overall personality, skill set and qualifications for the job. Restate your interest in the job role and the company and highlight what you can contribute to the employers. Keep the concluding paragraph brief and thank the employer for their time. Ensure that you write in a positive tone and mention that you hope to hear from them. This way of writing shows you are hopeful and genuinely interested in this opportunity. Here is an example:

"Thank you for taking the time to read my application and for your thoughtful consideration. I am sincerely looking forward to hearing from you and learning more details about the mechanical engineer position and the impactful work that River Tech is doing. Please reach out to me in case of any queries related to my candidature or qualifications. I look forward to speaking with you and the management team soon."

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8. Add a closing sign

After the concluding paragraph, you can add a closing sign such as 'Sincerely' or 'Warm regards' followed by your name. Choosing a suitable closing greeting can leave a good impression on the employer. Ensure that your closing sign matches the tone and context of your cover letter. Try using polite and formal closing signs instead of informal ones. They can make your letter look unprofessional. Here is an example:

Tina Warid

Sample Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter

Use the following sample cover letter for the job role of a mechanical engineer to guide you in drafting your own:

Nia Singh
(+91) 9870987654

December 31, 2021

Dear hiring manager,

I am thrilled to be applying for the job position of mechanical engineer at Cloudtaled technologies. I have accurate attention to detail expected of the highest quality engineering professionals, and I look forward to working with expert mechanical engineers in the industry. My ability to grasp information allows me to work on multiple projects simultaneously, resulting in more productivity and shorter training periods.

The advertised job description strongly matches my qualifications, especially the prototype design of industrial machine components, that immediately interested me in this job role. I have a B.S. in mechanical engineering from National Tech University and have worked as a mechanical engineer for over two years. In my time at Berks Technologies, I:

  • Developed three prototype components of the Magnus drill 6700 for commercial use

  • Worked as a lead machinist and component designer for four separate engineering products

  • Won best machinist award for the southern region

I am aware that your company has been working to execute some exciting projects and initiatives in the industry in recent years. My experiences, skill set and qualifications have prepared me for similar roles, so I believe I can highly contribute to the company's future goals and assist you holistically in all upcoming ventures.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application and for your consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from you about this job and Cloudtaled technologies' work in other projects. Please feel free to connect with me in case of any queries about my candidature.

Nia Singh

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