10 Examples Of A Medical Coder Resume Objective (With Guide)

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Published 4 June 2022

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A medical coder translates physicians' reports into medical codes, helps in documenting medical records and ensures accurate medical billing. As this job requires technical expertise and knowledge of medicine, displaying your skill set and experience on your resume is important. You can do this through a well-crafted resume objective, increasing your chances of progressing to the next stage in the hiring process. In this article, we explain the importance of a medical coder resume objective, discuss how to write one and share some tips, templates and examples to help you create an impactful resume.

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What is the purpose of a medical coder resume objective?

A medical coder resume objective is a brief introduction to your education, certifications, skills, experience and career goals. It spans two to three sentences and goes at the top of your resume, just below your contact information. A career objective provides your most compelling attributes and highlights what sets you apart from other individuals interested in the role.

It is optional to include an objective in your resume, but it is beneficial since it improves your candidacy for the job. The recruiter can quickly read your resume objective and assess your qualifications to understand whether you fit the role. If they think your qualifications match the job requirements, they are likely to read the rest of your resume and consider you for a medical coder position.

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How to write a medical coder resume objective

Writing a resume objective for a medical coder position can be quite simple if you include three important elements; who you are, what you can do and what you expect or want. Add them to your resume objective in the following order to create an impression on the organisation's hiring manager:

1. Introduce yourself

When describing who you are, mention your educational degrees and university or institution, work experience and years you have been working. If you have considerable experience already, you might exclude mentioning your degrees and focus more on your experience and professional accomplishments. Freshers may benefit from focusing on educational qualifications and any relevant internship experience. Your objective aims to help the recruiter easily gauge your experience level and expertise from the first sentence of your statement.

2. Mention your skills and experience

You can delve deeper into your relevant experience, skills, qualifications and certifications next. Include your knowledge of anatomy, physiology and medical terminologies or essential skills like attention to detail, customer service, teamwork, bookkeeping or accounting. An educational background in life sciences might also benefit this role. Remember to include this information in the job description. Pick only those certifications and capabilities required for the position.

3. Discuss your ambitions

Talking about your ambitions shows your dedication to the role. Highlight your professional goals and describe how the position you are applying for may contribute to your professional development. Include the job title and the name of the company. You can discuss why the specific medical facility or health care company interests you and why you hope to obtain this particular position.

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Tips for writing a memorable resume objective

Use these tips to take your objective statement from average to notable:

  • Customise your resume: Review the position beforehand and include the keywords mentioned in the job description. It is important that the recruiter sees everything they are looking for when they first view your resume objective.

  • Highlight technical details: Name the medical coding software you have previously used. If your technical experience does not match the job requirements, you can discuss your transferrable skills from previous roles and how they helped you develop, explaining how they qualify you for your desired position.

  • List professional environments: Mention the medical facilities you have previously worked for to help the employer gauge your range of experience. This might include physician's offices, nursing homes, hospitals, dental clinics, rehabilitation facilities, therapy centres, urgent care facilities or insurance offices.

  • Avoid cliches: Common adjectives like "highly motivated" or "result-oriented" and phrases like "looking to work in a respectable organisation" generalise your objective statement. Use meaningful statements related to medical coders, such as "detail-oriented, organised individual" or "seeking work at a dental facility" to make it more targeted.

  • Keep it short: Try to write your objective statement in three sentences or roughly 50 words. Use simple words and expressions to ensure it is easily scannable.

  • Get it reviewed: Ask a professional acquaintance in your field to go through your objective and the respective position's job description. Ask them to point out flaws or scope for improvement and give you a second perspective on how your document may appear to a prospective employer.

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Resume objective template

You can input your personal information into these ready-made resume templates to create an effective resume objective for a medical coder position. There are options for both freshers and experienced candidates:

  • Recent college graduate with a [name of degree] from [name of institution] and a [name of certification] certificate. Eager to use medical coding knowledge and [relevant skills] to assign and sequence codes correctly for all services rendered to patients. Seeking an entry-level medical coder position at [name of company] to help with administrative functions.

  • Certified medical coder with [number of years] years of experience in different healthcare environments, doing [responsibilities mentioned in the job description]. Eager to work with [name of company] to have a positive impact on patients and support them by organising and managing their medical data correctly. Recognition received in previous jobs for [past achievement].

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10 Resume objective examples for a medical coder

Here are some sample medical coding resume objectives for both entry-level and senior-level positions:

For novice candidates

A resume objective for a medical coding fresher can look something like this:

1. Recent college graduate with a B.Sc in nursing from Savitribai Phule Institution and a certified professional coder (CPC) certificate. Eager to use medical coding knowledge and bookkeeping skills to assign and sequence codes correctly for all services rendered to patients. Seeking an entry-level medical coder position at Koila Healthcare Centre to help with administrative functions.

2. Detail-oriented, organised individual with an M.Sc in biology from Howrah University and one year of experience working in the insurance industry. Seeking to leverage knowledge of coding guidelines and strong analytical skills to implement coding services as an entry-level medical coder at Kolkata Metropolitan Hospital.

3. Medical coding aspirant with a nursing care assistant diploma, a Certified Outpatient Coder (COC) certificate and a Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) certificate. Familiar with EncoderPro and ASCExpert. Willing to use time-management skills, speed typing abilities and data entry and management skills in the assistant medical coder position at Highway Rehabilitation Facility.

4. Hardworking and resourceful college graduate with a master's degree in health nursing from CMCA. Familiar with ICD 10 CM, CPT and HCPCS coding guidelines. Willing to use analytical skills, critical thinking, decision-making capacities, problem-solving abilities, organisation and time-management skills for the medical coder position at Take Care Nursing Facility.

5. Capable medical coding intern with eight months of medical coding experience and three months of pathology coding experience. Experience in extracting meaningful information from patient diagnoses and treatment, assigning and sequencing appropriate medical codes, conducting coding reviews and audits to ensure all documentation is accurate and complying with state and central government requirements. Seeking a medical coder position at Oberoi Southern Hospital.

For experienced candidates

A resume objective for an advanced medical coding professional may look something like this:

1. Certified medical coder with three years of experience in different healthcare environments, abstracting and assigning ICD and CPT codes to patients' medical records. Eager to work with Leela Hospital to have a positive impact on patients and support them by organising and managing their medical data correctly. Received recognition in previous jobs for maintaining 96% accuracy per 120 daily claims.

2. CPC-certified medical coder with over five years of professional experience in applying and evaluating various code sets with 99% accuracy. Ready to apply extensive experience with various medical software applications and knowledge of government guidelines to the medical coding specialist position at Roy's Nursing Home and Care Facility.

3. Experienced medical coder seeking a position at Health and Co. to assess patient records and clinical statements and ensure codes are accurate, current, active and sequenced correctly, following government and insurance regulations. Eager to leverage nine years of experience and knowledge of medicine in the medical coder position at Jeevan Pharmaceuticals.

4. Certified Outpatient Coder with over 12 years of experience in CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS Level II coding. Well-versed in EncoderPro and ICD Expert software. Seeking a senior medical coder position with Hyatt Healthcare Facility to bring over a decade of experience and 98% accuracy in annual claims.

5. Top-performing certified medical coding specialist with over15 years of experience in assigning 100% accurate codes to the most complicated of medical conditions and procedures, communicating with insurance companies about coding related discrepancies and errors, analysing and examining documents for missing information and ensuring correct application of universal codes during the billing process. Ready to bring extensive knowledge and experience in medical coding to the medical coding specialist position at Khan Group of Hospitals.

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