How To Write An Effective Medical Representative Resume

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Updated 18 March 2023

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Medical representatives employ their healthcare knowledge and sales skills to provide medical facilities with supplies. A resume is essential when applying for medical representative roles. Learning how to write a resume for a position as a medical representative can help you improve your chances of securing a job. In this article, we examine the role and responsibilities of a medical representative, list the steps you can follow to create a resume for this position and provide a sample resume that you can use to create your own.

What Is A Medical Representative?

A medical representative or a pharmaceutical sales representative is a professional who sells and promotes medications, prescription drugs and medical equipment for companies. Their work ensures that medical facilities have the supplies they require to serve their patients. Medical representatives combine their sales skills with their medical knowledge to seal deals and maintain client relationships.

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How To Write A Medical Representative Resume?

These are some steps you can take to create an effective medical representative resume:

1. Choose a template

Choosing a resume template is the first step in writing a medical representative resume. You can look for templates online or use one that comes with a word processing programme. Here are some tips for picking a good resume template:

  • Choose a template that uses readable fonts. To present a professional and polished resume that is easy for hiring managers to review, you can choose a template with easy-to-read fonts.

  • Make sure there is plenty of white space in the template. White space on a resume improves readability and draws attention to the document's content.

  • Refrain from using templates with photos. It is standard practice in some industries, such as entertainment, to include a photo on a resume. When applying for jobs in sales, it is best to avoid resume templates that include space for a photo.

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2. Provide your name and contact information

Resumes usually start with a candidate's full name in bold preceding their contact information. You can include your phone number, professional email address and a link to your professional networking profile. Place this information near the top of your resume so that hiring managers can find it easily if they want to contact you for interviews.

3. Examine the job posting

You can search the job posting for keywords that describe you or your experience before writing the rest of your resume. For example, if the job description describes a medical representative with prior pharmaceutical sales experience, you can include that information on your resume to demonstrate to hiring managers that you have the qualifications they are looking for. Noting keywords in a job posting can help your resume pass an ATS scan and increase the likelihood of a hiring manager viewing your resume. You can use the keywords you find in the job posting throughout the resume.

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4. Create a resume objective or professional summary

You can add your objective or professional summary to your resume template after reviewing the job posting for relevant keywords. This is a brief statement near the top of your resume that summarises your most valuable assets, such as your experience, skills and achievements. An example of a professional summary is:

Medical representative with eight years of pharmaceutical sales experience. Employs extensive medical knowledge in sales negotiations and pitches.

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5. Describe current and past roles in the experience section

Next, you can fill up your resume's experience section. Listing jobs in reverse-chronological order and starting with your most recent work experience is a popular format for this section. This allows hiring managers to quickly see the most important details about your experience. Here are some tips on how to fill this section of your resume as a medical representative:

  • Remember to use keywords from the job posting. By including keywords from the job posting in your experience section, you can show to hiring managers you are qualified for the medical representative position. If the job description specifies that the ideal candidate has experience selling medical equipment to cardiologists, for example, you can highlight that you have experience in this area on your resume.

  • Use numbers to quantify the impact of your experience. Using numbers, statistics and percentages to prove the effects of your work is one of the most effective approaches to help your resume stand out against competition. For example, you can include statements like, ‘Sold rupees 15 lakhs worth of pharmaceutical products to 250 clients per month for 6 months.'.

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6. List your most relevant skills

You can write the skills section after you complete the experience section of your resume. Here, you can include skills you possess that also align with the job posting. You can also include soft skills such as public speaking, customer service and negotiation in this section, which can be useful in conducting medical sales.

7. Proofread your resume

You can proofread your resume before uploading it for review to ensure that all the details you have on your resume are accurate. This also allows you to check the resume for errors in spelling and grammar. Proofreading your resume before sending it to employers can help you ensure that it accurately reflects your professional experience.

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What Does A Medical Representative Do?

Here is a list of duties that a medical representative typically performs:

  • Schedule appointments: A medical sales representative can call healthcare facilities to schedule sales appointments with healthcare providers, such as doctors.

  • Travel to medical centres: Medical sales representatives may travel to medical clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities to make sales meetings.

  • Sell medical supplies: A medical representative uses their extensive knowledge of a product to deliver presentations, perform demonstrations, answer questions and close deals with medical professionals .

  • Maintain client relationships: Medical representatives may meet periodically with clients to maintain healthy relationships and ensure that clients use medical supplies appropriately.

  • Cold-call: To set appointments for product pitches, a medical representative may cold call leads.

  • Research competitors: Medical representatives conduct competitor research to gain a better understanding of the value of the products they are selling and to craft a pitch that emphasises that value.

Resume Template For A Medical Representative

You can use the following template to create a resume for a medical representative:

[Full name]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Professional summary

[One to three sentences that highlight the qualities you have in common with the job posting, and your best skills and accomplishments.]


[Job title], [Company name]
[Start date] - [End date]

  • [Include a job duty with a number that demonstrates your expertise in medical sales.]

  • [Include a job duty with a number that demonstrates your expertise in medical sales.]

  • [Include a job duty with a number that demonstrates your expertise in medical sales.]

[Job title], [Company name]
[Start date] - [End date]

  • [Include a job duty with a number that demonstrates your expertise in medical sales.]

  • [Include a job duty with a number that demonstrates your expertise in medical sales.]

  • [Include a job duty with a number that demonstrates your expertise in medical sales.]


  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

Medical Representative Resume Example

Here is an example of a resume for a medical representative that you can use to make your own:

Sruthy Srinivasan +91 96406 73948

Professional summary

Dedicated medical sales representative with five years of experience in medical supply sales and a speciality in joint health. Strong verbal communication skills and a thorough knowledge of joint medicine.


Medical representative, Medizine
Agra, Uttar Pradesh
July 2019 - Present

  • Schedule around thirteen meetings per week for product demonstrations and sales presentations tailored to address customer pain points

  • Negotiate contracts with local medical facilities and assessed their supply needs

  • Make cold calls with prospects, resulted in a 40% conversion rate

  • Answer questions and addressed concerns with clients over the phone

Sales representative, Core Pharmaceuticals
Agra, Uttar Pradesh
April 2016 - July 2019

  • Handled the records of 420 customers with accuracy

  • Used expertise in product knowledge to suggest products to clients and answer their queries

  • Visited 75 area medical facilities to establish customer relationships and demonstrate the use of health products


  • Negotiation

  • Medical product knowledge

  • Public speaking

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