Objective For A Business Student Resume (With Samples)

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Updated 30 September 2022

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A resume is often the first way you can make an impression on recruiting and hiring managers The purpose of a resume is to make it as easy as possible for hiring managers to realise that you possess the qualifications they desire in a candidate. If you are a business student, you can promote your skills through an appealing resume objective to potential employers when looking for a job or an internship.

In this article, we discuss what an objective for a business student's resume means, explore tips to write one, provide a few examples and examine the skills required for a business student.

What is an objective for a business student resume?

An objective for a business student resume summarises the professional experience, educational qualifications, proficiencies and accomplishments in two to three sentences and explains why you are suitable for the position. It is a statement about career goals that goes at the top of a resume and showcases relevant skills that apply to the role. A well-written business student objective statement can help you highlight your resume and get a competitive advantage and can increase your chances of getting an internship or job.

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Why is a business student's resume objective important?

A resume objective for a business student is crucial because it is an excellent opportunity to get the attention and interest of potential employers. An objective statement serves as an overview of a candidate's relevant and noteworthy accomplishments and ambitions, helping employers to peruse your resume and evaluate your academic career and professional experience. This makes it possible for them to determine your suitability for a certain position. It can help impress prospective employers and make you seem considerate, well-informed and competent.

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What are the benefits of writing a resume objective?

You can consider the benefits of an objective statement given below before drafting your own:

  • Emphasising your accomplishments: You can showcase relevant professional and academic successes that demonstrate that you are a competent contender for the position. A resume objective is a great opportunity to promote your achievements.

  • Showcasing your knowledge: Your resume objective can be an excellent reflection of your business expertise and academic strengths. Consider ensuring that your statement displays these characteristics and making it informative and interesting to read to persuade hiring managers to give you a chance.

  • Assessing your capabilities: Preparing such a statement is a suggestible method of self-critiquing your academic qualifications, extracurricular activities, talents and personal interests, which can be beneficial for making a potentially better career decision.

  • Establishing your professionalism: An objective statement is one of the first things an employer sees when reviewing your application. This makes it important to craft a concise and information-backed objective relevant to the organisation you applied for to ensure they notice your professional approach.

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How to write an effective business student resume objective

Writing a persuasive resume objective for a business student that gets the attention of hiring managers can help you strengthen your candidature for the role. Given below are seven steps that can help guide you in your writing process:

1. Indicate your career goals

One of the most significant functions of an objective is to communicate your career aspirations. Consider the type of opportunity you are looking for presently and set your long-term goals. You might look for job opportunities, an internship or a managerial position. Whatever the case may be, state your goal in a straightforward and professional manner. It is also a smart idea to tailor your career objective according to the position and organisation.

2. Mention your academic qualifications

Your educational qualifications and achievements are likely to be your most relevant qualifications when you are a student. If you are pursuing or completed any business-related courses, include them in your objective statement. Highlight any outstanding academic distinctions or achievements in your objective. For instance, if you created business or marketing plans during your studies that gained you recognition, mentioning it can be beneficial. This demonstrates that you possess strong academic credentials.

3. Include relevant work experience

Even if you are applying for an entry-level position, share your prior work experience that illustrates your knowledge of key business sectors. Mentioning your achievements from previous customer-facing roles like cashier, for instance, may express your customer service, problem-solving, organisational and critical thinking abilities. Describing your experience in teaching or assistant jobs can display your communication and coordination skills.

4. Mention noteworthy extracurricular activities

You might take part in extracurricular activities as a student that always looks attractive on resumes. Such activities can demonstrate your dedication to developing your abilities, increasing your knowledge and growing your professional network. Sharing your participation in business-related or other extracurricular activities can show your professional approach to self-development and versatility in approach. If you worked as a student representative, raised funds for charity or organised college festivals, mentioning so can express your leadership, organisation or innovation skills.

5. Highlight relevant skills

You may use your objective statement to underline the skills you possess that qualify you for the position. These abilities might be because of your education, previous employment, hobbies or other pursuits. Specify any technical capabilities that apply to the position. For instance, the employer may look for people who know how to use specific business software systems or manage databases. Emphasising any skills relevant to the job, whether technical, hard or soft, shows prospective employers that you are aware of the job responsibilities and possess requisite skills.

6. Keep it brief

A recruiter or hiring manager typically receives and reviews several resumes regularly to decide whether candidates possess the skills and experience necessary to advance to the next stage in the recruiting process. You may be more effective in getting their attention by keeping your statement accurate, concise and data-backed. Avoid filler words such as a, like and et cetera, along with words that can make your statement seem misleading. This assists the reader in concentrating on the most significant aspects of your resume.

7. State your value proposition

When deciding whether to contact someone for an interview, hiring managers generally wish to know how much value they can offer to the organisation. By clearly outlining your value propositions, you can increase your chance of selection over another candidate with similar experience. This makes it an excellent opportunity to discuss your ambition, professionalism, business acumen, proven expertise of successes or special abilities briefly.

Skills for business students

Here are some important skills you may highlight in your objective statement:


Business students can use networking skills to build rapport with experts and stay updated on industry developments. It is one of the most valuable talents for business students as it allows them to meet professionals to finance their projects, eventually. They can also gain access to professional business expertise and receive feedback on their business ideas through a strong network.


Negotiation is the collaborative process of creating a plan, agreement, concession or any understanding with others. Possessing excellent negotiation skills allows you to work successfully with colleagues and clients, ensure a company's best interests and help earn profits. This can serve as a critical business skill later in your professional career.


Finance, economics and accounting skills are necessary for business students, as they are important aspects of running and managing a business. It is critical that they learn how to generate revenue, lower expenses, save money and make wise investment decisions. These skills enable them to promote strategies to ensure an organisation's financial wellbeing.

Strategic planning

Business students might use strategic planning to achieve their career objectives. This capability allows them to determine the goals they want to attain for their organisation and then strategise means to get there. They can develop their strategic planning skills by assessing their company's present state and employing their management expertise, analytical and leadership abilities and further their careers.

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Template for a business student's resume objective

Given below is a sample template for you to use and customise when you write your own:

[A few relevant adjectives] business student with [number of years of experience or other professional or academic achievements] looking for a [name of the position] at [name of the firm].

Examples of resume objectives for business students

Here are some examples of resume objectives that can help you draft your own:

  • Driven and ambitious MBA graduate with a 9.5 CGPA, proven experience in digital marketing and great business acumen seeking a managerial position with AWish, Inc. Demonstrated leadership abilities and excellent communication skills, responsible for running successful marketing campaigns.

  • Recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in business administration looking for an entry-level job in the FMCG industry. Detail-oriented self-starter who is eager to learn, with outstanding marketing, leadership and management acumen and expertise.

  • Dedicated and passionate business student, completing a bachelor's degree in operations management and interested in a part-time job at Freedom Ltd as an office administrator. Wish to apply my organisational and data-collection skills to improve the firm's productivity and expand my business administration and social care experience.

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