How To Write An Objective For A College Professor Resume

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Published 1 July 2022

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When applying for a college professor role, having an objective statement on your resume that summarises your qualifications and career goals is often helpful. This also allows you to personalise your resume for each job and gain a competitive advantage. When applying for jobs, learning how to write a resume objective for a college professor can help you create an attractive resume and can help you get shortlisted. In this article, we discuss what an objective for a college professor resume is, explain how to write one and provide templates, examples and tips to help you write one better.

What Is An Objective For A College Professor Resume?

An objective for a college professor resume is a brief paragraph usually placed at the top of a resume that describes your career goals and reasons for applying for a specific position. An objective statement may include details about your education, work experience and skills suitable for the role. This allows a hiring manager to assess your qualification and experience and determine if you are an ideal fit for the position and can contribute to the organisation effectively.

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How To Write An Objective For A College Professor Resume

Here are the steps you can follow when writing an objective statement for your college professor resume:

1. Establish your career goals

Make a list of your career goals as a college professor before writing your resume objective. This can assist you in determining the purpose of your job application. For instance, you may wish to teach a specific subject or advance from introductory to advanced courses. You can include the most important career objective relevant to the position for which you are applying in your resume objective.

2. Mention skills relevant to the role

Determine the common soft and hard skills necessary to be successful as a college professor. Select two or three of the most applicable skills that you may use for your resume objective. Critical thinking, conflict resolution, verbal and written communication, decision-making, active listening and organisational abilities are some essential skills for college professors.

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3. Highlight your experience

Consider highlighting your relevant experience or education in the objective section of your resume. For instance, you can discuss your research and publication experience and prior experience as a professor or in a similar position. This helps the hiring manager to understand that you are aware of the responsibilities this job entails and have proven experience in successfully fulfilling them.

4. Emphasise your expertise

A resume objective also conveys to the recruiting managers the benefits that you can offer to the college or university. For instance, your expertise in a specific subject may help enhance the reputation of the college. Mentioning this in the resume objective indicates your confidence in the given subject and also your eagerness to work and contribute to the organisation and succeed. This can increase the chance of convincing your suitability for the role and getting shortlisted subsequently.

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4. Customise your objective for each application

To match the job description, modify the resume objective of your every job application. This can help you identify and emphasise the goals, skills and qualifications relevant to a specific position in your objective statement. For instance, one job posting may ask for excellent communication and mentoring skills in a candidate, while another may require candidates to have experience with specific teaching software. When customising your resume objective, refer to the job description to ensure its relevance to the position.

5. Proofread and edit

After you finish writing your resume objective, proofread it and ensure it is free from any typing and grammatical errors. Ensure your objective's tone and phrase structure are in the correct order to create a positive impact on the recruiting manager. During proofreading, if you find a word that does not add much value, consider removing it. If you feel a shorter version of a phrase makes more sense, change it. To get your potential employer's attention, make the resume objective concise and relevant and informative.

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Templates For Resume Objectives For College Professors

You can create your own unique objective using the following resume templates and modifying their structure:

  • Looking for a position at [college name] as a [job title] to explore opportunities in the [field]. I have gained [skills] that can help me excel in my role.

  • A [two or three relevant adjectives] candidate looking for the role of [job title from the job description] to apply my [skills] and contribute to [college name].

  • I am a [mention soft skills] candidate looking for a position at your [college name] as [job title] where I can contribute using my [skills].

7 Examples Of College Professor Resume Objectives

Here are some examples of college professor resume objectives you can use for reference when writing your own:

  1. Distinguished professional looking to secure a teaching position with EDCU University where I can apply my six years of teaching experience and skills in communication and leadership as a lecturer at DYC College.

  2. Experienced college professor moving to Mumbai in June and looking to work with a university where I can apply my knowledge of maths and science.

  3. Enthusiastic individual with excellent academic, organisational and interpersonal abilities and a passion for teaching who is seeking a college professor position at New Delhi College.

  4. Looking for a job at Dhirendra Academic University as a college professor with eight years of teaching experience and excellent communication and team management skills.

  5. Hard-working professional with teaching experience looking for a college professor position at BDC University.

  6. A college professor with over eight years of experience looking for a professor role when I relocate to New Delhi in May. I hope to work for an established university where I can use my business knowledge to help students achieve exemplary results.

  7. As a college professor with 11 years of teaching experience, I am looking for the opportunity to work in an advanced position where I can apply my extensive knowledge of aeronautical physics.

Important Skills For A College Professor Resume Objective

Here are some skills of a college professor you can include in your resume objective:


College professors require excellent written and verbal communication skills. Excellent communication skills help others comprehend what they are teaching and proposing in academic documents. It also helps to understand and resolve student questions and to deliver lessons effectively.


It is important for college professors to explain the materials they teach and solve any queries that students may ask. Strong reasoning and problem-solving abilities are necessary for research as well. While conducting research or mentoring research scholars, they may face many challenges and good reasoning and problem-solving skills allow them to consider the information available and decide accordingly.

Time management

Time management skills, including planning and goal setting, assist professors in completing all necessary material in each lecture, following the syllabus over several weeks and adding student grades as per the academic calendar of the college. College professors use additional time management skills such as strategic thinking, multitasking and scheduling to advise students on organising their work and meeting deadlines.

If a professor is also working in research or pursuing other goals in academia alongside teaching, it is important to manage adequate time to ensure they do not neglect one because of the other, for which effective time management is of the utmost importance.

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Computer literacy

College professors utilise computer skills in the classroom and for administrative duties. They use word processors, slideshow programs and internet software to create presentations and assignments and they often teach students how to conduct online research. College professors use portals and online educational tools to monitor and provide feedback on students' work. Performing such duties successfully requires basic computer proficiency.

Tips For Writing A College Professor Resume Objective

Here are some tips you can consider while writing your resume objective for the college professor role:

  • Use action verbs. Incorporating action verbs when describing your previous job's responsibilities or skills provides an insight into your professional approach and experience can add value to your candidature. Action verbs such as facilitate, mentor and develop demonstrate dedication, experience and competence for the college professor position.

  • Keep it clear and concise. While you can include more information in your resume objective, keep it clear, concise and informative so that potential employers can easily review it and get to know you. Usually, resume objectives are brief paragraphs with two or three lines describing you and your career goals.

  • Mention relevant certifications or degrees. While the education section of your resume contains more information about your academics, it is beneficial to include any relevant degrees or certificates in your objective. You can highlight your relevant qualifications to increase the chances of convincing the recruiting managers to consider or shortlist you for the role.

  • Include transferable skills. Your most recent or current job may have different responsibilities than the role for which you are applying. In that situation, you can emphasise any transferable skill you have, such as communication, decision-making, public speaking, research or conflict-resolution skills in the resume objective to make it relevant to a professor's job.

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