How To Write An Objective For A Construction Worker Resume

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Published 26 May 2022

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A construction worker can have different roles and responsibilities at different levels of experience in their job. Including position-specific details in your resume can help you showcase the required skills and experience and make you a strong candidate. A carefully written resume objective that shows your goals and background can help you highlight those details. In this article, we discuss what is an objective for a construction worker resume, explain how to write one and provide some useful skills and tips for an objective, along with some objective examples.

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What is an objective for a construction worker resume?

An objective for a construction worker resume is a concise statement that underlines the professional background and aspirations of a candidate for this position. It usually includes two to three sentences that highlight information such as past experiences, skills and career objectives. A resume objective can often help the hiring managers to quickly get to know candidates without having to read their entire resumes.

Hiring managers read many resumes when reviewing profiles for any position. A well-written resume objective can increase your chances of getting selected for the interview and also make you a strong candidate. You can include information such as your knowledge about different tools, types of construction, how a construction site operates and other necessary skills that are beneficial for this profile.

How to write a construction worker resume objective?

Here are some steps you can follow to create your resume objective:

1. Begin with your professional title

Your professional title is the first thing to provide in your resume objective. While you may use construction worker as your title, if you work in a specialised role, you can use a more particular title. To demonstrate to the employers that you have experience in the sector, you can add an adjective, such as experienced or seasoned, before your professional title in your resume objective that defines your background in the work.

2. Mention your work experience

Your experience is another important element of your resume objective. Mentioning it can help the hiring managers and potential employers learn about your work history and assess your capability for the role. You may add the number of years in the field, your experience working with different equipment and projects you were a part of, or the ones led by you.

3. Highlight your key skills

After mentioning your professional title and work experience, you can include specific skills that you may have acquired during your previous jobs. You can include skills that are relevant to the position for which you are applying. Review the job profile and identify the skills that you possess. You can then include them in your resume objective so that employers can see that you have the qualifications they are searching for in a new hire.

4. Include your career goals

Your career goal is the last element to include in your resume objective. It is one of the most significant elements since it can tell your potential employers how the position they are offering can assist you in achieving your goals. In construction, many professionals may have career goals like advancing to higher-level job titles, taking part in specific types of building projects and learning how to use specialised equipment.

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Helpful construction worker skills by type

Below are some of the skills by type that you can include in your resume objective depending upon the job profile of the position you are applying for:

Physical skills

Below are some physical skills you may require for this profile:

  • physical strength

  • physical stamina

  • endurance

  • dexterity

  • hand-eye coordination

  • strong eyesight

  • first aid and CPR

  • use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • good hearing

  • safety protocol

  • fine motor skills

Design skills

Below are some design skills you may require for this profile:

  • measurements

  • building codes

  • safe worksite development

  • computer-aided drafting (CAD)

Safety Skills

These skills can be governing actions, devices, or procedures that help in minimising the risks of loss, injury, or damage.

Here is how safety skill can be used on a construction worker's resume:- Read, analyse and interpret general documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions and procedural manuals.

  • Prepare the work area for each job to ensure safety and obtain all necessary tools for the job.

  • Direct traffic when necessary to ensure safety of pedestrians, motorists and work crew.

  • Thorough knowledge of working with hazardous materials in accordance to safety rules.

Cognitive skills

Below are some cognitive skills you may require for this profile:

  • reading

  • writing

  • critical thinking

  • problem-solving

  • technical vocabulary

  • memory

  • organisation

  • documentation

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Technical building skills

Below are some technical building skills you may require for this profile:

  • carpentry

  • stonework

  • welding

  • surveying

  • tiling

  • metalwork

  • carpeting

  • framing

  • plumbing

  • drywall texturing

  • drywall installation

  • electrical wiring

  • painting

  • roofing

  • demolition

  • power tool use

  • pipe fitting

  • lathing

  • window and door installation

  • minor equipment repair

  • trimming

  • heavy equipment operation

Technical skills

Below are some technical skills you may require for this profile:

  • construction management software

  • building information modelling

  • using drones

Soft skills

Below are some soft skills you may require for this profile:

  • communication

  • writing messages

  • conflict resolution

  • delivering and following instructions

  • leadership

  • teamwork

  • customer service

  • emotional intelligence

  • price negotiation

  • worksite management

  • willingness to learn

  • growth mindset

  • independence

  • time management

  • self-motivation

  • vocational training

Tips to write a resume objective as a construction worker

Below are some tips that you can follow while writing your resume objective:

Keep it short

Keep your resume objective concise and include only the relevant details. It can improve your prospects of a potential employer noticing your resume because they may have already many applications to review. Ensure that your resume objective is only one or two sentences long.

Emphasise important details

Including information that is relevant to the position that you are applying for can be helpful. It can help hiring managers determine whether you are capable to take the role. You can refer to the job description to see which details you can include.

Highlight your industry knowledge

As a construction worker, you may undertake a wide range of activities. It may be beneficial to let the hiring managers know that you are capable of working in a number of settings. You can include technical vocabulary to emphasise your building skills.

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Construction worker resume objective examples

Following are some sample resume objectives that you can use when you are unsure of how to write one. You can customise them according to the position you are applying for:

  • Dynamic, energetic and dedicated individual with four years of experience in tilling, surveying, cleaning, scaffolding and digging, seeking a construction worker position with StrongHome Constructors.

  • Seasoned construction professional with six years of experience in residential and commercial construction, looking for a supervisory role in a large construction team.

  • Hardworking and punctual construction worker with five years in the construction industry and excellent skills in surveying and heavy equipment operation, seeking a position with Build Constructors.

  • Experienced construction worker with great cement and plasterwork abilities, good organisational and collaboration skills, seeking a construction team with more hands-on management.

  • A resourceful and dedicated construction professional with seven years of construction experience and the ability to operate heavy equipment looking for a position with Build Constructors.

  • Construction worker with five years of experience in roofing and flooring, expertise with bulldozers and trenches, seeking a position that allows me to develop my understanding of external construction.

  • Dedicated, proactive and punctual construction worker with three years of experience in drywall texturing, drywall installation and painting looking for a construction job with Build Constructors. Possesses the ability to keep a safe and pleasant work environment.

  • Seasoned construction professional with eight years of experience in the construction sector and strong surveying and hardware installation abilities seeking employment with a firm that offers opportunities for career advancement.

  • An experienced construction professional with manual dexterity, knowledge of construction equipment and carpentry looking for a position with Build Constructors to enhance skills and experience.

  • Proactive construction worker with teamwork abilities and five years of experience in concrete mixing, hardware installation and electrical wiring looking for a position with a company that offers opportunities for career advancement.

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