How To Write An Objective For An Executive Assistant Resume

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 4 June 2022

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An executive assistant manages the schedules and communication of top-level executives in their company by answering emails and phone, scheduling meetings, and arranging their travel. They require specific skills such as organisation, time management, efficiency and technical skills to qualify for this position. Knowing what to write on your resume while applying for an executive assistant role can significantly enhance your chances of securing an interview. In this article, we discuss why career objectives are essential, explain how you can write an objective for an executive assistant resume and share some templates and examples for your reference.

What is the purpose of an objective for an executive assistant resume?

The objective for an executive assistant resume serves as a clear introduction to your resume that compels prospective employers to consider you for the job. Administrative assistants usually have sensitive and crucial responsibilities that can make enormous contributions to productivity at all levels of the organisation. They often act as the link between employees and top executives, like CEOs and CFOs. It is necessary that the resume objective statement of an executive assailant highlights their administrative skills, clerical knowledge and leadership strengths.

While it is not mandatory to provide a career objective on your resume, adding one can make it easier to review. After going through your career objective, the hiring manager can understand your unique strengths and be more interested in reading your resume. This is helpful when you are applying for a highly competitive role, like an executive assistant, where the recruiter is likely to scan through the resumes of several competent candidates. In such instances, a career objective can help the recruiter decide whether or not you get shortlisted for the next interview round.

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How to write an executive assistant resume objective

The career objective statement aims to make a favourable impression on the recruiter through a few sentences. This means that every word you include in the objective statement requires thought and consideration. You can follow these steps to write a resume objective that conveys why you are the perfect candidate for the job:

1. Discuss your experience, degrees and certifications

An executive assistant role may require specific qualifications. This can be an MBA, some other business degree or prior assistantship experience. If the role requires you to attend meetings with top executives or make decisions that affect other employees' workflow, you may also require management experience. Possessing the necessary qualifications and having done similar work in the past can make you eligible for the job. Mention all such details that match the job requirements in the first line of your objective statement.

Example: Executive assistant with an MBA degree from Master's Business School having two years of work experience designing schedules for business leaders and improving the communication process between employees and C-level executives.

2. Mention your soft and hard skills

An executive assistant requires a combination of technical and transferable skills, making them an asset to any company. Your hard skills as an executive assistant may include proficiency with software applications for maintaining schedules and arranging events, knowledge of clerical and administrative procedures and expertise in data entry. Similarly, desirable soft skills for this role may include time management, interpersonal communication, organisation and multitasking capabilities. Having a good balance of both types of skills can be crucial in handling the responsibilities of the job.

Example: A professional executive assistant with extensive experience using software to manage calendars and organise office events. Looking to add value to the company as a highly organised and capable multitasker with strong communication skills to interact with numerous people at every level of the company.

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3. Address your career goals

Explain how your long-term career goals align with the current job requirements in the following sentence. You can mention the achievements you hope to make if the employer hires you. The hiring manager may appreciate that you have thought about how you can benefit the company. This can also show that you have conducted research about the employer and understand the requirements of the desired role. Mentioning your long-term professional goals also indicates passion and shows a high possibility of staying with the company to reach your aim.

Example: Dedicated and ambitious executive assistant with 10+ years of experience in administration, finance management, relationship-building and instructional leadership. Seeking a senior administrative assistant position at your organisation to train entry-level administrators and boost productivity in the workplace.

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4. Customise with company-specific information

You may apply for multiple executive assistant positions at different companies when looking for a new job. Include the name of the company you are applying to and the title of the position you are seeking. Match the details of the objective statement with skill and experience related keywords from the company's job description. Changing the statement for every job application adds an element of personalisation to the resume objective and convinces the recruiter that you want to work for their company specifically.

Example: Skilled executive assistant experienced in managing payroll, typing correspondences, scheduling coordination and maintaining staff communications in the entertainment industry for C-level executives. Looking to bring five years of industry knowledge and expertise to the executive assistant position for the CEO of Wavewood Enterprises.

5. Show your work achievements

Sharing your professional accomplishments can highlight what makes you a promising candidate and persuade them to pick your resume over other applicants. Include any recognition, awards and positive results you have achieved as an executive assistant or in a similar role. To keep it concise, choose one accomplishment that is essential for the hiring manager to know. You can avoid this section if you do not have a considerable achievement to mention.

Example: Seeking the position of executive assistant at Wavewood Studios to help expedite the organisation's workflow. Bringing over twenty years of administrative experience in accounting, communications, bookkeeping and schedule management. Received special recognition for enhancing productivity levels by 20% within one year.

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Resume objective templates

Whether this is your first time working as an executive assistant or you have considerable experience, here are some versatile templates to create an impactful resume objective :

  • Disciplined and ambitious individual with a [name of degree] and preliminary experience as an assistant for [previous job/internship]. Seeking to use my [soft and hard skills] in the executive assistant position at [name of company] and help company leaders reach their productivity and communication goals.

  • Seeking an executive position for [name of company] to use my [number of years] years of experience in [previous relevant responsibilities]. Received special recognition at my last job for [achievement] and look forward to bringing the same level of expertise into my next role.

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5 Examples of an objective for an executive assistant resume

Here are five examples of executive assistant resume objectives you can refer to:

1. Disciplined and ambitious individual with a B.Com degree and three years of experience as an office assistant in corporate office setups. Seeking to adapt my strong interpersonal skills and schedule management experience to the executive assistant position at Wavewood and help executives reach their productivity and communication goals.

2. Seeking an executive position for Wavewood Industries to use my five years of experience in handling complex office administrative work and using various computer applications to manage daily schedules with efficiency. Received special recognition at my last job for my proven track record in meeting deadlines and resolving problems independently. I look forward to bringing the same level of expertise into my next role.

3. Dependable professional desiring an executive assistant job at Wavewood Financials. Efficient in handling bookkeeping systems, maintaining the confidentiality of highly sensitive information and corresponding with fellow administrators. Eager to demonstrate my excellent organisation abilities and time management skills in a fast-paced environment.

4. Organised and skilled executive assistant with ten years of experience working for C-level executives. I can schedule appointments, prepare itineraries, submit expense reports, maintain executives' daily calendars, coordinate travel arrangements and plan logistics efficiently. Seeking an executive assistant job in the vice president's office of Wavewood Industries.

5. Self-motivated and energetic professional with 15 years of experience fulfilling clerical roles for large organisations. This involved carrying out multiple administrative tasks, screening all incoming phone calls, enquiries, visitors and correspondence, recording meeting minutes and filing sensitive documents. Pursuing an executive assistant position at Wavewood to provide support to chief officers.

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