Writing The Objective For An Office Administrator Resume

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 26 May 2022

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A resume objective is often one of the first sections an employer notices. It is a summary including details such as the position you are applying for, your experience level, education, previous job duties, values you bring to the organisation and career goals. To get the best outcome from your resume objective, it is important to establish a meaningful and clear objective statement that can help you demonstrate that you are a competent candidate.

In this article, we list steps to write an effective objective for an office administrator resume with examples to help you write your own and look at a list of important skills to use.

How to write an effective objective for an office administrator resume

Here are steps you can follow to write a clear and effective objective for an office administrator resume:

1. Keep it concise

As hiring managers review numerous resumes, it is important to make your resume objective as concise as possible. This can make it easier for them to browse and consider your resume. Keep your objective straightforward but convincing to capture their attention. Include only the essential details about yourself. Consider using concise vocabulary and exclude redundant filler words.

2. Emphasise your significance

Include your abilities and experience that you can contribute to the company. For an office administrator role, these may include your years of experience, success in a comparable work setting and organisational, time management, communication or other job-related skills. Describe your strongest abilities and objectives in a way that creates the hiring manager's interest.

3. Begin with your strengths

Make sure the employer first finds the professional achievements and strengths you are most proud of. Ensure the strengths you mention are related to the job description of the job you are applying for. For instance, you may begin your resume objective with, Organised and trustworthy professional or Motivated leader seeking an office administrative role.

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4. Reflect you match the company's needs

As office administrators, job obligations may vary based on organisation, conduct research on each organisation to ascertain how you could benefit them. Include how you can do to add value to the organisation in your resume objective. This demonstrates to the hiring manager how you can benefit the organisation while demonstrating your diligence and commitment to the role.

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5. Customise your objective

The purpose of a resume objective is to show the hiring manager that you are qualified and can add value to the organisation. If you are applying for many administrative assistant positions, create a unique resume objective for each position rather than using the same objective for all job applications. Refer to each job description to match your strengths to the company's requirements.

6. Add relevant qualifications

While you include your education and qualifications in another section of your resume, highlight degrees or certifications in your resume objective that distinguish you from other candidates. This is particularly helpful if you are a fresh graduate or have limited professional experience. For instance, you may write, Seeking to apply the skills I learned while my bachelor's degree in business administration to an entry-level role.

7. Focus on the future

Include in your career objectives your passion for growing professionally. For instance, you could discuss your desire to advance within the organisation. These details demonstrate to employers that you are a self-starter and committed to your career. Additionally, they show whether you and your employer share common goals.

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Skills to include in an office administrator resume objective

Employers looking for an office administrator often check for prior work experience and personality traits. The following are some of the skills you can include on your objective for an office administrator resume to increase your suitability for the job:


The organisation is typically one of the essential qualities an office administrator possesses. As an administrator, you can expect to multitask daily. Having an organised work environment assists you in concentrating on your job and increasing your efficiency in performing your duties. By mentioning your abilities like goals setting, planning and managing time, your resume objective can demonstrate you possess good organisational skills.


Including problem-solving skills in your resume objective can give you a competitive advantage. Possessing strong problem-solving abilities can assist you in creating an effective action plan to tackle an issue. By applying techniques such as brainstorming and analysing alternative ideas, you can improve your problem-solving abilities.

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One of the administrator's primary responsibilities is to respond to enquiries from clients, customers and possible business partners. As an administrator, you are often on the phone or sending emails to clients summarising critical business information. Effective communication can help ensure that the information you transmit is correct. You can mention communication habits such as active listening and empathy to show the hiring manager that you possess good communication skills.

Logical thinking skills

Office administrators possess logical thinking abilities to properly understand critical situations. They have situational awareness and the ability to regulate emotions constructively so that they do not interfere with the decision-making processes. Mentioning this skill in your resume objective can help employers perceive you as suitable for an administrative role.

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Computer literacy

Computer knowledge is one of the most desirable abilities of an office administrator. Due to advancements in technology, many companies are embracing digital management systems. A certain level of computer literacy can help your learning and newer software and tools. You can consider mentioning any specific computer skills applicable to the job you are applying for.

Quick-learning skills

With the rapid advancement in technology, offices may adopt a new scheduling system or their supervisor may require completing a task using unfamiliar software. The office administrator needs to learn and adapt to the new approach. Office administrators who are quick learners and versatile can rapidly build abilities to boost efficiency and production. Fast learning skills on your resume can make you look like a more flexible candidate, which employers often prefer.

Resume objective template for an office administrator

Here is a general template you can use when creating a resume objective:

[A few relevant adjectives] administrator with [amount of experience you have] years of experience. Seeking a [briefly describe the role you are seeking].

Resume objective examples for an office administrator

A compelling objective statement can demonstrate to hiring managers that you can navigate the organisation to success. Consider the following sample resume objectives to assist you in writing your own:

  • Strong logical thinker, problem-solver and motivated leader seeking a position in the administration department. Interested in utilising my more than eight years of customer service expertise and business management techniques to motivate people and foster collaboration and innovative thinking in the workplace.

  • Passionate office assistant with over two years of expertise in business management seeking a position in office administration at Voilet Industries. Interested in utilising data analysis, strategic management and communication abilities to assess and improve corporate productivity rates and establish long-term financial targets for success.

  • Creative problem solver with an in-depth understanding of business structure and operation, seeking work as an office administrator with Mango Media Company. Interested in effectively managing everyday paperwork and administrative obligations while applying time management and organisational skills.

  • A detail-oriented and socially aware business manager seeking work as an office administrator at Purple Production Inc. Interested in leveraging excellent leadership and problem-solving ability to streamline production processes, do market research and train staff.

  • Organised and driven individual with six years of management expertise and capable of working autonomously. Looking for an office administrator position with MangoTree Company where I can utilise my organisational and software skills to improve workplace productivity.

  • A detail-oriented individual capable of prioritising several jobs with time constraints, interested in the role of office administrator with expertise in information technology systems and strong administrative abilities.

  • Professional with experience managing various office tasks and a bachelor's degree in business administration, I am looking for an office administrator position where I can leverage my 12+ years of expertise in handling administrative support duties.

  • Seeking an office administrator position that allows me to utilise my honed management skills, strong organisational abilities, excellent interpersonal relationship skills and four years of experience working as an office assistant.

  • Professional with strong administrative abilities and the capacity to manage several responsibilities. Proficient with office software and relational databases. I am seeking an office administrator position with seven years of expertise and strong organisational abilities to ensure seamless office operation.

  • Exceptionally organised individual with three years of administrative assistant experience. Interested in advancing my career as an office administrator by applying my demonstrated ability to take the initiative and follow through on administrative responsibilities professionally.

  • Demonstrated history of workplace performance and an MBA. Interested in the office administrator role to utilise my great organisational and written communication skills. Bringing six years of administrative expertise in addition to strong accounting and human resource abilities to the task of coordinating administrative efforts across departments.

  • Well organised and adaptable administrator, fluent in computer skills. Seeking an office administrator position to utilise my five years of expertise and skills as an office administrator to ensure operational efficiency.

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