How To Write An Objective For A Public Relations Resume

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Updated 4 February 2023

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Public relations (PR) professionals are accountable for maintaining and enhancing an organisation's reputation and perception among the public. Individuals in this position frequently engage with marketing team members and business leaders to build a company's or individual's brand identity. If you are looking to work in public relations, writing an engaging resume objective can help you enhance your candidature and increase your chances of getting hired.

In this article, we discuss the importance of an objective for a public relations resume, provide steps to write one, offer examples to use as a guide and look at tips to write an effective one.

Why An Objective For A Public Relations Resume Is Important

The objective for a public relations resume is a statement often at the start of a candidate's resume that summarises the candidate's key professional objectives and strongest relevant credentials. It is usually one to four sentences long. This statement establishes the tone of the resume and highlights the candidate's professional background and skills, along with applicable industry qualifications. A PR resume objective explains briefly why a candidate is suitable for the role of a public relations specialist and increases the chances of convincing the hiring managers to review the entire resume and getting shortlisted for the job.

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How To Write An Objective For A Public Relations Resume

You can follow these five steps to write a resume objective for a public relations role:

1. Review the job description

The first step when you draft a resume objective is to review the job description thoroughly. Find out the job's eligibility criteria to ensure that you meet them. You can also study the job's primary duties and note the terms used by the employer. This way, you can incorporate the same keywords which are applicable to your resume objective.

This can show the hiring manager why you are an ideal candidate for the job and also increase the chances of passing any screening test by applicant tracking systems (ATS). An ATS software filters candidate resumes based on the hiring criteria of the employer.

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2. List your skills

Consider the relevant skills you possess and select the most important ones to highlight in your resume objective. If the employer is searching for certain technical skills, include any that apply to your objective statement. For instance, if an employer expects candidates to be proficient in specific marketing software, you can mention that you meet this requirement in your objective.

You can elaborate on your familiarity with the software and other professional accomplishments in your cover letter or resume. This can ultimately demonstrate your suitability and interest for the role besides adding value to your candidature and giving you a competitive advantage.

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3. Consider your work experience

Consider your work and volunteering experience that can demonstrate your professional capabilities and readiness to perform the PR role's responsibilities. Choose one or two relevant experiences to include in your resume objective. For instance, if you have worked as a public relations manager for over five years, it may be helpful to include that experience in the objective. This communicates to the employer that you are aware of the responsibilities the position entails and prepared to take on a leadership or management role if required.

4. Mention certifications you hold

If you hold any licences, certifications or other specialised qualifications in your area, the objective statement is an excellent section to highlight them. You can also include a section on these qualifications later in your resume. Mention the certifying year and name of the organisation that issued the certification. Consider any prizes or scholarships you have received in your sector that attest to your professional abilities and knowledge.

Resume Objective Templates For A Job In PR

By including in your details, experience and education, you may create your unique objective using the following resume templates and changing their structure:

  • I am a [mention soft skills] candidate looking for a position at your [company] as [job title] where I can contribute using my [skills] and develop myself as a PR professional.

  • An experienced candidate looking [job title from the job description] to apply my [skills] and contribute to [organisation name] and increase its reputation and brand image.

  • Looking for a position at [organisation] as a [job title] to explore opportunities in the [field]. As a motivated PR professional and fast learner, I have gained [skills] that I can use to enhance the organisation's reputation.

3 Resume Objective Examples For PR Professionals

Analysing sample resume objectives can assist you in writing yours better. Your resume objective may change depending on your level of experience in the sector and the specific job tasks. Customise your objective statement for the particular industry and organisation for which you are applying.

Following are three resume objective examples for public relations professionals that you can refer to while drafting your own:

  1. Passionate marketing student seeking an internship with BCDS Games to develop and enhance my organisational and communication abilities and gain professional experience in the public relations role. I am interested in contributing to the company's objective of providing instructive and engaging games for school-aged children.

  2. Enthusiastic public relations professional with three years of experience in public communications and marketing with a proven record of demonstrating problem-solving and collaboration skills, along with a strong work ethic. Seeking a position as a social media professional for True Sound, where I can apply my social engagement skills and help the company raise its conversion and sales rates.

  3. Marketing manager with five years of experience in project management, brand development, innovation and problem-solving. Looking to obtain the position of PR manager at Cantville Farms to contribute to your organisation's aim of expanding community access to healthy food.

Tips For Writing A Resume Objective For A PR Job

Follow these tips to write an effective resume objective for a PR role:

  • Be specific. Be clear in your resume objective when describing your work experiences and professional skills. For instance, you may express your competence with particular computer software rather than simply stating that you possess technical abilities.

  • Use numbers. Hiring managers may find your professional achievements more engaging if you use numbers to quantify them. Consider tracking your performance using multiple indicators and demonstrating your work efficiency or outcomes in your resume objective.

  • Use powerful language. Summarise your career objectives and previous accomplishments using strong verbs. For instance, you may write increased sales revenue by 20% over six months rather than saying you contributed to company growth.

  • Update your objective regularly. As you garner experience and your career objectives evolve, review your resume objective to ensure it accurately reflects your current qualifications, aspirations and expectations. For instance, as you acquire a new skill or certification, you can incorporate it into your resume and objective statement.

  • Ask for help. Asking for assistance can be an excellent approach to enhance your resume objective and ensure that it is comprehensible and relevant to the role and job description. You can consider requesting input on your resume objective from a friend or family member and incorporate the changes accordingly.

Important Skills To Include In Resume Objective For A PR Role

Some key skills that you can benefit from including in your resume objective for a job in PR are:


Many of the principles and philosophies underlying public relations and marketing are similar. Many hiring managers prefer PR professionals with some marketing background or expertise. Marketing experience and skills are easily transferable to a public relations position, as both are concerned with interacting with target audiences and promoting the brand's image and increasing revenue for the company.

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As a PR professional, you may require to communicate with your team, client executives, members of the press and the public regularly. Communication abilities enable you to discover and employ the most successful modes of communication for each audience, maximising your campaign's impact. Demonstrating communication abilities in your objective demonstrates your grasp of the importance and theories of communication.

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An experienced PR professional usually manages and coordinates a team of PR associates. To help ensure the team's consistency and efficiency, you require possessing and utilising leadership qualities. Incorporating leadership skills in your resume objective and demonstrating your expertise in leading a team reflects your ability to manage others and your potential for success in a PR career path.

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Networking abilities enhance a PR professional's ability to influence and engage about releases and information with the press. Their role is to develop and maintain positive networking relationships with media outlets and press members to enhance the company or brand image and maintain cordial professional relations. By including and demonstrating networking abilities in your PR resume objective, you demonstrate to the employer your ability to manage and interact with media and other public representatives.

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Social media

Due to the rapid growth of social media platforms, they have become a critical component of public relations campaigns. Many organisations prefer PR professionals who understand and have experience with social media. You can add social media skills to your resume objective and demonstrate your abilities in further sections by providing instances of previous social media initiatives that produced quantifiable, such as follower and engagement metrics.

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