How To Write An Office Manager Resume Objective In 3 Steps

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Published 1 July 2022

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A resume objective is a short summary of your best professional qualities and reason for applying for a job. Having a concise and effective office manager resume objective can help communicate your value to a hiring manager looking to hire a new office manager. Knowing how to write a high-quality office manager resume objective can be helpful when crafting one to include at the top of your resume.

In this article, we explain what a resume objective is, explain why they are important for office manager roles, give you a step-by-step guide on how to write one, offer you a template for writing your own, provide you with some helpful tips to consider and give you 12 examples for reference.

What Is An Office Manager Resume Objective?

An office manager's resume objective is a succinct, informative statement that you include at the very top of your resume to summarise your professional experience and reason for applying for a job. For office manager roles, you describe your professional experience as it pertains to your role in office management. You can also describe why you are interested in the role in which you are applying and highlight your job-specific skills and how they have served you in the past, in addition to how you plan to use them in the future.

Typically, these objectives are just two or three sentences in length and act as a quick and simple way to convey valuable information. Unlike a professional summary, a resume objective is very job specific and conveys the value that you can bring to the specific role. You include this statement at the very top of your resume, just underneath the header area that details your contact information. This is so hiring managers quickly determine who you are, what position you are applying for and why the job stood out to you.

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Why Are Resume Objectives Important For Office Manager Roles?

Crafting a straightforward resume objective for your office manager resume is important for a variety of reasons. For one, doing so can give the hiring manager a means of quickly and easily establishing who you are as a professional and which job you want with the company. Secondly, this statement can also help hiring managers understand which traits you have and which skills you can bring to the company if it hires you.

Essentially, a resume objective can wholly convey your desire to work in a role and show others what you are capable of and how you can succeed in the future in a quick and concise manner. Because hiring managers often look at many resumes while considering candidates, this objective can help save them time and effort.

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How To Write An Office Manager Resume Objective

Writing a resume objective for an office manager position can be a straightforward process if you follow these three steps:

1. Describe who you are as a professional

You can make a positive first impression on the hiring manager with your resume objective. You can begin this statement by briefly describing who you are as a professional using one or two descriptive adjectives to describe your skills, traits, personality and work ethic. For instance, you may describe yourself as an experienced and dedicated leadership professional. This can help show the hiring manager gain insight into how you regard your professional ability.

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2. State your reason for applying

In some cases, a job may not require you to write a cover letter in which you describe your reason for applying for the office manager role. You can instead write about your intention behind applying for the new in this portion of your resume objective. You may do this in one sentence. You can briefly describe why you are applying for the specific job, which allows the entire resume to be more comprehensive overall.

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3. Give an overview of your qualifications

The conclusion of your office manager resume is a summarisation of your most notable skills and qualifications as they pertain to the specific role for which you are applying. You can leave a positive, long-lasting impression on the hiring manager with this sentence. The hiring manager can learn as many details as possible about your traits, skills, qualifications and professional experiences.

This overview can allow the hiring manager to have the ability to properly gauge how well your talents, qualities and skills align with the specific duties of the new role. It is important to include just your most important qualifications in your resume objective. This can quickly and easily convey to hiring managers your qualifications for the role.

Office Manager Resume Objective Template

You may find it helpful to use an office manager resume objective template to fill in with your own information. Here is one you can use to create yours:

[One to two descriptive adjectives] [role that you desire to fill at the company]. [Concise summary of your work experience, if any] and [short overview of your job-specific skills and qualifications].

It is important to note that you do not have to follow this specific structure when writing your resume objective. If you feel that it works well for the type of information you want to include in your statement, you can simply fill in the brackets with your own details. It may also be possible that you can phrase information differently and convey more meaning. You may decide that inserting adverbs instead of descriptive adjectives may better describe the ways you use your skills, for instance.

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Tips For Writing An Office Manager Resume Objective

Consider these helpful tips when writing your office manager resume objective:

  • Be as succinct as possible. This type of statement is brief in nature. Because of this, it I important to only include the most valuable information in the objective and be as concise as possible.

  • Emphasise your skills. Including your most pertinent, desirable skills in your resume objective can help highlight your qualities and distinguish you from other candidates for the role.

  • Provide real-life examples. Providing details about how you used your skills in real life can help convey your professional qualities and characteristics. Briefly explain which skills you used to accomplish what can help do this.

  • Label the statement: You can preface the office manager resume objective by labelling it. For instance, before the short statement, you may write the Resume objective in bolded letters to capture the hiring manager's attention.

12 Examples Of Office Manager Resume Objectives

It can be helpful to view examples of office manager resume objectives for reference. You can review these 12 examples to help guide you when writing yours:

  • Example 1: Dedicated management professional with three years' experience desiring to fill the open officer manager role at King Creek Consulting Skilled in leadership, management, collaboration, communication and teaching.

  • Example 2: Recent graduate from Oakley Business College of America with a degree in capital resource management. Organised and precise leadership professional with four years of experience in managing club operations.

  • Example 3: Organised and accurate retired office manager with over 25 years of experience in running office operations. Interested in the part-time office manager position.

  • Example 4: Professional office manager interested in filling the office manager position with Brown and Blue Business Solutions. Previously served as head of operations at Capital Business Source and has demonstrated experience in leading others, meeting goals and allocating resources.

  • Example 4: Fast-learning and detail-oriented management professional who is highly experienced in leading others, teaching others and brainstorming office solutions. Focused on meeting goals, getting the job done and solving problems.

  • Example 5: Ambitious and goal-driven office manager at Steinhatchee Biz seeking a role as an office manager at Crawfordville Consulting. Has a decade of experience managing others, managing projects and running operations.

  • Example 6: Experienced and driven office manager hoping to fill the open full-time office manager role at your business. Has managed a staff of 19 for a small business.

  • Example 7: Business management professional hoping to become the next office manager at Prime Meridian Capital Resources. Skilled in organisation, leadership and getting results.

  • Example 8: Professional striving to make a difference in local businesses through offering office management solutions. Has 18 years of experience as a marketing office manager and able to relocate immediately to get the job done.

  • Example 9: Accomplished, Sydney-based business office manager applying for the role of office manager at Gold Coast Business. Has a demonstrated history in successfully managing a large staff.

  • Example 10: Energetic, passionate and results-driven office manager applying for consideration as an office manager at Big Canyon Gold Coast. Immediately able to relocate anywhere in the country to fill one of three office manager positions with any of your locations.

  • Example 11: Hardworking office manager striving to provide the best leadership, teaching and management to large staff wherever I am needed. Has worked for over 10 years as an office manager at Little North Consulting and Business Solutions. Able to provide references if needed.

  • Example 12: Professional and dedicated office manager with 22 years of experience managing staff and operations at Blue Metal Business Operations. Seeking part-time employment as an assistant office manager with Little and Young Consulting Services.

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