How To Write An Operations Manager Resume (With Template)

Updated 21 August 2023

Submitting an impressive and detailed resume is the key to receiving interviews for a job and convincing employers to hire you for a desirable job. As an operations manager is a high-level role, it requires expertise and a resume that showcases the skills, qualifications and experience.

Understanding how to write an operations manager resume can create interest in your resume and ensure career development. In this article, we discuss what a resume of an operations manager is, understand the steps and tips to write a resume and provide a template and example to help you create your resume.

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What Is An Operations Manager Resume?

An operations manager resume is a professional document that candidates send to employers to express interest in a position and discuss their experience, qualification and skills for the role. It serves as an excellent way for employers to learn more about you and understand whether you are a good fit for their culture and work environment. In an operation management resume, you can highlight skills and experience relevant to the job role you are applying for.

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How To Create An Operations Manager Resume?

To understand how to create an operations manager resume, follow these steps:

1. Start by listing your contact information

A good resume starts with a resume header that comprises your name, mobile number, email address and residential address. Providing your contact information at the start of the resume makes it easier for hiring managers to contact you for a suitable job. Consider using a header template to make your resume organised.

Jayesh Shah
45 Neelkanth Apartments, Whitefield
Bengaluru, 530007

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2. Include a professional summary

As hiring managers receive many applications and resumes for a single job role, a professional or resume summary can set you apart from others. With hiring managers skimming and scanning resumes to find a suitable candidate, a well-written resume summary can develop their interest in reading a resume. A professional summary is a one to three sentence description that showcases your most impressive qualification and skills.

Example: Motivated and certified operations manager with four years of experience in improving production processes, strengthening compliance and increasing output and customer satisfaction. Ability to use proven methods and innovative technology to cut costs, streamline operations and increase operational productivity.

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3. Provide your work experience

Include your work experience in reverse chronological order, mentioning the latest experience first. Listing the relevant work experience is essential to showcase whether you fit the job requirement. Consider mentioning your job title followed by the company's name and the duration of employment. You can use a bulleted list to provide details about your work duties and accomplishments. It is an excellent practice to quantify your achievements or accomplishments using a percentage or number.

Operations manager
Hillcart manufacturing unit, Indore
June 2018 –Present

  • Incorporated automated technology into the production process and reduced the manufacturing cost by 40% in two years

  • Created strategies to buy high-quality products that resulted in 15% less wastage

  • Developed a comprehensive employee wellness program that enhanced employee morale by 30% resulting in higher productivity and workplace efficiency

4. List your educational qualification

Next, give details about your educational qualification. While most employers do not expect a candidate to share information about their higher secondary, they expect a candidate to provide details about their postgraduate and graduate degrees. When discussing your academic background, provide the name of the institution, its location and the year of study. Consider providing the CGPA and list any awards or accolades you won.

MBA in Operations management
Mumbai Business School, Mumbai
April 2016 – March 2020

  • CGPA of 7.8/10

B.Tech in Mechanical engineering
Coimbatore College of Technology, Coimbatore
April 2012 –March 2016

  • CGPA of 9.5/10

  • Received the gold medal for excellent academic performance

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5. Mention your key skills

An operations manager requires both soft and hard skills to excel in the workplace. Showcasing a few relevant skills on your resume can make you a marketable candidate. You can either include your skills by incorporating them in your summary or by using action words in the work experience section. You can create a separate section and list your skills as bullet points. Candidates with many technical skills can create a separate section listing their technical abilities. When deciding upon the skills to mention in a resume, go through the job description to find a few relevant skills.


  • Enterprise resource planning

  • Product lifecycle management

  • Strategy development

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Production design

  • Quality assurance and inspection

  • Leadership skills

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6. Give details about certifications

Candidates who have a certification in operations management can list the certifications to increase their chances of getting hired for a relevant job. Certifications are proof of your skills and increase your employability. Consider mentioning only relevant certifications.


  • Certified production and operations management professional

  • Operation management training program

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Tips For Creating A Resume For An Operations Manager

Here are some tips that can help you create an impressive resume:

Choose the right format

You can choose between a functional and chronological resume format. A chronological format focuses on your experience, while a functional format gives importance to your skills. If you are an entry-level professional, consider using a functional resume format. If you have many years of experience, it is advisable to choose a chronological format.

Format your resume

Formatting your resume is essential to make it look more organised and professional. As hiring managers scan every resume, ensure that your resume is in a readable format. Use professional fonts and font sizes and ensure uniformity throughout the resume. Avoid using more than two fonts or font sizes as it decreases readability.

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Emphasise technical skills

As operations manager is a highly technical role, consider providing details about your technical skills. Often, hiring managers prioritise these skills because they directly relate to your work duties and responsibilities. So, in your skills section, mention your technical skills followed by the soft skills.

Read the job description.

Each job application is different, and it is essential to read the job description before writing your resume. Pick out keywords from the job description and include them in your resume. This makes your resume applicant tracking system (ATS) compliant and increases your chances of getting shortlisted for a desirable job.

Template For Resume Of An Operations Manager

Here is a template that you can use to create a resume when applying for an operations management job:

[Your first and last name]
[Your address]
[Your phone number]
[Your email address]

Professional summary
[One to three sentences briefly describing your skill, qualification, career goals and experience]

Work experience
[Job title]
[Company's name]
[Company's location]
[Dates worked]

  • [Include details about your relevant duties and quantifying wherever possible]

  • [Key responsibilities with workplace achievements]

  • [Key responsibilities with workplace achievements]

  • [Key responsibilities with workplace achievements]

Educational background

[Name of the degree]
[Name of institution and location]
[Dates attended]

  • [Include your CGPA or marked scored

  • [Use bullet points to list any awards won]


  • [Relevant skills]

  • [Relevant skills]

[Use bullet points to list any certification you earned and membership you enrolled]

[Scholarship or awards in competitive exams]

Sample Of A Resume For An Operations Manager

Here is an example of a resume for an operations manager to take inspiration from:

Reyansh Jain
Flat no 109, Savita Vihar
Bengaluru, 560003

Professional summary
Hardworking and strategic operations manager with a master's degree in operation management and seven years of managerial experience. Adept at managing supply chains, quality assurance procedures and handling recruitment processes. Certified professional with exceptional knowledge of developing strategic plans for gaining service excellence.

Work experience
Operations Manager
Maligo International, Bhopal
August 2016–Present

  • Research and analyse market trends to discover advertising opportunities in the retail sector, boosting the customer base by 35% in one year

  • Suggested an app-based billing system that reduced billing time and increased customer satisfaction by 20%

  • Encourage cohesion between various departments to increase operational efficiency by 15%

  • Train and offer guidance to junior operations managers

Junior Operation Manager
Carla Enterprise, Pune
March 2010–July 2016

  • Advised new quality inspection standards resulting in a 30% reduction in defects and a 10% increase in customer satisfaction

  • Introduced new product safety measures across the production facility

  • Applied lean process improvement to enhance the production of the facility by 25%

  • Provided frequent reports of operational efficiency to stakeholders and executives

Educational background
MBA in Operation and IT management
Bhopal Magdh University, Bhopal
April 2008 –March 2010

  • CGPA of 9/10

  • Represented the university at Operation Management International Conference, Paris 2009

BBA in Operations Management
April 2005 –March 2008

  • CGPA of 8.5/10

  • Awarded “Best outgoing student of the year 2008” certificate


  • Lean thinking

  • Performance tracking

  • Supply chain management

  • Critical thinking

  • Leadership skills

  • Detail-oriented

  • Interpersonal and collaboration skills


  • Certified production and operations management professional

  • Operation management training program

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