Guide: How To Create A Personal Trainer Resume Objective

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 2 July 2022

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A well-written personal trainer resume objective summarises your key credentials and shows recruiters why you are a suitable candidate for a job role. When applying for a personal trainer job, your resume objective allows you to highlight your skills, experience, educational qualification and career ambitions. Understanding how to write a resume objective can help in attracting the hiring manager's attention. In this article, we discuss what a resume objective of a personal trainer is, learn the steps to create one, explore some tips for writing and provide some sample resume objectives for a personal trainer.

What Is A Personal Trainer Resume Objective?

A personal trainer resume objective is a statement that shows future employers your current and future goals, highlights your trainer skills and conveys why you are a suitable candidate for a job. It is usually a brief statement of two to three sentences that gives a quick overview of your intentions and goals. This section typically appears below the resume header, which is the first thing an employer notices about you. Use it as an opportunity to impress the hiring manager.

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How To Write A Personal Trainer Resume Objective

Use these steps to write the resume objective of a personal trainer:

1. Read the job description

The first step when writing your resume objective is reading the job description to understand the skills and qualifications an employer is seeking. Customising your resume objective to highlight skills mentioned in the job description can help in determining whether you are a suitable candidate for the job role. Pay attention to the qualities the company is looking for and consider how you might match them. Reviewing the job description and creating an objective statement can help you attract your audience's attention.

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2. Focus on the benefits to the organisation

A resume objective focus on the benefits you can bring to the organisation. Use your objective statement to describe how your skills, experience and educational experience can improve health and fitness goals. Focus on presenting your skills in a way that highlights what benefits you bring to the company. It helps you show how you can be an asset to the position.

3. Include your relevant experience

Use your resume summary as an opportunity to list your relevant skills, experiences or relevant knowledge about fitness and nutrition. You can include relevant skills like communication or customer service skills you gained from other jobs. Mention your specialised knowledge and teaching experience you have. Include your skills and expertise in nutrition, exercise, sleep and hydration. Show your expertise in sports training and weight loss programmes.

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4. Mention your strongest attribute

Begin your resume objective by including details about your strongest attributes. Try using two to three action verbs at the start of your sentence to attract your audience's attention. Using motivated, experienced, active, result-oriented and detail-oriented verbs can help showcase your abilities. Use specific skills that encourage the hiring manager to read your resume. These attributes help create a positive first impression desirable for getting hired in a relevant job.

5. Include your years of experience

After mentioning your strongest attribute, include the number of years of experience you worked as a personal trainer to show your dedication and passion for the field. Also, some employers might prefer candidates with certain years of experience. This detail can differentiate your resume from others. It helps the hiring manager determine if you have the desired skills and qualifications required for the job.

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6. Add relevant certifications or additional education

If you earned any relevant certification or education that might help you get hired for a desirable job, include it in this section. Adding these certifications shows that you have the relevant experience and expertise as a personal trainer. After mentioning your certification, including the primary objective to show your goals during the job application. When employers know what you want to achieve from the job, it helps them understand whether you are an excellent fit for the job.

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Tips For Writing A Resume Objective

If you are applying for a personal trainer job, use these tips to create your resume objective:

Edit and proofread

Edit and proofread your resume objective to ensure it is free from grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. You can ask a friend or family member to read your resume and provide honest feedback. Also, use an online grammar checking software to submit an error-free resume objective.

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Format your objective

Format your resume objective to ensure employers can easily find it. Position it just below your resume header to ensure it gets noticed by the employer. Apart from ensuring proper formatting, use a readable font style and size. Using the same font throughout makes your resume scannable and readable. Ensure it matches with the body of your resume.

Customise it for the fitness industry:

Customise your resume objective based on the fitness industry and organisation for which you apply. Focus on customising your objective for every job for which you apply. For instance, if a client wants a weight loss programme, include keywords related to weight loss.

Include your technology skills

Mention your technology skills to show your proficiency in using technology. Often, a personal trainer uses technology like personal fitness apps and computer programs to monitor and track the personal fitness regime of clients. Use this section as an opportunity to add specialisation within the fitness industry, such as cardiovascular training.

Be concise and brief

You want your resume objective to be easy for a hiring manager to read, so keep it brief. A brief statement helps convey your best qualities and presents you as the ideal person. Consider providing enough information to convince the recruiters that you are suitable for the job.

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Example Of A Resume Objective For A Personal Trainer

Use these samples resume objectives when applying for a personal trainer job:

  • Seasoned, dedicated and motivated personal trainer with five years of experience bringing lifestyle changes to clients and improving their physical fitness and overall well-being. Seeking a new position to use my training knowledge and a yoga certification.

  • Motivated and approachable personal trainer with nine years of experience in sports training and coaching. Seeking a job to ensure the fitness of PowerEnd Cricket Academy students and help them play tournaments.

  • Spirited personal trainer with three years of experience in weight management and the ability to move others toward accomplishing weight loss and gain goals. Looking for a position to utilise my skills and create personalised development programs based on clients' requirements.

  • Versatile and patient personal trainer with three years of experience helping clients achieve their fitness goals. Highly trained in yoga and other fitness maintenance techniques. Looking for a senior personal trainer position at Rel Gym to take on new fitness challenges and help clients maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Certified personal trainer with two years of experience at a private gym. Adept at teaching cardio exercises, including yoga and dance. Adept at creative meal plans depending upon the patient's requirement and pairing nutritional plans. Looking for a new position to use my training skills.

  • Energetic and passionate personal trainer with experience teaching group fitness and taking one-on-one classes. Expert at pilates, flexibility training and aerobics. Looking for a new position to help clients develop physical well-being.

  • Motivated fitness instructor adept at helping clients attain their fitness goals and get into shape. Looking to work in a gym that focuses on the holistic and overall well-being of the gym users.

  • Strategic and motivated personal trainer and instructor with one year of experience empowering university students to control their eating and exercise habits by offering personalised training. Seeking a position to provide motivational support and coaching to students looking to improve their lifestyle.

  • Enthusiastic personal trainer with five years of experience in weight management strategies and composition testing. Looking to work in a gym to use HIIT workout and resistance training to increase metabolism and improve core strength.

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