How To Write A Pharmacy Student Resume (With An Example)

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Published 1 July 2022

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As a pharmacy student, you require a resume to apply for research positions, internships and certain post-graduate programs. A pharmacy student's resume focuses on coursework, educational qualification, skill set and extracurricular activities. Knowing how to format a resume properly can impress the hiring manager and increase your chances of getting interview calls, even with no or little experience. In this article, we discuss what a pharmacy student resume is, explore the steps to create a resume and review a template and example to draft your document.

What Is A Pharmacy Student Resume?

A pharmacy student resume is a document highlighting a college student's skills, certification and educational qualification. Although you might have little or no work experience as a pharmacy student, you can include your internship or volunteer experience. If you have no internship experience, you can show potential employers your skills and extracurricular activities. Include paper presented at conferences, cultural activities or whatever experience related to working in the pharmacy field that you gained throughout your academic career.

An effective resume can help you differentiate yourself from other candidates. A well-written resume of a pharmacy student can provide valuable opportunities and help you progress in your career path. At the start of your career, most employers use your resume to know your skills, ambition, passion and motivation to excel in your potential job.

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How To Write A Pharmacy Student Resume?

Use these steps to write the resume of a pharmacy student:

1. Mention your contact information

The first thing to include in your resume is your contact information. It includes your complete information, like your full name, email address, location and phone number. Mentioning your contact information helps a hiring manager contact you for the desired job position or seek additional information from you. Focus on providing two contact details because it makes it easier for the hiring manager to connect with you. Avoid giving details of your full residential address.


Priyank Moolchand
8755123405 | Pune |

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2. Write your professional summary

A professional summary is an essential aspect of a resume and immediately follows your contact information. The summary gives the hiring manager a general idea of your skills, qualifications and personality in the context of your goals as a pharmacy student. This summary is usually two-three sentences long and gives a brief overview of your professional and academic journey. It can differentiate yourself from others and capture your potential employer's attention.

Example: Recent pharmacy graduate with excellent pharmacy law knowledge and ability to dispense correct medicines based on the prescription. Proven ability to use advanced pharmacy software and maintain accurate records of patients.

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3. Mention your skills

As you are a pharmacy student with little or no work experience, you can use a functional resume format that focuses on mentioning your skills. Listing relevant and technical skills related to the pharmacy can help you impress the hiring manager. Use this section to include your soft and technical skills to highlight different aspects of your personality. Start writing the list by reading the job description to identify the skills an employer requires. Using keywords mentioned in your job resume can make your resume applicant tracking system (ATS) compliant.


Pharmacy software proficiency | Proficiency in maths | Investigation and problem-solving | Pharmacy procedure knowledge | Customer service | Customer retention | Time management | Excellent communication skills | Attention to detail | Organisation and multi-tasking skills

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4. Describe your internship or volunteer experience

Use the work experience section to list your internship and volunteer experience you completed during your academic. You can even include any part-time job or extracurricular activities relevant to the job. Include your job responsibilities and achievements as bullet points. Mention only those details that are relevant to the job description. Start each job responsibility using an action verb to make your resume impressive. Also, include your job title and the company's name, location and employment dates.


Pharmacy intern
Superior Pharmacy College | Bengaluru | Feb. 2020 April 2020

  • Verified patient data and billing information

  • Assisted with reception duties, received outpatient prescriptions and delivered them to the pharmacist for processing and delivering medicines to customers

  • Managed drug inventory

5. Highlight your educational qualification

Another important factor to include in your student's resume is giving details about your educational qualification in reverse-chronological order, starting with the latest one. Mention the name of the pharmacy degree you completed, the college's name, its location, and the year of graduation. You can even mention the marks or CGPA you scored in the pharmacy degree. This section helps a hiring manager understand whether you have the desired academic proficiency for completing your job duties.


Master of Pharmacy
Hind Maha University | New Delhi | July 2020

  • Scored a CGPA of 8.9/10

Bachelor of Pharmacy
Presidium Pharmacy College | New Delhi | March 2018

  • Scored a CGPA of 7/10

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6. List the certifications completed

Certificates can help you differentiate yourself from other candidates with similar educational qualifications and internship experience. Focus on mentioning your pharmacy-related certification to improve your chances of getting hired for a desirable job. Include the name of the certification and the year completed.


Industry Certificate in Pharma Sales and Marketing | March 2021

7. Mention your awards and achievements

Giving details of your academic and non-academic achievements can help impress the hiring manager and demonstrate your work ethic. This can include details of any award you won during your internship and volunteering experience. Use this section to mention any awards or accolades you won in debates or paper presentations.


Gold medalist in B.Pharma

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Tips For Writing A Resume For A Pharmacy Student

Use these tips to write a resume for a pharmacy student:

  • Use action verbs. Focus on using action verbs and active language like detail-oriented, trained, certified, motivated, organised and hard-working. This makes your resume readable and helps you earn an interview call for a desirable job.

  • Keep it concise. While an employer likes to see relevant information in your resume, ensure your resume is short. Focus on creating a one-page resume to showcase your skills and qualifications to the potential employer.

  • Proofread your resume. Before submitting the resume to potential employers, focus on proofreading your resume to eliminate grammatical, spelling and formatting errors. You can request that a family member or colleague proofread your resume to ensure it conveys the desired information.

  • Be honest. If you mention skill in your resume, ensure you can talk about it intelligently and honestly without hesitation. Focus on including only truthful information because it helps determine whether you are a good fit for the job role.

Template Of A Resume For A Pharmacy Student

Here is a template you can use to build a resume when applying for a pharmacy student job:

[Your first and last name]
[Location] | [Your phone number]| [Your email address]

Professional summary
[Introduce yourself in two to three lines by giving details about your qualifications, experience and relevant skills to showcase that you are a suitable candidate.]

[Relevant skills] | [Relevant skills] | [Relevant skills] | [Relevant skills]

Internship or volunteering experience
[Job title]
[Company's name] | [Company's location] | [Date of employment]

  • [Include details about job responsibilities completed.]

Educational background
[Name of the degree]
[Name of the institution] | [Location] | [Graduation date]


  • [List all relevant certifications related to optometry.]

Award and achievements

  • [Use a bulleted list to highlight workplace awards and achievements you won.]

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Example Resume Of A Pharmacy Student

Use this resume as an inspiration when writing your resume as a pharmacy student.

Tina Manchanda
8744165478 | New Delhi |

Professional summary
Dedicated, motivated and hard-working pharmacy student with 85% marks scored in all semesters. Sympathetic, caring and supportive attitude to patients and proven ability to take on challenges with a cheerful attitude.

Record-keeping and documentation skills | Pharmacy law knowledge | Customer service | Problem-solving |Knowledge of using pharmacy software | Inventory control | Health regulation knowledge

Internship experience
Intern Pharmacist
Zenda Pharmacy | New Delhi | Jan. 2022 March 2022

  • Provided excellent customer service by educating clients on their medication and doctor's prescription

  • Received outpatient prescription and delivered to the pharmacist for processing

  • Suggested pharmacy software to automate the process and improve saving by 15%.


Master of Pharmacy
Deen Sang College | Rae Bareilly | April 2022

Bachelor of Pharmacy
Deen Sang College | Rae Bareilly | March 2020


  • Industry Certificate in Pharma Sales and Marketing | June 2021


  • Best Outgoing Student Award for 2020

  • Gold medallist in Master of Pharmacy

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